► JagdPanzer E-100, Ultimate Derping Troll! – World of Tanks JagdPanzer E-100 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay , Epic Battle. , Tier 10 .

► Why You HESH to be mad?

Hot damn, do I have one treat of a battle for you today with tier 10 Germany tank destroyer “JagdPanzer E-100”. We have everything over here – blow-ups, snipes, trolling and derping… What more do you want, right? 😀
Check it out!

► Player: kit_522



  1. Interesting, people complain about people that use gold and say that they are gold noobs, and when you don’t bring gold and have a good game, you’re a lucky noob, americans , a specie that needs to be studied.

  2. I personally feel this tank is OP as fuck, if it wasn’t he wouldn’t have done anywhere near as well as he did.

  3. RNGESUS is with this guy 24/7 if those where my shots they all would have found the tracks. if he had 2 more ap rounds it would have been so easy. why 10 he is he thinking 10 grille 15s every game

  4. Show us the replay with the guy only firing prem!

  5. Celestino Natale

    That misplay against that Löwe and that WZ tho.

  6. Mano A mano ^^

  7. WTF did that WZ 111 1-4 do between 8:33 and 9:55? Did he really go afk for 1:20 minutes?
    Btw. He might ramkilled the Löwe because he wanted to save his shot for the WZ thinking the T-34-2 would kill the löwe. Pretty dubious decision though…

  8. Best lucky camper tomato ever seen

  9. Top tier, no arty, what a luck.

  10. noob player, he could have saved his teammate if he didn’t fuck up with that lowe

  11. it is nice to see Yag da Panza E 1 Hanza
    in action
    RiP german TD
    This sentence makes me laugh hahaha

  12. So many triggered uniscums.. lol

  13. First thing I see…10 HE rounds, so it’s going to be one of these matches eh?

    Edit: Bi nocs, the ride never ends.

  14. Bad player. Great Luck. Good game. Fun to watch which all matters for DEZ entertaining site. One more like for DEZ !

  15. Haha skills no luck

  16. When Dez says “watch till the end” but I always do… 😛

  17. Lol. First kill….surprise mother fucker! hahaha. dude..Mano a mano. ok and sorry…grammar nazi says: the past tense of shot is…shot, not shotted. E.G. Damn…that last game , i got shot 18 times! its a common mistake. great video!

  18. Worst gameplay i have seen in this channel.Please do ot use such replays.Last 5 minutes explains it all.

  19. The D in Jagdpanzer stands for “big gun.”

  20. just a lucky bot

  21. I would bet that B-C 12t driver peed a little.

  22. Marcelo Malagutti

    dez, did you meant “mano a mano”, portuguese expression for a 1 vs 1 battle?

  23. you just made me the happiest person ever. videos of all games with no premium rounds that is awesome and please keep it up. Because of that and some other reason your channel with be my main wot video channel. thx man keep it up. and hey I loved your videos arty drivers heavy tank drivers those were so funny and it would be cool to see more like that . the arty video and the one with the e100 camping base makes me laugh every time  I  re watch them .

  24. And no I wouldn’t like to see a battle of all premium ammo jp e 100. that’s takes no skill and is pointless to think it was a good game .

  25. and to all the haters your just mad because you cant do what he did using just regular ammo. you guys probably load pure heat for 3 5 7 games and then think your amazing. and I hate to clue you in but tds are ment to snipe . the jp e 100s armor is garbage and anyone who plays this td up front will quickly find that out. and another thing hes got a mark on his jp e100 ive seen people with 1000s of games in there tier tens and not have even one mark on there tier ten. so hes doing something right because you have to be at least an average player to get a mark on a tier ten not just lucky. dez ignore all the people them they just don’t like camping tds too bad that’s what there ment to do and wargaming nerfing tds so bad has made them only good at camping except for a very few exceptions like the 263 for example.

  26. Why not load HE against Jpzer e100

  27. I swear, people like that WZ 111 have taken over the game. I can’t understand why so many people refuse to flank hull locked tanks.

  28. It’s not that we hate the use of premium rounds but just that we prefer players who show what they learned from the game skill wise as well as their own creativity in battle

  29. LOL. The player… Another RNG show. The point is a fucking OP Td, helped by an awesome RNG. Again, fuck off WG to don’t balance tanks.

  30. skillless,only luck. don’t worth time on the vedio

  31. guillem fuster adrover

    mano a mano, that is what you were looking for, not mano u mano….hehe

  32. what a stupid coward

  33. Алексей Сафронов

    Base camping Jagdpizda got blessed by RNGesus. At least he did not spam that 420. EDIT: I also just noticed that bugger is actually using binos on Jaegeru. Is he for real?

  34. I think you meant “Mano a mano” xD

  35. the game is already played dez so if he plays good and makes good plays the you can show.

  36. He didn’t shoot the löwe because he didn’t want to have taken the shot, because the WZ-111 was behind him so if he took the shot, he would have to reload again

  37. To answer your question at the beginning if the video. Goldnoob replays are NEVER nice replays. No matter how much damage is done, it’s payed for. 0 skill. Like playing the game on easy mode. 0 respect for those players. I prefer normal loadouts (5 gold ammo or 1 clip max)

  38. one one one one dmg done

  39. Danegermouse1992

    letting the lowe get a kill on your last living team mate was a dick move, he was reloaded for ages and sacrificed a team member for no reason

  40. Damn. The Jeager doing what it does best. That WZ fucked it up tho. He had him for certain.

  41. theil2sturmovik2

    this guy is such a scrub with his aim, snipe all day long yet panic and shits his pants when confronted. thumbs down for shitty player

  42. I had really good battle in the kv1 got a pools medal I went to try and in the replay turns out my replays weren’t set to record fucking wot screws me over again.

  43. Arcane Gianterino Kripperino

    HEAT can easily go through the tracks of a JPZE100 and do dmg… the angle just formed too much armor for the penetration that was left…

  44. If Jpanther 2 wasn’t afk the game would have been over when he yoloed the Lowe.

  45. giannhs oikonomou

    One noob camping at base and snipe no good game just lucky and noob enemy team

  46. I love my jgpzE-100 most damage I have ever done without gold rounds is 7,076 damage and gotten a mastery badge for it only cuz there was no more targets to hit lol but all in all I love doing 1050 damage a shot and getting a lot of ammo racked hits in and high rolls super fun !

  47. mosy damage ever done in jgpze-100 was ammo racked a full health IS-4 2500 damage one shot

  48. Red line sniping… yawn

  49. please no gold ammo at all ??

  50. first and last kill are ammorack ^^

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