► KV-2 NEVER FAILS! – World of Tanks KV-2 Gameplay

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World of Tanks KV-2 Gameplay Review, Tier 6 Soviet Russian Heavy Tank.

Today is a very special day for a lot of you, 11th of November aka Remembrance day. My wishes to every single one of you and to every country which celebrates it.
And I believe this special day needs one special vehicle.. How does some crazy DERP action with KV-2 sounds? 🙂



  1. KV2 most stronk

  2. they need to upgrade the HE damage on KV2 and make it 960 average like in Blitz, make it able to 1 shot skorp ;-D

  3. this thing should also be a Tier 8 premium…with five seconds off the reload and buffed mobility and VIEW RANGE!!!

  4. You’r game play is realy gret….
    I hope every day is your lucky day… Bro..

  5. O-I and O-NI have 681-1089 damage with their derp guns and HE only added. But only 700 damage with just it’s gun. So it has nearly 2k damage per shot.

  6. You are more accurate in KV-2 than me in Pilot 1

  7. Kv-2 is such balance

  8. Btw. Today also is day of Poland inpedence.

  9. KV-2 is what I pick when RNG fucks over my “accurate” tanks game after game.

    But it’s totally broken and OP.

  10. In the 400+ battles i’ve played in my KV2, i have never once fired AP. Never. Full HE FTW!

  11. I love my KV-2. I play it a lot.

  12. namingisalwaysthehardestpart

    Noone even remembered ww1 ended today 99 years ago smh

  13. New word of the day….PUSSMODE!!!

  14. 13 AP shells? Really?

  15. T30 as a heavy tank please

  16. Dez do from the past aufklärungspanzer panther!!!

  17. I’m a total wows noob. I buy the nassau first game 1 vs 3
    Me against a half health kohlenberg a half health nassau and a full health south carolina. Im on half health I kill nassau and kohlenberg have 134 hp remaining. Using my last heal around 4500 hp back and I kill the full health south carolina. A battleship vs 2 battleships and a cruiser.

  18. i played kv 2 today and i feel like ppl at t8 underestimate it.strv s 1 whit 600 hp spoted me and went past and he came around corner while i was aiming at him and killed him. he saw that i was looking at him but he was retarded

  19. Kv2 ? Is this a new tank ?

  20. oi is king of derp, better armor, what if derp guns had stun mechanic

  21. Piece of shit tank just like wot is a complete load of shit played mostly by complete fucktards

  22. Do anyone know when the ct servers of the patch 9.21 opens?

  23. I m one of your Turkish fan.. 🙂

  24. sure, a battle in 100.

  25. I oneshotted a Skorp G in my KV-2 this morning. Did over 3100 damage. It’s on wotreplays. The_Only_Informant (Someone beat my dmg two hours before by like 400 damage.

  26. if only we can get that same shit in the t49/sharidan 152mm gun.

  27. how dare you mistake kv5 for kv2 kv2 is much more troll tank :P:P:P lol nice video i love kv2 games

  28. Dez play the t28 tier 8 American td!

  29. рандом рандом

    Just oneshotted a KV2 with a KV2. Such glory

  30. do face off episode!

  31. Aiming in KV-2… What sorcery is this??? :O

  32. Just proves that there is Russian bias !

  33. To be honest, wot has been a good game, but can you add some motovlogs or play armored Warfare, its dying right now

  34. tier x nice tier 6 KV2 real fun keep them coming

  35. Good old KV-5 Lol to excited

  36. I pretty much watch the map like a hawk to not run into a KV-2. KV-2 cares not for your tier or your tears and kills you just the same.

  37. Not waste, cuz we enjoy it a lot I mean ALOT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  38. Try the SU-152 with the stock 152 MM gun load 19 HE shells and 7 HEAT and you got yourselfs an Tier 7 Deathstar this thing is an KV-2 in TD chassis with better gun handling and camorating but without an turret but who needs an turret XD

  39. Play the teir 3 fv4005(cruiser 2)plz

  40. Thats so sad… You are able to deal precise up to 700 dmg and 3shots per minute with a t6 ht while t9 artys got nearly 40sec reload and deal if lucky any dmg… That should be fixed in close future ?

    • рандом рандом

      Benjamin Dergovits that is because you actually risk your tank on the frontline, not camping at the back, aiming.

  41. Hate the KV2, but my opinion is currently bias since one derped my Type 62 for all 880hp as I was chasing down an MT-25. Hate the camping Churchill VII on my team also that could have did something prior, but wanted to camp instead.

  42. i just love the KV-2. makes me wish i was a tanker, not a submariner. we do share a common thing, being shut in tight spaces for long periods of time.


  44. I’m an active duty soldier in the us army and hearing you a man from another country telling me thank you for my service and happy Veterans Day honestly bring me joy and sadness the fact that you someone not even from my country thanking us when so many in our country seek to disrespect our flag and our tradition saddens me but coming from you makes me happy thanks bro god bless you dez love your vids

  45. Dez, great KV2 with Top Gun game and commentary. Ever play snakebite light tank ?

  46. Good game???

  47. WG logic, where KV-2 splashes targets better than fucking arty.

  48. Schützstaffel Wiking

    KV2 is my rainy day tank. Whenever I get on a lose slope or get irritated I just break out my KV2 and one shot other tanks. Sooooo satisfying. Everyone should have KV2, one of the best tanks in the game.

  49. KV-2 needs buffing. 5 shot autoloader should do it.
    Brill vid Dez, more more more please 🙂

  50. I cant wait this one to get nerfed again and people may find it crap, eventually.

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