► Loza’s M4-A2 Sherman, Soviet Sherman! – World of Tanks Loza’s M4-A2 Sherman Review

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Source: DezGamez

Loza’s M4-A2 Sherman Gameplay and . Loza’s M4-A2, Tier 6 Premium Soviet .

Time to review yet another new, upcoming tier 6 premium vehicle in World of Tanks. This time from Soviet Russia and it a Sherman… Loza’s M4-A2 Sherman… It should be our 6th Sherman in tier 6, not bad! 😉

Let’s see what it has to offer!



  1. wait for the Thunderbolt to come back on sale again (and for MM to not be so terrible for tier 6 in general)

  2. What happened to gold rush vids?

  3. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Sniper and/or 2nd line support tank will be the role of this tank I believe

  4. On console we have tier 5 grizzly. It’s Australian

  5. Declan Crockenberg

    could you say “Loza’s M4-A2 Sherman” anymore in the title 🙂

  6. I met a Lola Shurman once and , , , OMG,, , nvm ; )

  7. as always the best and the fastest!!Thank you a lot .But who needs another angly sherman when we have Fury and Thunderbolt in my opinion are better tanks from the beuty sight.

  8. Does sound it little bit like “loosers M4” ?

  9. It will be better to have the option to upgrade our premium tanks with skins like the Chinese Alpine Tiger or the gold Type 59, lets say after a total of battles to feel like you have something to upgrade.

  10. thx god I am done with World of Noobs 🙂 Dez it was a nice time with you, wish you only the best of luck.

  11. FastDucky1423 Plays

    Wow this tank is cool,I want this too

  12. Next premium Michael Wittmans Tiger tank and Wittman as the commander?

  13. I never played those M4s, even they seem pretty good

  14. Now you know what you get for crying on OP prem tanks. Good luck playing this crap. No pay to win for you guys

  15. Bet it bounces more, historians say they used paint laced with stalinium.

  16. the last time I was this early, Dez still pronounced “Jagd~” with a J instead of a Y

  17. Tank seems bla, thanks for showing us so fast.


  19. KV-4-A2 Shermanovsky……………?!?
    Battle On!

  20. Camperoftehintrowebz

    *obligatory comment about WG copying/pasting tanks for $$ and whining about it

  21. Alexander Stoyanov

    Well what do you know abother tier 6 medium premium sherman…and meanwhile wg morons are still going to completely fuck up Object 263 – suck my schlong wg

  22. TheMightyCongueror

    These premium vehicles piss me off the most, it’s literally the same as a regular M4A3E2, except it’s got a fancy paint scheme, and some letters on it. It’s not worth paying 20 dollars for.

  23. So I believe this is one of the first Russia premiums which is nice would have just preferred tier 8 but shame it’s just so common

  24. Eng power is less. Weight is about the same. Yep makes perfect sense that its faster.

  25. Moar Shermans. I have a dream. It’s a game called “World of Shermans.”

  26. Hey do you know anything about M4A2E4, the tier 5 tank? 🙂

  27. The Sixth Sense free skill is disappointing compared to a full BIA, but, if they hadn’t set that as the bar, it’d be pretty cool. All my commanders get Recon, then retrain to 6th, then train Recon again. If the free BIA crews didn’t exist, free 6th would be pretty cool. Wargaming just waited too long to use it as a gimme to get credit for it. Could be worse than setting that as the new Premium normal.

  28. Wait that was a Russian accent that you did for the hint of this tank in the last vid??? I though it was German

  29. No point in buying this when thunderbolt exists, unless of course you want to train russian crews but who needs that when everyone and their grandmas got T-34-85M

  30. I think wargaming has gone too far

  31. I for one will be saving my money on this one

  32. Top speed and lowest power to weight ratio? That’s a lot very skinny Russian crew 🙂

  33. Hey Dez,This tank is the same than the “Fury”, just another worst premium tank 🙁 as Mauerbrecher and so on…. Thanks for your videos mate.

  34. more Russian premium tanks.. just what this game needed(!)

  35. 8: revâlorise 6: M4A3E8, M4A3E2, Thunderbolt, Fury, Firefly 5: M4A1, Sherman 3, M4 improved, T14, M4A2E4 (RAM 3 is based on M3)

  36. so DezGameZ i want you to make it gift to me. So many peoples make gift to you and i wright it here , make a loza gift to me

  37. Motovlog mate from nz

  38. Let’s say you don’t have a premium account… The second game would have earned you 6000 credits. All that effort and frustration of either not being able to pen or track because of low pen/alpha and such a small profit. I really don’t see how or why anyone would spend real money on this thing.

  39. who buy shit from WG?

  40. Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere

    I found captured chi- ha and chi-ri are in the development list. They will be in US tech tree. Also i found japanese Ho-ri TD and a whole line of JP TDs…

  41. how u connect to test server

  42. The Russian Shermans were the same as the American… so.. why has the Russian different Stats?

  43. trolling that cromwell was awesome 🙂

  44. *Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off?*
    OMG, is he okay?
    *Yeah, he’s all right now.*

  45. It is missing the german m4 and the sweedish m4

  46. What is next? Chinese/Japanese Sherman or Soviet/American Tiger?

  47. Non pref MM =Oh look at the little beauty spamming apcr 😉
    So in a nutshell, most of the time this tank will make Jack Shit!

  48. Why would anyone buy it? It’s literally just an E8 with worse mobility.

  49. i call bullshit on this, not you dez but the tank and wargaming, a sherman with some crap soviet modifications makes it better then the other sherman, bullshit, i call bias.

  50. Hey dez good episode but try to upload your episode at a specific time it will be very convenient for us looking forward to your reply

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