► KanonenJagdPanzer 105 Spec Preview + More Boxes! :S – World of Tanks KanonenJagdPanzer 105

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Source: DezGamez

. , Tier Premium . Patch 9.22+ Update News.

Let’s end this week with my first, a bit deeper look into upcoming tier 8 premium tank destroyer from Germany – “KanonenJagdPanzer 105”. It basically that old KanonenPanzer with 90mm, only with bigger gun… But let’s see what else it has to offer!
And as a little bonus clip, I am going to open up 75 more Christmas gift boxes, that “Snowcat_srt” kindly gifted to me… Can I get my Lorraine 40t this time? :O
And also, super big thank you to “Damage_Jasper63” and Mr. “xxx” for other gifts!



  1. Weekend full of activities (first weekend with good, cold and clean weather), but I was still able to make it guys! How was your weekend?
    Let’s finish this week with another first preview and a little gift box opening. 😉
    #stayawesome #notificationSquaaad

  2. Dez how many have you opened in total? I have not even open one xD

  3. LOL. The torture. That’s gambling for you. Well done on getting the Lorraine.

  4. Congrats on getting you Lorr 40T! When are you going to show us some game play with it? I like mine a lot!

  5. they did it …..they finaly sold the game to the rich people and we the poorer have no chance…….GJ WG

  6. Good Job on that Lorraine !

  7. travel vlog? :)) keep it up dez!

  8. are… are there now officially more premium German tier 8 TD’s than there are Russian tier 8 premium heavies?

  9. Nice…;-)

  10. so happy for that crap tank 😀

  11. congrats man!!!

  12. Baby But not Justin

    Dez, I was happier than you when you FINALLY opened that Lorraine 😀 I was hoping for it in that first episode of box opening. Anyway, have fun with Lorraine! 😀

  13. So many stats are the same on the 105, I won’t be surprised if it will have the same amount of sales as well.

  14. i feel bad now as i had not played wot in a long time logged in to start playing again and i got 4 box’s free and boom 2nd box i got a lor 40t lol but anyway grats on yours =)

  15. Gratz Dez on your very own shiny new 40t.
    Cant wait for the videos showing us how to use it 😉

  16. Hypocrite in a bush

    Talk about penetration creep

  17. I think Deez maybe got a slight tear in his eyes when the Lorraine appeared.

  18. I had the same reaction like you when i got my lorraine?

  19. BOOM Bitch! ya gots a 40T!, oh ya 😛

  20. Is WG kiding me and all the poeple wo bought the 90 mil,are they really out of Ideas or ist it the same dam story like the Tigers the m4 s and so on.Thats really sad in some ways at least the M4 s or the Tigers had the advantage to be in certain ways like “cult Tanks” but the Kannonjagpanzer had not this aura so wat?They will certainly that s not the same tank….Well…it s the same tank and almost the same way they make like i call” poor money”
    I mean generally i m a premium Buyer but in some way i think that WG goes too faar and i had the impression they are thanksless for all the poeple wo spend money in the game i bougt so many Premium and never WG made a step towards this clients..why not a kind of fidelity card with spare % for the next buy or something Free for so many buys….this Tank schould be given to all wo haded already the 90 mil version .For now on i give up to buy anything from them until the don t paye some attention to they real customer.
    By the way Dez thanks for whatt you do. Nice Job fun to watch.Just Great .So now i m also done for today so by and catch me next time…if you can…

  21. Turretless ru251 with leopard pta gun at tier 8. Wg good job making op premiums!

  22. Knowing WG those who bought the first Kononenfodderpanzer will get screwed again and this updated version will be collectors fodder in the shop as a “special”.

  23. Another kanonenjunk, one was enough

  24. dez has the worst luck ever took over 200 boxes to get lorraine

  25. So its another E-25??

  26. 268… power creep is advancing. Im expecting some russian IS3#18 with this pen as standard soon.

  27. great another tier 8 cockroach, just what WoT needed…

  28. Super how you fell of your chair when getting you Lorraine 🙂
    Love your content with nice info addet to it. Love you as a caracter, keep it up!

  29. Ill Bet you cried after the video <:)

  30. Congrats for the Lorraine 40 t

  31. et last someone getting gifts xD

  32. This looting luck!

  33. Literally a german AMX CdA

  34. If You want give me your Lorr. 40 t please ???

  35. I got the Lorraine 40t with the 10 boxes i bought myself for xmas ??

  36. wtf? You could get prems from gift boxes?!

  37. Congratulations Dez, you got your Lorraine, we love your channel , hope you had a great holiday and new years.

  38. the tier6 french arty is still in servise today

  39. Snowcat is the channel name of a motovlogger… coincidence? I think not!

  40. First great video, but now whats the name of the song in your strv 1 vs 9 video. the one in the beginning. Thanks

  41. WG:
    -We will not be selling E-25 again..

    -Gotcha! we just make a different tank to fool you with!

  42. The fact that he got 30000+ gold, a few million coins, and several weeks of premium time is absolutely wow

  43. An E25 at tier 8.

  44. You got it !

  45. Lol.  Remained in service til 1990.  Totally fits in the game.

  46. Congratz on the Lorr 40t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    Finaly lol at least you get it!! in 28 boxes only get T28 L-30 and AC4

  48. “Two more boxes… two more, two more, twomore, tumor”

  49. You deserve it, I feel sorry for all of the future victims of that 40T.

  50. Hoyschel Silversteinberg

    They could have just added a new gun to the already existing KanonenJagdPanzer but no… release an entire new tank for another $50+.. greedy cunts.

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