► M48A1 Patton – DPM Boosting Nooob! – Make Patton Proud! – World of Tanks M48 Patton Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Patton Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Patton, Tier 10 American Medium Tank.

► Why You HESH be mad?

Today I try make General George S. Patton proud… I am going to play with tier 10 from USA “ Patton”. Tank, that was named after George S. Patton… So the pressure is on!
You are going see 2 battles and one of those battles is played live, because I was trying to boost Patton’s DPM as much as I can with new directives. Let’s see what happened!



  1. We are those victory girls, Dez?

  2. i ve play against you in the leopard 1

  3. Natural Maschine

    Really nice games

  4. beast mode faping

  5. Guilherme Santos

    ohoho man. J.S.Patton are soooooooo proud

  6. sup DezGamez how is ur day today

  7. Next one Pershing. 2nd Five stars general of army. Washington was the 1st.

  8. Awesome video Dez!!!!! One of most favorite tanks for sure. Please do more mediums!! Take care, Vern

  9. 2 great vids, thanks. Wot happened to ur sexy girls on results screen lol?

  10. Fuzzcopter I like tigers

    Does planning to boost the dpm and aiming on my e25 make me a bad person?

  11. The directive alone adds roughly 130 DPM with your current setup.

  12. Hello Dez! Again awesome Video.
    Keep it up and stay awesome!

    Bw Gurkensalat_2016[HDK]

  13. light tank was stunned so it should take 2-3 seconds more

  14. What happened to armored warfare?

  15. I love that tank, but unfortunately I do not know how to play with it, my best DMG is 5300 after 400 battles

  16. I want this tank so bad, i just got done with the M26 and i am waiting for a sale so i can buy the M46 Patton.

  17. Precambrian Rabbits

    No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. You won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

  18. Loved the live stream game.

  19. Love the M48 my all time sexiest tank imo. After that last replay with the E75 I decided to buy it back. In my first game after half a year got my MoE 4.5k damage and the same blocked. love ya vids keep it up Dez!!

  20. Darkness Nighthingale

    But Patton was a ****ing idiot.

  21. Nice video who show how broke this game is… The match maker setup teams who are not even 30% balanced!! 3-15 or 0-15 is every day in this failed game. 🙁

    And unfortunately the losers are almost the same, there are unicorns (big spenders €) with rate of win about 70% and others.

    Pay for win is the order of Estaline…

  22. well, 3645 dpm is nice

  23. what happened to the “victory Girls”?????

  24. It’s nice watching someone who seems actually good at the game. Some Youtubers who play WoT and other similar games don’t seem able to actually play that well.

  25. like #1111 dislikes 11 comment #111

    nice, M48 is my fav T10

  26. your keyboard and mouse banging drives me insane

  27. E50M better

  28. so you get 2.5% boost and reduce your reload by .2 seconds. or in other words you can fire 61? shots in the same time a standard tank fires 60?

    worth it, not

    only items I can see being useful are optics, 10m ish always active, always useful or possibly vents if you willing to spend credits on consumables and lose money every game, which I am not lol

    edit on rereading this might sound a bit sarcastic, not meant to be, just don’t really see point of 0.2 seconds faster reload?

  29. Dez, when r u going to review swede 8-10 tds?

  30. CosmicGamingCrew

    I want this tank so bad because MURICA

  31. Yeah, the meds are still ruling.

  32. Brygida Suchorab

    two good examples how wot’s battles look today…. 15:3 15:2… you were lucky to be on the right side

  33. Why you didn’t take this vents directive because its gave 2,5% as well?
    With that you should get also reload time boost as you got it with directive rammer and plus to all skills 2,5%, or I am wrong?

  34. What’s this? What’s this?…. a WOT youtuber who actually uses his own game play in the video….

  35. really how much fun. top tier wreaked em game over in 2 min, just shows us how pathetic the game is now a days. why show these completely broken games, enemy are oranges at best. go steal candy from kids more hey!

  36. Where is wictory girls?

  37. Dez, I have a challenge for you…T1 Cunningham….50% crew….HE only!! do you accept????

  38. Henri Liimatainen

    Why on Earth would you *NOT* mention that he beat Rommel at the desert

  39. dee cummander of 4th armee in world warz toooo

  40. +DezGamez Did u played the Patton with stock gun ? I mean the T9 gun of the M46 ?

  41. The reward of improved equipment for doing well in Ranked battles is wrong-headed byWarGaming.  It will be giving better equipment to the best players who are exactly those that don’t need it.  It forces players to participate in Ranked to stay competitive even if they do not want to (and some may not have the time to).  Finally, since the equipment can be moved, it will allow the best players to switch it to tier 5/6 tanks where they can go seal-clubbing for WIN 8. This can have a negative impact on the pool of players (as discouraged new players drop out of the game) that we depend on so that match-making can create teams as quickly and fairly as possible.   The concept of Ranked battles is fine – it gives players the chance to participate in fully tier 10 battles – but the reward of improved equipment should be dropped before it creates a game of haves and have-nots.

  42. if i like american medium tanks should i get and keep m46 patton? currently at pershing wich i love

  43. I watched a WoT video from a guy who could not pronounce Patton let alone knew who he was…worse part was he was American! Such a sad state of affairs in our country…. 🙁 He kept pronouncing the tank Pa Ton…. like a baton but with a P instead… Anyone else notice how disgustingly viscous players are in this game mode? I have a friend that playing and his own teammates kept tracking him to prevent him from getting kills! This game mode is meant to be played cooperatively not taking turns screwing over your teammates.

  44. Youbetter Backoff

    2nd class mast with 5k dmg, dats a good tank.

  45. Gotta love the M48. Solid all rounder. Only thing I would ask is maybe a little faster top speed.

  46. Dez are you Estonian?

  47. oh yeah Mr Dez Gamez, this is what I am experiencing nowadays… almost all the battles like these. Ending up in a 15-3 or a loose in same ratio. means, the 2 teams are rushing to each other like pathetic idiots, without strategy, without thinking… How do you think about this?

  48. Why didn’t the Mod 1 face his around towards u

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