► MAD 750 DPM Tier 10 Tank Destroyer! ? – World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch 155 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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Today I am going to show you one MEME tier 10 tank destroyer… French AMX 50 Foch 155, also know as 750 DPM tier 10 destroyer. 😛
But this gun, when it works, can be devastating!


► Player:
– cTakaH_Dobra_


  1. OP OP! 🙂
    Btw, did Somebody Toucha My Spaghet?

  2. Another non soviet tank that needs to be nerfed !
    750 dpm is still too good.

  3. ye, when its work, one in million battles.

  4. why did he paint his tank like a turd

  5. 183 HE shell does pen Foch 155 weakspot…

  6. That paint is glorious.

  7. Really? Your favourite map music is Artic Region’s? Interesting.
    Mine is Ensk… And not far behind Ruinberg. I love the new individual map musics tho!

  8. white cap borders on white snow
    good job wargaming

  9. MasterOfDarkness

    Hey dez! Will you back with WoWS videos?

  10. not dpm lol 750 alpha with autoloader

  11. tuned 😉

  12. TheCardboardJedi

    An autoloading TD with 750 alpha that clips out tanks?? Precedent demands it be removed and replaced with a boring tank that people are ok being killed by

  13. Booom

  14. Like earned

  15. Savage Adidas Tracksuit Slavaboo

    Dez, I saw you this morning ! I was in my T100 LT and we were playing on Abbaye, I was so hyped ! ?

  16. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Grille 15 is by far worse. No armor, not good pen, no magazine.
    And regularly has this shit dpm.

    • Luís Augusto Panadés its annoying as fuck

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      Your words explains well: it is anoying.
      Never see frightening about this shit underpowered crap called Grille 15. It is not even tier X. It is really ridiculous.
      And worselly is that launching obj 268 V4 and others Wargaming still let Grille 15 a shit like it is: no penetration, no armor, no mobility.

      Grille 15 with its no armor and 279 pen, not the 293 Obj 268 v4 has, can’t have 900hp. But Obj can have 1500hp.
      Same to penetration, same to gun handling… same to everything.

      That shit is not even accurate. it just misses and bounces like a hell. Just put you on crazy playing that crap.
      And its dpm is like obj… just 300hits less. The problem is that with that shit gun handling, in reallity it has a much worse real dpm, because you just can’t shoot because you are ever far from any decent accuracy. And if fully accurate it is still not accurate. not near to do the job they say it should do.

  17. Gustav Pettersson

    Why dont u record in 60 fps??? Pls do that

  18. Eya Dez i guess u kill was in fact.. “kinda” … cool…but that fire kill by that guy Claus is…orgasmic. Keep working and maybe someday u can pull off an epic kill like that. Cheers dez..dont forget to..” ship allnutz”

  19. This soundtrack sounds like something out of that movie, *Interstellar*

  20. something awesome , exciting and exclusive !!! FACE OFF !!!!!!

  21. Listen, I have the Foch on console and I’m going to release a review soon on it however I will say this. The Foch can be a good tank but the gun can easily make the tank the worst fucking tank in the game just because of the accuracy, aim time, and how little the gun can move left to right. To top it off it has 827m of shell velocity. Just trust me it’s absolutely retarded.

  22. Dez please don’t block me…… umm can you please do a face reveal?!!!!!!?????. And also am I the only one on Singapore server? ???

  23. Your HESHwagon-183 drawing is coming along slowly but surely.

  24. Yes I know the pain….perfect side shot into a light tank and…..nothing zero nada poof zip….Sadface

  25. Is this not why you are here? Are you not entertained?

  26. Erman Kanlicalioglu

    i hope they will sell this tank with bonds

  27. I was about to say that the tank is gold colored, but then you said it looks like poop

  28. 750 DPM mmm doesnt sound right XD u mean 750 alpha

  29. that “dobra” would be blacklisted by me inside 3 mins of the game. why does a “moron” like that has to spam his reload every 5-10 seconds ? like .. hell we dont care. its really irritating and such spam always ends on my blacklist.

  30. Abolfazl Ashrafizadeh

    Awesome commentating

  31. How do 3 teammates die in the first minut of the game they just didnt want to play 3-5-7 match making i guess

  32. Ah Dez, again no Obj. 268/4 replay! Thank you!! 😉

  33. In the title it says 750

  34. I was about to start that line then i found out they remove that 750 clip and rework it. I was so sad about it

  35. John Ivan Betchayda Dizon

    Moving turd ??

  36. hey Dez, can you post a video on how to get the mod that lets your garages be where you screenshotted? they don’t seem to be working in the new update

  37. “What you think about this SHIT colour paint job….”

  38. I do have to ask Dez, how do you get 6the victory girls…

  39. Anyone remember the timed when this thing didnt make ppl laugh but cover in fear?

  40. social3ngin33rin

    Fucking mad I didn’t get it before they removed it…I was so close
    lol French RNG is absolute SHIT!!!!!

  41. Wilshire the Orange

    serene coast best soundtrack!

  42. Sometimes people mistaking this tank with Foch B,so when they think they have armor or think can trade with this 155 they offten be surprised and panic mostly they are Heavy tank,its priceless when they just give up to be cliped

  43. New Foch b with 400 dpm

  44. Thats not a paint job, thats rust from the snow 😉

  45. Hey Dez, i was in a game with a Progetto 46 being played on a review account, any news about its release/Italian tech line coming up?

  46. -_ RazvaNavzar _-

    Battle lasted 12 mins 15 seconds.
    Damage is 9500.
    That is about 760 dpm.


  47. The way you call am FV 4005 an “FV 4205” triggers me SO bad

  48. French td are so bad..Yeah the Foch B has 6 shells of 400dmg, but you miss all of your shoot at 50m+ ,and when you rush you can die in 3s..So play this tank and you will see, he is not OP..Btw i like it

  49. Its not 750 dpm its 750 dammage per shot

  50. I want to know how the heck that ELC even 90 got those pens?

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