► KING OF THE HILL T95 – World of Tanks T95 Epic Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay , Epic Battle. , Tier 9 USA/ .

As promised, here something for all my viewers and fans, hope you like it!

Today I have something really exciting for you… have you ever seen a boosting ? 😀 Okay, this might not be the best boosts of all time, but it is still very special for The Doomturtle . 🙂

► Player: TyneTager

From: https://soundcloud.com/ehrling
“Ehrling – Sommar”

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  1. Love my doom turtle

  2. T95 need a nerf

  3. Augustas Perminas

    Hell Haluf xD

  4. Love how you say Borsig. Lol. “Borshig”

  5. World of Tanks PAST with FV4202 tier X medium tank please :3

  6. Sometimes specially with long reload time you go for brother of arms skill first with vent, gun ramer to improve reload time so u taking alot of time to get six sense skill for second skill

  7. Alessandro Depaoli

    top class ST-1

  8. Guilherme Santos

    F1 T-95!!!! I can’t even see it…. It’s faster than light!!!!!

  9. Play the video at 1.5x speed 😀

  10. Thanks for explaining the video bug, very annoying.

  11. dezgamez.. my friend just had a t95 game were he blocked 15 k damege and lost….

  12. For some reason the music at the start made me think Dez would rap the entire episode. 😛

  13. It’s so Agreeable, sweet, and nice at the same to watch your video!

  14. Im waiting for my mom to make a sandwich and then just watch the video 😀

  15. If the t28 and t95 were able to go atleast 30kph i would play them

  16. T95 is the best! I survived a 1 vs 4 to win the game with mine last night.

  17. I dont have 6th sense on any of my veichels ;D

  18. Wait it was wz120 ? hmmmmm , like if you get it 😀 the joke not the tank

  19. if you see some of the tips that appears before you enter the match you will see that HE and HESH blocked dmg desn’t count as dmg blocked

  20. What is the name of the outro music? The one played during Dez reading the battle results.

  21. atchie hightower

    lol if arty finds you or dead

  22. Wg should make a premium T95 that goes 90 kph and then make it 500k gold

  23. Alexander Agustine

    Dez video, automatic like 🙂

  24. Trying to watch this on the ferry to Tallinn right now it takes a lot of patience (slow internet)and I don’t have it… I’m guessing t95 ain’t for me then?

  25. Alexander Agustine

    I used the more experienced crew for T30 and got new Crew for T28/T95… and since I play my T95 aggressively, I went for repairs and then switched for BA… WHEN I COME AROUND THE CORNER AND THE ENEMY TEAM STARTS REVERSING, I KNOW I HAVE BEEN SPOTTED 🙂

  26. Can you please do face off: death star v.s fv4005 sh*tbarn

  27. Also Dez, damage blocked by HE or HESH shells doesn’t count which is why it didn’t show up in damage blocked

  28. When is the new face off episode? I would really like to see german td line from tier 1 to 10 (grille 15) vs swedish td line from 1 to 10. 15 vs 15 ?

  29. HE shells do not count towards the total damaged blocked by armour ( for some reason – idk why ). Also, when hitting the tracks straight, without the shells getting to the hit-box of the tank, it does not count as damage blocked by armour because that shell actually does damage but to the tracks only ( i.e – tracks have 300 HP; that shell takes away those hit points ), and you can argue that sometimes you get de-tracked, yet it counts as damage blocked by armour, but in that case, the shell hit the tracks at an angle that allowed it to travel trough the tracks towards the tank’s hull and when met with it, it bounced off.

  30. oh glorious T95…

  31. I love your videos dez!
    T95 = racing tortoise
    Of course i enjoy my weekend (i mean i have Holiday)
    Keep it up and stay awesome!

  32. Is see boomstick i click 😀

  33. Produltos Tutoriais

    Vou fazer uma série no meu canal para vc participar basta se inscrever no meu canal e me falar

  34. I can’t see dat ass when the player is so good that medals cover it all :(((

  35. I absolutely adore your cinematic intros

  36. HE is absorbed, not blocked. Therefore, it doesnt count towards dmg blocked by armor

  37. Imo t95s should be on the Frontline.

  38. TheCardboardJedi

    T95 is my go to tank, think I’m holding at 53/54%. 25% away from my 6th perk. Since the Zoom Turtle upgrade I can really stir up some sh!t.

  39. Great battle

  40. Games like this will never happen for a player like me. i would be in the front lines not sitting at the base camping. once in a blue moon type battle for this player

  41. Good God. A boosting T95, That’s it’s. I’ve SEEN EVERYTHING IN WOT NOW!
    Really the only thing I would somewhat frown at is having 10 HE rounds, I run 4 at the most and this game here shows how close he cut it before having to trust the HE rounds to perform or fail him.

  42. Victory girls make my day

  43. WOT VIDEO => Automatic ALT F4

  44. Dez > QB Sorry but I like Dez more 🙂

  45. Fap in back, shoot the retards advancing into your line of fire…. Not much skill required. You can do better, Dez! This looks more like a qb replay

  46. T95 is pop these days :0

  47. T-44-100 (R) What DezGames?

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