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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks M18 Hellcat and Review. World of Tanks Škoda T40 Gameplay and Review. World of Tanks Epic Replays / .

Today I bring you some more lower, medium tier action with tier 6 vehicles – M18 Hellcat and Škoda T40. I believe you have never seen Škoda T40 on my channel before, for some reason… am I right?
Anyway, let’s take a look what they are able to do in mid and bottom tier .



  1. Once upon a time…
    (Continue the story, comment by comment)

  2. Meme episode

  3. Hey Dez! I did subtitles on your last video. How was it? I am thinking of doing it more often in case the YouTube bot messes up understanding your accent.

  4. LoL he was just farming 😀

  5. anyone watch that replay on lach wot replays ?

  6. Does anyone remember pre Nerf hellcat infestation few years ago hehe

  7. stop it. get some help. xD love this clips 😀

  8. Fighting along the water is a horrible idea unless you are really experienced and in a good tank PLUS you know you have back up. Noobies don’t go that way and this is why.

  9. always when i spawn on south side in assault as defender i get overrun by 8 tanks cause everyone goes and hides in the city or on the hill

  10. i had a game in my t34 85m( tier 7 match) were i got 4 kills and 4600 dmg 🙂 didnt get top gun but 4600 dmg lol that was so fun

  11. Sinterklaas En Zwarte Piet

    Help me! Help me! That made me laugh, nice vid dez!

  12. dez man, you are a genius, that Michael Jordan PSA made me laugh so damn hard it came outta nowhere, I couldn’t stop laughing

  13. T1 Heavy has been watching your face-offs and thought you play this map by rushing straight over xD

  14. That Baby effect was Hilarious 😀 Thank you 😀

  15. this intro,nice job,keep up 😉

  16. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    If the emend players on their team from the fist clip didn’t do stupid moves, then they probably could of won.

  17. Skoda T40 is worthing the gold?

  18. Hellcat is one of those forgotten tanks and probably my favorite tank in the game. Camo and speed are amazing and gun is pretty decent if dispersion is behaving. One of those t6 tanks that can easily fight t8’s and dish out 4-5k dmg. That’s the only tank I managed to get Pools medal with ^^

  19. Great video Dez. I really enjoy the variety on your channel, and editing on this one was awesome. What a battle for that Skoda guy btw. Keep up the great work

  20. le forestier damien

    that camera works, so lively <3 thanks for your hard work dez

  21. Nice games

  22. it is simaTZar 🙂 or SimaImperator(translated on english)

  23. I love your videos, fcking love it!

  24. Hi @DezGamez i didn’t receive any notification for this video!!! it sucks if it’s for the rest people as well.

  25. The best point of this Video is about letting the opposing team make mistakes. That is a gift in all games. Not applicable in unicum matches where you target the fools and then play to top skill level level players to not get killed. The good players know who you are. Especially arty with XVM. I play stunned matches on a regular basis. Fuck arty overkill. Seeing 4 arty in the MM again. Fuck that. Arty deserves to wait in que if they want to play that BS for 1 arty in a battle.

  26. krishnamurthy G.R

    Your Intros are becoming a Killer…Keep it up Dez

  27. The aim is magic !

  28. Dez, today is my birthday, so it will be really cool if you reply to me :3
    Nice videos and greetings from Mexico!

  29. Great memes ahead

  30. dez, that guy is serbian, so simacar is actually sima tzar, his name is sima 🙂

  31. Incredible T40 battle – WOW!

  32. I’ve been watching you for awhile now dez and I have to admit, your videos have just got better and better overtime. Keep it up mate 🙂

  33. its amazing how effective you can be with a low tier or low penetration gun but high alpha damage and fast reload in a tier 7-9 game what trips me though is that Skota may not have a high pen or even a high alpha damage as a tier 8 medium but its still doing over 240dmg roughly? a shot and has under 6 second reload when something like the T-44-100 or pnz. 58 mutz has a 90mm but still only hits maybe average of 250 a shot if lucky. i obviously way more pen and the balancing factor comes in but for a tier to tier perspective id rather be a Skota T 40 in a tier 7-8 matchmaking rather then be in a t-44-100 or 58 mutz in a tier 9-10 matchmaking where turret armor should be effective but nope. xD nice vid as always Dez~

  34. why don’t i ever get a game like this?

  35. AIMBOT or not? The Skola T40 drivers server “aimdot” moves funny, it looks like it jumps from weekspott to weekspott.
    When he move his aim then it jumps to the closest weekspott.
    Have a look.
    Best Regards

  36. This t-40 player had a very skilled crew plus he was using food. The gun handling is terribad without food and brothers in arms.

  37. Hellcat is great but it used to be even better. Its pretty nice.

  38. Epic epic! They had the beast mode activated for sure

  39. Kaput is also German for broken

  40. M4 ravioli

  41. Big credit to that second guy, that tank is trash and bottom tier as well.

  42. Lovely editing mate 😉

  43. Dez, you commented that the M12 should have been able to spot the Skoda, and that he probably had a bad crew. Not so!! WG since 9.18 has so unfairly nerfed arty’s view range that arty is now completely blind! The supposed arty view range circles are a myth- we cannot see anything, even with Situational Awareness and Recon fully trained. I can understand that arty’s damage and pen was nerfed a lot, but killing view range also was over the top unfair and wrong. And WG fkd up by making the stun radius too large. You cannot help but stun friendlies while trying to help your teammates and end up getting fined for it. Arty needs to be fixed (again!)

  44. Love my Skoda, lots of fun to play

  45. did he just fucking say meeed tier action??

  46. I love campinovka map. think it is good for every tank 🙂 maybe not good only for kv2 😉

  47. 22 of the 30 enemy players from these replays have been identified!

  48. I think KAPUT_DABOT does not even have Sixth Sense, because it never went off even where they were shooting at him :/

  49. wth is this ?, why does this never happen to me.

    I play mostly tier 9-10 thooo xD i gotta get some of these low tier TANKS

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