► Make It Rain, Make Them Credits… – World of Tanks Premium Tank Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

112, FV4202, T-54 Mod. 1 and Gameplay. World of Tanks Making Credits, Tier 8 Live Gameplay.

I need credits, I need them badly, so today I bring you one live gameplay episode, where I play with different tier 8 premium tanks. How about “Let’s Make It Rain”!?

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, catch you back tomorrow! 🙂

– Youngsters Anthem 02 – John Åhlin
– Andrey Kulik feat. Andrius Klimka – Overlord (Battle)
►Tanks in action:
– China/Chinese 112, Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank
– UK/British FV4202, Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank
– USSR/Soviet Russian T-54 Mod.


  1. This week I uploaded every single day… Let’s try to keep it up! ?
    But I hope you enjoyed your weekend, let’s finish it off with some credit grind action.
    #stayawesome #notificationsquad #makemoneynotwar

    • DezGamez run the fv4202 with food. It will make it a lot better, the gun is what it is all about so boost that as much as you can without vents. This is how I 3 marked it I got a replay on your website with over 8k combined in the Prius, it’s easily one of my favorites by far

    • DezGamez Jasper van houdt is my Brother 🙂

    • DezGamez always glad when youtubers comment the Amx 13 57 is Op. I’m not a great player but in that tank I’m really pretty good. I was so happy when War Gaming created the ELC Even 90 because that means they won’t sell my Girl Friend tank too soon hah ! The fewer there are on the battle field the better for me 😉

  2. Dez everytime i you upload and i see the notification i say to my self that’s pretty nice thumbnail and i get kind of exited.This is because you make quality and funny video.Keep up the work <3 <3 <3

  3. Anyone knows how to get M41 90 mm ? (Not the one with GF camo) I recently saw one with 2 marks of excellence.

  4. A.S.A.P. = as soon as possible

  5. The Spanish Inquisition

    My only credits maker is a T 34 85M 🙁

  6. how much time has to pass to be notification squad? 🙂 or when is too late for that? 😀
    ljubi brat

  7. Nice games Dez. To bad on the last one you were on a roll

  8. Why don’t you play with premium Tiers 5 -6 in order to get more credits? O7

  9. pls more of this

  10. Didnt u not get awesome amount santaboxes with creds and gold and they already gone!!! Phuuu mine is spent and too long time to next Xmas

  11. make money? i play 5 years, the only money makers are WG.

  12. Woohoo more great content!!

  13. Not even going to watch the video. Fuck WG, fuck there greedy fucken development team, fuck the cancerous class the call artillery. fuck there stupid RNG system, fuck there MM, there gold ammo. Fuck WG altogether. Hope they all die so that someone who is fucken retarded can take over an fix the game.

  14. OMG anyone else got same meme AD as i do ?
    African kids ask for money cause they are hungry … WHAT THE FUCK

  15. squads as well .. just to let you know I’m getting N squads every time you upload .. everything is okay for me 🙂

  16. the reason many people wanna see the 112 is because no commentating wot youtuber has played it alot in the past 8 months, most videos are older than that at least..
    plus, its a good vehicle, its a 113 hull, a soviet turret and a soviet tier 7 gun on a pref mm tank

    pretty darn good

  17. The 112 needs a buff on his pen, only have 175 pen, so many times you cant fight with another tier 8 to up.

  18. The 112 is so good. 175 is enough to get through just about everything you will meet and if not, premium shells.

  19. How do you get tier 6 battler in a tier 8 Premium tank??
    I don’t think I get that kind of matchmaking even if I play 100 battles in a tier 8 premium, I get at least 80 battle vs tier X out of 100 battles.

  20. Jasper van Soolingen

    Why is this battle dedicated to me?

  21. Top tier against 2 tiers down… More “quick” players making wot or wg looks great.. :O I play always in others team, with 2 tiers up-
    My mm is not bufed 🙁

  22. Der Hackfleisch hassende Zerhacker

    u should make a video where u showcase the statisticly best tank for money like what tank has the best dmg to shell cost rate (excluding arty or derp he guns)

  23. R. Giada Melchiorre

    Another way to get credits when your in the garage click on exterior then click on emblems. Go through those, WG usually gives you flags so many flags it’s impossible to count them. You can sell the excess for 10k each. I sold mine and made $5.4 million.

  24. You’re welcome Dez 🙂 love your content

    Btw, the first pronounciation was the right one 😉

  25. Yeah I got the credits to buy the vehicles, but then I need credits for gun rammer, coated optics and vents. Plus need gold for the crews.

  26. 6 dislikes? must be the haters from war thunder. great video dez! keep it up

  27. It must be nice to be given premium tanks plus you got a premium account due to the Christmas gifts ALSO TO YOU. So you are making free credits without ANY investment on your part. And you talk to your viewers like if they were a bunch of ignorants.

  28. Man I remember when NA players could gift stuff to EU players. I’d have tossed a credit package your way Dez but WGing doesn’t want me to use my money to make the WoT community better 🙁

  29. Dez i just watch vid saying that with patch 1.0 it will be possible to buy premium tanks for bonds, and the best to get will be -907, foch155- and other that are no more in the game…

  30. How do 420 with no fire. Worst 420 ever. Kappa

  31. you make such little money in WoT, in world of Warships you can make 500k per battle or 1m with the Missouri 😀

  32. Dez, if you’re going to take the 41 GF out, don’t forget to take a good amount(and use a good amount) of those OP HEP rounds against lights and other paper tanks. The damage really adds up!

  33. DZ you have about 4.7k bonds hope to see wt ur gonna do with it. cuz im about to get 5000k too not sure wt to use !! help would be nice. great vid keep the good work.

  34. You’re not idiot, everyone has their tunnel vision moments I guess.

  35. DestroyerAlpha Winner

    Dez, I noticed that you didn’t seem to realize that they also buffed the T-54 mod 1’s ammunition capacity. You we’re carrying 34 ammo when you can carry way more now.

  36. Need millions of credits? NP, just use prem vehicle

  37. Snooper BG GAMING

    Very good video but please make for 110 very good tank

  38. Hi dez i love u

  39. Crap tank with no pen and 5-6 seconds aiming time. WG is shitting on players all day long. At list you can shoot with this shit gun Skorpion G. Hillarious! They turned this game into a total shit!

  40. I have 3.2 mil and don’t have garage slots available to purchase new tanks :c

  41. Nice Video as everytime!

  42. Dez Can you upload videos in 60fps Plz.

  43. Why so little ammo? It can have above 50 shots now

  44. Gamination_channel

    Tier 8 premiums gain you moneyyy

    While is-3 is loosing your money every ap at a time + repairing tank cost :/

  45. I’ve been watching your videos ’till you had like 20k subs. Loved every single one of them. Keep up the great work 🙂

  46. Hi dezgamez. What is the name of mod pack are you using?

  47. Martin Rakovický

    It is research…not reshearc 🙂

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