► LEVIATHAN, STOP! – World of Tanks 2017 Halloween Special Event

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Special Event. Leviathan, 2017 Halloween Special Event. Franken and Stein Gameplay.

► Information about the event: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/halloween-leviathans-invasion/

Halloween here and this time seems like Wargaming did put in a lot more effort. What we get one special Halloween event, with new game mode and special tanks, together with the mighty Leviathan.
The best part is that you are able to get a lot of rewards from this event and quite easily. 🙂

But let’s see what this event is all about and let’s start with the “Onslaught”, which is PvE battle vs that monster “Leviathan”!



  1. Spooky Spooky take that cookie! 🙂
    PS! I will upload PvP Mayhem mode episode as well, soon.

  2. rerollers dream – after 2 weeks they will have 20k wn at like 2k battles 😉

  3. Any news about the clan wars campaign??

  4. I wonder if this event means WG is testing to see if they can actually use the extra guns/turrets on other vehicles without completely breaking the game/balance.

  5. unbelievable. 3rd event I can’t play,only doomed to watch. hopefully my new computer comes till november. (sadfaceman)

  6. As a wot blitz player this looks really good. Too bad blitz had a half arsed pay 2 win event for two trash tanks.

  7. What are those diamond shaped rewards in the mission tab. Did the main gun ever hit Dez cause 100 up seems like secondary guns. Nice flat sidescraping against the secondaries

  8. Maybe this tanks are going to be in new French heavy-tank line?

  9. Dreadnought's Nightmare

    Leviathan looks like something the americans would build to counter the ratte. Small but in great numbers

  10. I love these mini games that they come up with for special events. The moon one was a lot of fun.

  11. fucking servers are full :/

  12. AKOthePERSIANkiller

    __________________________ P O W E R L I F T I N G ON MY CHANNEL —————————————

  13. The crew speaks some kind of romanian <3



  16. Guys, I need help from you. I dont know why, but i cant see my aiming reticle for my secondary gun on Franken and Stain. Somebody has/had same problem? Please, help me somebody 🙂

  17. Darkness Nighthingale

    Hey! Its the french FCM F1. The rares tank of wwii.

  18. It’s a fun mode! But the Franken is way stronger compared to the other one xD Sadly the rest of the game appears to have bugs! Once a game just cut out and everyone returned to the garage, second time the server crashed and went into a loop before logging out xD

  19. The PvP mode on the Asia server is so shit, every single game I’ve been in has been an absolute steam roll because all the stupid vietnamese kids just rush in straight away, it is impossible to win a game.

    • It seems like every server hates a certain nation of players.
      NA: Hate Brazilian players
      EU: Hate Polish players (not really fair in my opinion)
      Asia: Vietnamese

  20. Wtf is that 5k xp for?!?!?!

  21. Finally Something good!

  22. I opened one box but gave up cuz it sucks you don’t make anything but the missions

  23. Come on Wargaming, release a mini line of french super heavy tanks up to tier 6 or 7. There are plenty of them : FCM 2C, FCM 2C bis, FCM 2C ter, FCM F1 mle 1939, FCM F1 mle 1940, AMX tracteur C mle 1939, AMX tracteur C mle 1940, ARL tracteur C, ARL forteresse, FCM 1A, FCM A, FCM BB, STCC char d’arrêt, FCM F4 and even more obscur design like SEAM 220t, FCM char d’arrêt, ARL char squelette, ARL char minimum.

  24. Bring back Armored Warfare

  25. Hey dont shoot Leviathan, its just trying to go through the gate to go to another halloween event in World of Warcraft …

  26. Love how dez has 191 of 192 of his tanks set as primary, wonder which one isn’t a primary

  27. Nice, double event on my birthday?

  28. Great vid as always!

  29. Can you show the end of the world,where you team loses ???

  30. 27th of october is special cause they released assassins creed origins!!!

  31. Silly mode.
    Dez, you sure this aint april 1st mode? 🙂

  32. Tge leviathan looks like a giant E2

  33. Is gay

  34. holy shit secondary guns?

  35. The Leviathan is a mix of American and German engineering.

    • While watching this I came up with a story and legend of how the Leviathan came to be.

      But I won’t say what it is yet.

      I don’t think it’s good of a story to say it.

  36. What Language are the crewman speaking ? sounds like Italian

  37. First 10 battles were fun, now its just cancer with all the retard tomatoes failing

  38. I don’t think the intro was stupid…

  39. That leviathan seems like a pretty good tier 8 premium

  40. Too bad WOT cannot be logged into today.

  41. Gotta hand it to WGing. It looks like they are really trying for a change and it shows. We might save this game yet.

  42. Inb4 ratte and kv6 will release as pve bosses in a certain future events

  43. I remember those 2 tanks. They were unused French heavy tanks. Perhaps with the new tech tree we might see their return. Much likelier at a lower teir however.

  44. It would’ve been cool is the used the pz 1000. Ratte for the leviathan. And gave it a red and black skin.

  45. i really think that leviathan player have mods

  46. they should pot those in the game as premium tier 5’s like a tog 2.

  47. Doesn’t hurt that bad? Oh you will see if he gets a clean shot into you.

  48. Nguyễn Minh Hoàng

    Do not touch the Leviathan, it will kill you immediately!!!

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