► Löwe – Is It Worth It Now? – World of Tanks Löwe Review – Giveaway Day 8

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Löwe Review. World of Tanks Best Replays.

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Today I am going to take another look at new, buffed “Löwe”, tier 8 premium German heavy tank. It received some pretty buffs with patch 9.17 – better depression, more armor and better mobility! I have to say, I did not hate this tank anymore… But is it going to be worth the gold? Let’s find out!

Also, congratz today’s winners and good luck in this episode with yet another giveaway!

Music used:
Back To Black 1 – Victor Ohlsson



  1. I think it is better to buy t34 I like that tank more than Löwe
    Name JulianDE Server EU

  2. You took the words out of my mouth, you described Lowë quite well.
    Username: Brainycraft , Server: EU.

  3. I think it is a good tank but I can even handle it in my tier 7 O-Ni.
    Name: FrankMcGarret
    Server: EU

  4. The tanks looks a lot more fun now.
    server EU
    username lynylol1999

  5. I have never played with the Lowe:( ,but I love your videos! *_mm98_*

  6. Im really thankful for the new engine now I can be at the front faster
    Username: rahmanijan

  7. i haven’t played Löwe, but it looks very good.
    username: Ich_komme
    Server: EU

  8. It’s still a really slow tank which is its biggest issue.

  9. Löwe is more competitive now because it’s got that German high pen, highly
    accurate gun and now is just as flexible as a T34. It’s just that the Löwe
    trades a bit of pen for better gun handling. So yeah, the Löwe received a
    much needed buff.

  10. Haven’t played it but i think it’s pretty good tank now.
    Username: buktop3, EU server

  11. Löwe is a lot better better now after the buff, I can actually bounce quite
    a lot of shots.
    redhaggis73, EU

  12. Yes, now its the best old premium tank
    Theheero, EU server

  13. I haven’t played it, but the 9.17 buffs to the Lowe does make it sound more
    AL42 (ASIA server)

  14. compared to new tier8 premium heavies, Löwe and T34 are outclassed and
    outdated. I don’t think they’re worth their gold cost now. username:
    Davion_FTW server: EU

  15. i never played Löwe but i think the buffs were usefull ^^

  16. I had never played with the Lowe but in front of me it’s a paper tank ?
    mattlenoir on EU

  17. I think it is good, but still worse than a T34 or AMX CDC.
    user: alexdobyvatel
    server: EU

  18. xxx_destroyer_2 EU I think löwe is better now.

  19. Löwe is better but still not best premium tank.
    Username: Slepy85
    Server: EU

  20. sadly i never played with the löwe on the real server but i enjoyed it on
    the test server
    Grafit_1 EU Server

  21. Now I think that Löwe is worth this price
    username: jamrutek Eu server

  22. good dps really fun rapzarex sea

  23. Yeah, its a pretty got vehicle now, maybe too good, and thats the problem,
    recently released premium tanks are just too good, better than regular ones
    nick: kevin609

  24. EL Desperados (Desperados)

    Lowe is finally worth the money
    Username: EL_Desperados
    Server: EU

  25. I don’t have an Löwe, so I can’t tell.
    User Hanzsel
    Region EU

  26. I dont have the Lowe, but i dont have problems taking him down on
    Username: vitodorado97 Server: EU

  27. I’ve not seen that tank against me this patch yet, srry don’t know exactly
    how to spell it – dmboer – eu

  28. I don’t even tried the Lowe, so I don’t have any idea …
    Username : Fenrys75
    Server : EU

  29. Its a beter tank now username Finnten Server EU

  30. like Löwe (like for video 🙂 )

  31. Its better than it used to be but still not good enough to purchase one.
    Infrapurple / NA

  32. Who cares about German engineering all about that American armor man
    Nick:KILLER7000 NA

  33. I think it still cannot compete with the new premium vehicles. Its big
    advantage is that it can also be bought in game with gold and subject to


  34. I played Löwe on CTE and it suits my playstyle well. I hope I can get one
    Username: Predater_ and I play on EU

  35. would like to try the lowe now. Looks ok after the buff.
    username: gavinc69
    server: EU

  36. Löwe has allways been my favourite tank, never had enough gold for it 🙁
    Username Jeppe_
    Server EU

  37. Mitslanevx (Mitslanevx)

    Haven’t played Löwe, but by video it looks slow 😀
    Sarius071 EU

  38. Löwe is still bad :/ server: Eu username: Multi_pro

  39. I want that beautiful gun and decent armour

  40. Lowe doesn’t seem to be quite the opponent it was a few years ago, but it
    can still hold its own.
    dyingsanity19 (EU)

  41. I dont play the Löwe, and i would still kinda dislike the 105mm RoF even
    though the armor is kinda nice

  42. i legit sold my löwe a week before they announced buffs… but it seems
    acceptable now^^ Tiger1803 on EU

  43. I think lowe is now more bad ass with that armor buff…..
    server: asia

  44. I never play the Löwe but i think it’s maybe the best t8 premium heavy
    username: lefootbaleur24

  45. Lowe is now much better than it was, i would actually buy it now

  46. I still dont have any problems dealing with Lowe, I do not own it so I cant
    speak about that…
    Username: PanijelBrekvest
    Server: EU
    Thanks for the price man!!!

  47. I don’t own a Löwe i agree didn’t even bother buying it cause of the
    mobility issues but now with the buffs im rethinking it , i’ve seen some
    incredible games from good players playing Löwe (about 98% of players with
    Löwe they are BAD 😀 that watching them hurts my eyes and my mental health).

    User : Vireon
    Server : EU (The Best Server)

  48. I would to get my hands on the updated Lowe, I find it much more difficult
    to play against them now: DieselPete server US

  49. the Löwe is really dank now! Brawl hard!!! MiniTrucker01 EU (already have
    the su :P)

  50. I really don’t like Löwe much it’s just an heavy tank just making more
    credits. Server: EU Name: lukynekl

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