► JagdTiger – 11,000 Damage – World of Tanks JagdTiger Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay . World of Tanks JagdTiger Epic Battle. World of Tanks Best Replays.

I really do hope you are having super awesome weekend, but here something that going to make it even better! “Hellymax” going to put his/her carrypants on and going to get one crazy result out of this battle with tier 9 “JagdTiger”.

Played by: Hellymax
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3224569#statsments



  1. Hey Dez you put tier 10 instead of 9 in the description.Just wanted to
    point that out.

  2. Drinkgame:
    Drink one shot, whenever he says highroll

  3. Davor Damjanović

    after end of giveaways you lost 5-6k subscribers… Giveaway hunters with 0
    respect. :/ Pretty sad.

  4. Angelo Soares Giroto

    This is a perfect example why there is artillery.. So yep. It’s balanced.

  5. Can’t wait to get this tank unlocked!

  6. He put that DPM to work. What a fantastic outcome for him!

  7. 10:28 “5650 Damage done ???” Noooo 5650 Exp xD

  8. Nice vid but I read that the AA+ is forbidden.

  9. almost 100% of my game ends up Epic Fail lemming train, what I don’t
    understand is that, 8 to 10 players lemming on one flank and left 2 to 3
    cover another flank, but those 8 to 10 players fuck up so quick so fast..i
    mean you have all the power and armor there, but why fuck up that quick and
    fast?! I don’t know but all I know is lemming train on my team, 99% are


  11. Luck? What about circumflexes ?!

  12. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Grille 15 traverse chassis they will not buff. It is so artificial that is
    completly ridiculous. Completly incredible.

  13. Chris Noorman v/d Dussen

    0:32 did you just assume my gender

  14. it said he got no kill in game on my screen

  15. Blu EaglEye (Herwin)

    This tank is amazing…this tank is one of my most successful tier 9…it
    seems to do a high roll most of the time, the damage rarely drops off below
    550 and a pretty crazy RoF. JT is a monster if it managed to hide its upper
    and lower glacis.

  16. A nice battle. Would love to not be targeted by arty for that long in the
    Jagdtiger. I personally hate the tank. Somehow I have 61% wins in it.

  17. It’s is always satisfying to smack someone with a BOOM STICK.

  18. its not rng its skill

  19. I my video get selected for your video upload will I get a reward?

  20. I am on Na server and want to come on EU server how I can Come on EU server
    with all my tanks and gold and credits

  21. while me sitting here with RNG that shits me so much even i did average 340
    dmg/shot in my IS-3 in 4 battles in a row and losing a top gun for rolling
    319 for a
    337 hp borsig

  22. Thank god the T95 is getting buffed

  23. i rly love that tank! .. the yaktyger.

  24. Really? Buff the T95? Excellent, give it more speed…

    How about the effing Hellcat, ffs??? Talk about a tank being left behind in
    the ‘new meta.’ Give it some turret traverse and reverse speed, PLEASE!
    It’s a tank that a LOT of players like to play, and so… oh, that would be
    why not: it’s not an *elite* tank like the T95.

    Thanks again, WG: you serve your uncums well.

  25. Epic dmg in a real old school td. Nice! This made me desire the jagdtiger!

  26. that T-95 was playng like shite!

  27. Epic Germans, Gr8 game! This makes me want to pick up one myself…..

  28. that is a good mix of luck and skill right there, really nice damage

  29. WoW… GG.

  30. those high rolls man

  31. i think the RNG is built in with the 128mm gun…..xD
    in my WT auf pz. IV i almost never get rolls under 570 and mostly above 600
    why bother playing with the 155mm gun when you can do the same amount of
    damage with the other one? :D

  32. Are you using a mod for different gun sounds. It sounds fantastic!

  33. Cant understand the people who dont accept the platoon invations, stupid

  34. Jagdtiger is amazing, especially if you get COMPLETELY ignored by the enemy
    team, can stay completely exposed on a hill, barely get targetted when
    spotted, receive only one bounced arty shot and an enemy team that does not
    take advantage of a superior position on you.

  35. You are very lucky , i never have that hits damage at this place mape ?

  36. I dont get it, who dislikes -_-

  37. wait the tortoise is getting a speed buff???

  38. did anyone else see the jagtiger in the background on the last slide


  40. Very nice

  41. what does RNG stand for? Random Number Generator

  42. keep that gun singing

  43. Victor van Merriënboer

    Why does the jagdtiger have more hp than the e75?

  44. Nice

  45. TheMightyCongueror

    My second favorite TD.

  46. lucky game dude! and his is top tier and is only good and lucky game!

  47. I m live in germany and drive only usa or britton tanks

  48. title tight wing progress lunch paint yours.

  49. epic game but the issue i have with it is that inviting players to platoon
    when there is eather a BIA or Crutial contribution with kills amoungst the
    players on the team, i like the fact you can invite players to platoon in a
    random but for those medals to be awarded i belive the platoon needs to be
    made with in 5 mins of games start or untill the first tank is killed on
    eather team, nether the less epic game

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