► JagdBadass, 13 Kills – Hey, That’s Pretty Good! – World of Tanks JagdPanther Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

, Epic Battle. , Tier 7 .

► ÜHey, ThatÙs Pretty GoodÝ: iDubbbzTV Youtube Channel

Every once in a while every tank has its days… And this day was about tier 7 German tank destroyer “JadgPanther”. You are not going to see this tank doing that good too often, am I right? So let’s enjoy some medium tier Mega-Carry action by “The_Speaker”!

► Player: The_Speaker

► Music used from https://soundcloud.com/ehrling :
Mangled Sector 3 – Johannes Bornlöf
8-Ball Special Event Soundtrack



  1. That moment when you have 4 skill crew on a m3 lee ??

  2. how do u feel about ur fail?

  3. Senator Armstrong

    still has useless armor ,camo, speed, gun. pretty much don’t bother with this tank unless you spend gold on getting it maxed out first. stock or semi stock makes this tank useless as hell, only maxed out does it do something.

  4. Jaylemagnifique

    Can you freecam when the players are that nervous with the zoom ? plz

  5. ?Nice!?

  6. I personaly liked my JagPanther being against common opinion its not that bad TD. In MM like this it can shine with so good gun handling, solid mobility and dpm. I was really sad when i had to finally sold it after all time it spend gathering dust in my garage(my first line) because i really didnt want to.

  7. Totally agree Dez, Radleys & Pools should come with a credit bonus……. say 60 & 100 thousand

  8. Error 404 team not found…….. Carry the cherry out of the game!!!

  9. only thing about this tank… no armor

  10. Dumb enemy team. if only i had enemy teams like that

  11. Liutauras Grybauskas

    Lol, I just wanted to see some Jagdpanther gameplay and then I saw this uploaded 😀

  12. Dan-Andrei Ungureanu

    The recipe for an amazing battle:bad team mates(so they dont kill the enemies before you), bad enemies that come in front of you like you would be harmless(just like that T 34 85 did), a bit of luck and some decent skill…. 🙂 good battle anyways

  13. WoT’s economy system is quite stupid, without premium account or premium tier 8 tanks, well, good luck grinding out 1 million credits

  14. While that WAS a great game I think he could have saved some money/earned more Silver if he didn’t have 8 HE rounds. Maybe 4 max and he would have had more AP to work with before dipping into his APCR. Other then that Well Played and GG.

  15. I think the title should have been ‘A Jagdblinder Of A Game’ ??

  16. i have a replay of my obj268 with HE only, very close game and 7k dmg… would you like it?

  17. use morememes like idubbz and so

  18. That enemy team litteraly did EVERYTHING to throw that game…

  19. EvolutionPCGaming

    That zooming in and out with the mouse wheel towards the last few minutes of the game gives me motion sickness ?

  20. CombatSteve2017

    Best Intro I ever’ve seen!

  21. Jagdpanther*
    description says JadgPanther

  22. that kv85 is a FKIN BOT MOD.
    there i said it. KAPPA

  23. That guy is not a good player… Wtf where is he shooting and aiming ? Why did he shoot on this house at the end ? He is just a lucky man…

  24. great match and yes wot economy sucks

  25. Double Double 4G

    I remember 2 years ago when i sold my JagdPanther – the stock grind was SO painful!

  26. JPanther is simply one of the most fun tanks in this game

  27. Can you please, please go into the free camera mode? That scrolling is just annoying as all hell.

  28. I have 8 kills with Leicht Traktor .

  29. A Real Human Bean?

  30. Would have been awesome for him to be killed by a bot right at the end 😀

  31. Wp to him! The aim looks like an 1000 wn8 aims…. He had good luck and enough pants to get out of the situations clean. Still much credits to him but more to the tank and the matchup.

  32. Well that KV-85 Was probably drinking a cup of tea or coffee ??? or Having Weed?

  33. JagdPanther can be quite good, but it needs to be top tier (not that high penn) and be in a countryside map. With all the camo and accuracy nerfs turreted TD’s are much stronger now.

  34. I agree DG. There’s a bonus called courageous resistance when u r fighting against odds in the end game. You get xp and credit bonus…but only if u lose. (and thats not a ribbon or medal). great video!

  35. You get Top Gun AS WELL AS Pools or Radley Walters because they’re different things – Pools is 10-11 kills, but Top Gun is AT LEAST 6 kills, MORE kills (or XP or hits, I forget which, in case of a tie). It’s not just kills, it’s an award over every other player.

    Still, though… 13 kills in a turretless TD… wow…

  36. Mobile Gaming GS6

    please never reference other youtubers

  37. i know where all my luck was!
    this guy steal all of it

  38. that kv-85 is likely a person, if he were a bot he wouldnt have moved right then and his turret wouldnt have been pointed at the sky. i’ve had that happen, where somebody calls me away from the keyboard, and i come back to that situation.

  39. Im not enjoying my weekend after getting banned on cs go AGAIN…… valve hates me…

  40. stabilisedchaos

    New rule :Dezgamez has to put 1euro in the jar every time he says “I believe”

  41. I can remember when they have vehicle specials where you could earn a lot of creds but not these days….you would also only see 1 prem tank in 2 or 3 battles and almost no premium ammo…..I can remember getting way more than a million creds by playing an m2 medium for the weekend.

  42. Precambrian Rabbits

    This was a really good game but could you please show fewer replays where the player zooms the camera in and out and in and out

  43. Arthur Robinson

    I got over 6000 damage in the Jagdpanther in a tier 8 game on Prokhorovka. It was pretty hilarious.

  44. Dez,
    You always call them just “some stickers for your tank” but that Reaper medal is pretty rare and wonderful in its own right…

  45. I got a pools and kolobanovs, but no radleys for an 11 kill with 1v8 ending with my kv1. Seems pretty standard award methodology think.

  46. Not a single skill seen here. Just a pasta sauce mm and a derp gun :/

  47. Damn…Damn….Damn

  48. nice battle, this is my fav td in the game

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