► Joining Club Stalin! – War Thunder Tanks: IS-1 Heavy Tank

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Source: DezGamez

War IS-1 Gameplay. War Thunder Ground Forces, Tank Gameplay Commentary.

I am with some more War Thunder, Ladies and Gentlemen! This I am continue my journey to the mighty T-54, but to move on, I have to grind out some more tier 3 vehicles. Decided to test out Soviet heavy tanks, so fingers crossed and



  1. Dez I suggest you of starting grinding the American TD line. They have AWESOME guns. Especially M10 and M18.

  2. Wow, you kick ass in any game brother!!! Never played this game however it looks interesting. Thank you for all you do for us Dez. Take care, Vern

  3. Still waiting on that collab response. In all seriousness tho please hit me up so i can help you out. Message my twitter handle @ManyMiles_Away

  4. Never loved War Thunder but OMG Dez, you could make interesting even a video of two rats while they are fuc***g!

  5. The Churchill you encountered is a Mark VII which is one of the best armored tanks at its tier. The soviet 85mm guns at tier 3 cannot penetrate that vehicle from the front without APCR. Your only two benefits when fighting them are that the churchills gun is aweful and has poor penetration except at very close range and in addition you have much better mobility so if you do not have APCR track him (both tracks) angle your turret and get around to his side. His side is also well protected tho so make sure that you are perfectly flat on before taking the shot with your APHEBC. Also keep in mind he had a very high rate of fire (5 to 6 sec reload) so shooting out his gun barrel is a good idea as well.

  6. t 34 58 is a pretty good tank to play with and to learn the game at the same time

  7. pls you dont need to be super careful to get many kills all you need is map knowledge

  8. The most fun tank to play is the Sturmpanzer 2. It’s more fun than the KV-2

  9. Hey Dez, you should try Air Battles! I play WoT and WT so keep on the good work! ;D

  10. Do a video with many miles away! Or mike goes boom! If interested doing a collab with those youtubers conactc me! Im one of the admins ther 🙂

  11. ░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
    read my comment

  12. I think you should play this more, I love this game and would like to see more

  13. Well isn’t this a nice surprise 😀
    I’ll leave this offer here, if you have any questions or feel like having some fun in squads, feel free to hit up us resident WT tubers. ManyMilesAway, IronArmenian, Squire, myself and others welcome you with open arms

  14. Colab with my nigg ManyMilesAway You will not regret it )))))

  15. Churchill and VII is week in top of the turret and right under machine gun on turret and if u will be lucky u can pen. machine gun on hull armor.

  16. omg finally you made a video on war thunder!
    Thank you Dez!

  17. The only good commie tanks is a dead one.

  18. hello everyone, I have never played this game and wonder that can you use machine guns of the tanks and if we can do they have any effect?

  19. One handy tip; train your crew, that will save your tank

  20. thank you Dez for having my opinion too, that you can enjoy both games and dont have to hate one of them!

  21. I don’t like playing WT cus I’m crap at it. But I love watching the gameplay. So it’s all good, keep uploading them Dez!!

  22. it´s been a while since I watched your channel .. erm a WT vid of yours ^^
    hope you enjoy this game as much as I do.
    Want to have your opinion on top tier once you reach it (especially with tier 6 incoming ^^)

  23. @DezGamez Im not sure do u know but… there is some game-breaking cheats in that game u can buy it 10$/month
    my friend buy it and show it to me I insta. stop playin’ game

  24. those bushes on the turret from the back look like really thick eye brows xD
    i like the fact that you’re making WT content and WOT content, those two games are super different so they can’t be compared and we can’t say one is better than the other so getting both is like getting a bombardier medal pretty epic

  25. watching wt gameplay triggers me lol i do 1 kill ussualy and meanwhile my friend does 20 kills :/

  26. Panzerkampfwagen VI ausf. E

    Finally, a real tank game. Enjoyed your reviews of WoT but not exactly the game. Hoping for more

    Tip for future T34-76 Arcade Battle just drive forward, full speed and shoot anything at it’s tiere. Fun like in WoT but mostly 1hit kills

  27. whats your favorite motorcycle

  28. Niemampomysłunanazwę

    Could you make some tropico?:D
    I know its been w while but why not 🙂

  29. nice work…Im getting interested in WT

  30. Always good to have more games on a channel, especially if they are both tank games )))

  31. When WOT, starts grinding its way to pay to play, most only have the option of going elsewhere.

  32. Hey Dez, an useful tip, you can use binoculars to spot targets, they zoom a bit more and you can use them while covered, you can also click while using them to aim your turret.
    You will need to bind them to a key or mouse button.

  33. Thank you for going next level and also making vids on WT, keep up the good work Dez

  34. Remember Dez. Don’t let your Meme’s be Dreams!

  35. Watch mike goes boom and the orangedoom

  36. For very very useful info

  37. Get op is6 if u want to grind your Russian tanks quickly

  38. Keep up the good work

  39. does War Thunder have “EU” “NA” servers, or is it one big central server?

  40. Do a collab with miles mate 😉

  41. Great video Dez

  42. tip to play the IS 1 or IS 2 drive backward you have a stable enough gun and it one shot mostly everything

  43. Sjoerd van den Beld

    Heee i dont watch warthunder very often
    But its you dezz so i like it whatever game your playing ??
    Keep up the good work mann!!

  44. You trying to be like Claus with the coffee drinking? Lol jk

  45. That Flaktruck at 4:30, has its ammorack at the back (the elevated box). Shooting there is almost always a guaranteed kill, otherwise you might end uo over-penning


  47. Yay now you are playing war thunder:) weird but good:)

  48. hmmm… WoT youtuber started to publish War Thunder videos… that means something 😀 Hope WG will also realize they do something really wrong… :p

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