► LUCK + SKILL = This Crazy Battle! – World of Tanks AMX 13 90 Epic Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks AMX 13 90, Tier 9 French Light Tank.

As promised, here is something for all my French viewers and fans, hope you like it!

Let’s kick off this new week with something epic… How about one super aggressive and packed battle with tier 9 French light tank “AMX 13 90”, that might be in the best form ever?
Simply enjoyable to watch how our hero today, was trying to carry his team to victory… Watch it to the end!

► Player: _Aegon_The_Conqueror_



  1. aegon targaryen xd

  2. I had a similar incredible game on this map with Tiger II but I lost because I lowrolled on the last arty :((
    All my Ace Tanker games were defeats. I swear I have the worst luck ever in WoT…

  3. George Washington

    @DezGamez I have epic battle with strv 103B (10kills), but cant upload it, because of earlier patch 🙁

  4. Published video of the same tank on the same day as Dez, rip me I guess…

  5. more replays like that

  6. That arty was a czech player… czech players just don’t care, they see an enemy and they shoot… disgusting

  7. wow! that was exciting.

  8. Mohammad Joniedi

    Am I the only one that have had accuracy on his lights

  9. pls do the 11 shot 11 kill deathstar clip

  10. Fuk arty… unica 4life ‘n 4ever ✌️

  11. Leonel Eleutério

    5 RHM did not like the video !!!

  12. Ugh that opening music, kill it with fire! >8^)

  13. What a name! If only WG added dragons to be summoned ?? woulda made it 10 kills for Agon

  14. +DezGamez Chinese TDs are coming

  15. Wow arty actually helping the team when it matters the most. That’s rare

  16. Why didn’t repair tracks ?? Hopefully he’s not using mouse to clikc on damaged modules 😛

  17. Luís Augusto Panadés

    My god, this AMX has about 1/4 of the aimingtime of that Shit Grille 15 that they pushed over us.
    It is easy to play with a vehicle like this: easy and super fun while Grille 15 is fucking shit underpowered and boring to play, really it is totallly irritating because of super idiot underpower settings and dispersions for a shit with shit penetration, shit mobility, shit readyability, shit cammo, shit everything… and they pushed this shit over us.

    Grille is not an ground vehicle and it should be tier x. AMX is tier IX… totally ridiculous.

  18. OMG what a crazy game! Dat finish!

  19. Noridomi Shinomiya

    Holy moly…….. That is epic……..

  20. Game was over, with 10 seconds on the clock and no ammunition left he had no time to do anything but he did one smart thing, hehe consider this he did not repaired tracks and baited rhm on the open field so arty could kill him, BRILLIANT SMART MOVE… This guy… epic…

  21. I think he should’ve repaired hes tracks and driver and try to go for a ram kill, at least after seeing what that arty was capable of. But it had a happy ending so it doesn’t really matter, awesome battle.

  22. Dez! Best best best best best …. best video … ever!!!!!!!!! Such good video with such good commentatorness. Holy shit. Plz do more Stereotype videos, i loved them!

  23. And the FAT lady sings ! The End !!!

  24. WOW!

  25. OMG what an AWESOME game Dez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care, Vern

  26. Man.. this battle was incredible!

  27. The Last Byzantine

    “Aegon the conqueror” salute to our Game Of Thrones comrades

  28. Great replay Dez! I use to play on PC but have been playing on console for over the past year because I love to play games and relax from my awesome reclining chair at the same time lol.. But I wish I could send you some of my replays because everyone once in a while I have some epic battles. I had a 10K damage game today in my T57 but it was mostly farming and wouldn’t have been that exciting lol.

    But I just want to say is keep up the good work because you are definitely one of the best WOT youtubers!

  29. What a lovely ace tanker indeed. 😉

  30. nice intro dudeeeeeee

  31. “24 inches of e-penis!” hahahaha classic

  32. Dez you need to make a new Face off episode 113 VS 111-5A
    like if you agree

  33. The amx driver is a serious madman in a box

  34. What is that ‘r’ on the player name? sorry i don’t always play.

  35. Did Aegon lose his dragons? Or did he just ditch them and picked up a tank

  36. Oooooo Myyyy Gooooddd!!! :O :O :O
    That artillery is MVP though ;D
    Great video Dez!

  37. hahahah where is the ace tanker medal dez??????? 10:45

  38. Luck+Skill=Dez 🙂

  39. Noticed that mysterious B inscription

  40. Typical SPG Players. Idiotic assholes

  41. Lol… “aka 24 inches”

  42. Tom's Game Replays

    “@ss you can see over here”

  43. Won thanks to “new” arty radius. Great game until the end.

  44. He conquered that battle field faster than balerion roasted harrenhall

  45. how do I watch the replays??

  46. No Skill! Pure RNGesus 😛


    How dare he snipe in a light tank! Light tanks are only supposed to spot for their team mates and then rush arty. Don’t let Murazor hear about this.

  48. I just played in team with this guy, after i died i watched how he plays, well he pulled some moves i would never think off. He was on the lower side then he switched to the hill then gone around the base circle, amazing stuff… and good player.

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