► MAD Plays, MAD Fails! – World of Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of 50B Gameplay. World of Tanks E-50M Gameplay. World of Tanks B Gameplay. World of Tanks AMX ELC Gameplay.

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I did enjoy my holidays with my parents a lot, but now, it is time to get back on the saddle!
Today I tried to have some fun in World of Tanks… Is is going to be mission impossible or is this really possible?
Let's find out – during those 4 battles, I had some really moments, super epic fails and awesome plays!



  1. hi, i em the playr en I-O

  2. What the fuck is your screen size?? It’s look like it’s a tv screen xD

    Greetings from Switzerland !

  3. You made my day with the O-I …good job !!!! LOL..zor !!!!

  4. funniest in a while. that O-I was priceless!

  5. E50-M Turret getting penned by tier 8 snapshots, sadly that’s no news.Afterall E50-M aint a ruski. :/

  6. its clear that you dont get gunmark on ELC while using 75mm. For all that guys who play ELC with 75mm, please search another name for it. #PrayForELC

  7. Put that Cromwell B battle in RNGesus! ???

  8. funny episode

  9. SHIP….50B game is proof enough to your lessons constantly expressed…keep fighting…at least long enough until a BIG FAT O-I sits on you in your Pew-Pew…:)

  10. LoLz abound in this video. this one is excellent. Keep up the great work Dez.

  11. Hey Dez r u from Estonia?

  12. lol DEZ!!! it happens.. the OI crushing you, however, is quite rare… thank you for the laughs

  13. Face-off Dez plz

  14. Blew my coffee out both nostrils when you got crushed by the O-I, man.

  15. ever since i got my new pc upgrade i enjoy this game even more now 🙂 (my son made my pc )

  16. ” oh my fucking god” . Im cryingg

  17. Awesome plays for dayz

  18. Unfortunately dez I won’t have any fun whatsoever in WoT once wg monkeys completely shit on Object 263 line. But anyway, at least some people will still enjoy the game and I guess there is always WT and AW to play so not too bad…

    • Alexander Stoyanov I think they canceled the change and if not then I’m sure there will be protests on the forums

    • felixthecat03 They lied to have cancelled it cause on their wg fest in Moscow they showed these changes in their plans for 2018 and they were even scheduled for next patch

  19. This is not Dez’s Voice.
    Where is Dez!??

  20. Type 64 vs Cromwell B?

  21. O-I? O YEAH!


    And moment Tho

  23. That JPzE100 LOL! Great job Dez! <3

  24. Nice attacking run in the first game ?

  25. Load the Skill rounds

    Lol just lol that O-I

  26. Fun day. That side shot on the E50M looked like it hurt, and then the Cromwell got crushed …

  27. I need to ask bro, you play on 4K or so?

  28. I love the oi part 😀

  29. what mod do u usr mr dez? reload etc

  30. Ah WoT. Every match is random as fuck. Love it or Hate it that part of the game never seem’s to change.

  31. And that’s why you never go to the 0 line on westfield in any tank

  32. Pew pew pew gun? It should be… the ting goes skraaaaaaahhh!!!

  33. the oh shit moment with the jpz 100 is def. me lol.

  34. So good almost lost my breath laughing, first the the JpZ that nuked you and the betting flatten by the Japanese heavy.

    Had that kind of feeling when I turned a corner in my AMX 50B and found a Deathstar.
    Best Regards

  35. This was epic fun to watch Dez 🙂 thanks

  36. badger is basically british t95

  37. Reaction on JPZ and that cromwell B pancacke-pricless :). Biiiig plus for posting some fails also, we know that even u have bad games, it is nice to see it in videos ;). Keep the good work. P.S: u play only on RU server?

  38. Fantastic AMX move! …and priceless E50 moment. 🙂

  39. Fun in WOT?..well:)

  40. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Sandwiched by Jap Heavy lol

  41. Nice editing. I enjoyed this one a lot.

  42. dat Cromwell! also the ELC sucks now, I’d guess the standard of mastery has dropped through the floor. Good game though, stay alive, keep boogying around seems to be the current light meta. Passive scouting is damn difficult

  43. … WHY was that O-I even there xD?

  44. When the JP appeared.. I knew that you fucked up! Can’t stop laughing! Damn! 😀

  45. skill_master_senpai WOTB

    Today 29th December It is my bday!

  46. I think mad plays and fails is one of the most fun videos you make.. fun situations and funny reactions from you . Keep it up dude .. love it

  47. Face reveal pls

  48. Hey dez, why dont you deactivate grass on sniper mode? It is super annoying to see you trying to hunt pixels with the grass in the middle

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