► Maps That ARE NOT in The Game After Update 1.0! – World of Tanks 1.0 Update News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Maps that are not with update 1.0, out from the rotation pool.

Today I am going to show you a of maps that are not with update 1.0’s official release. I am not saying that these will be removed, they simply didn’t make into the 1.0. WG still working on reworking a lot of those maps into HD quality, but which are going to be completely removed, I do not know yet. 🙂


►Tanks in action:
– No tanks, only maps.


  1. I liked most of these maps 🙁

  2. Windstorm is trash..

  3. Too many maps.

  4. So, basically they removed just about all the maps except the originals.

  5. They took out some of the screwed up maps that were unbalanced….there are still 30 fucking maps in the game. People act like there are only 4. You would have to play for hours every day in order to have played them all 1 time each. Everyone complains about the window lickers who have no idea what they are doing and then complain there are not enough maps. How do you expect anyone to get a clue when over half the population plays a particular map once every 5 days of game play due to playing a 50 map rotation. The map complaint is pointless because if we had 10, 20, 30, more maps some people would still want more. If you want to bitch about something complain about tank balance in the game….that’s probably the number 1 thing ruining games right now. Ask why there are hardly ANY bad Russian tanks, but each of the other nations only have a hand full of good tanks each.

    • mm NOPE i playParis 10 times for 20 battles 😉

    • Listen dumbass, there are NOT “30 fucking maps”.
      There are a handful of maps that are actually active. I’m not going to waste time listing the entire 30 maps that are not active.
      I love it when some moron shoots his mouth off and has no idea what they are talking about.
      As for saying maps are unbalanced, this is also somewhat inaccurate. Most people play both sides of a map the same way and don’t think about the differences. WoT is not just about point and shoot, it’s about strategic play, unlike most games.
      And, adding to your stupid comment, the game would become boring, as it has since the 1.0 update because these maps have been around for years. So, if you think there should only be 5 maps where everyone knows where every blade of grass, every pebble is, I stand by my comment of saying you are a “DUMBASS”.
      I feel very confident you are likely a tier 6 shitter???

  6. Bring back Port and South Coast!!!!

  7. what is coming after t-10?

  8. They could keep all of these in trade for getting rid of Paris. Pearl River was the best map in game, no two matches were the same. Same for Northwest which was a big map.They said north spawn had an advantage on Northwest but I could win from either side. Big fun maps like Northwest and Pearl River gone, small suck maps like Paris seem to be the trend.

  9. Fiary silent…thanks WG for destroying The game, we Will play sandriver and himmelsdorf? Yea good WG gg, They removed some of my favourite maps…

  10. Why the fuck is wargaming deleting maps?!?! There is no variation anymore.

  11. kurkkumopo6669 Kikkeli

    Just remowing maps not making new ones… Making op tier 8 premium vehicles remowing all cool and interesting maps as pearl river severogorsk dragon ridge… List goes on FUCK WG

  12. Why does almost everyone think these maps are gone forever? Most of them will return in HD…

  13. James The Archaic One

    Dez, firey salient was actually a lot different from Prok, FS had a lot more abusable terrain on the hill and in mid. It was contoured a little differently and if you knew the reight spots on FS you could get hull down on hill much more safely.

  14. What happened to the Canyon map for grand battles?

  15. I dont know what wg is trying to do… ok nice graphics ( nothing special tbh ) , but remove maps? community is asking for more maps, and they remove it? and put 1 more tier 8 ht premium? im done with this game , at least for a couple of months , no fun to play anymore.

    • atm, its been a year i stop playing. … i guess im gonna wait another year

    • Akyo, they’re not removing maps, they’re holding the ones they haven’t converted to HD yet back. They do it because if you play 10 games on HD maps and then suddenly get thrown into non-HD Swamp, it’s going to look like fucking garbage in comparison. Most, if not all of those maps will be back once they’re converted to HD. Also, every patch some maps are left out of the rotation. It’s completely normal.
      There are many good reasons to quit WoT, but “they’re removing maps in 1.0” is really not one of them.

    • Chromodar nah, if that was the reason, tell me why they just convert some tanks to HD, while others look like shit? Too much work I guess, to do something right, since 2014 they haven’t done 1 thing 100% good

    • You keep coming back tho.

    • Chromodar sure, why not? I love wot, I hate wg, there’s a big difference, its not community fault that wg don’t care anymore

  16. you write Himmelsdorf wrong… thats broke my heart as german tanker:D

  17. 1.0 its crap they
    manage to foc a epic game

  18. Stalingrad should be removed!

  19. I hope the Ensk and Paris maps get deleted.

  20. Sooo happy Stalingrad and Kharkov are gone,
    I hated them soooooo much, woo hooo!

  21. Some one can tell me what’s this idiot wargaming people smoke???? Remove all maps is better way….

  22. I will miss highway, I think it catered for all types of game play.

  23. As usual WG does the oposite of what the players want. way to go WG remove more maps while your at it.

  24. Cancer valley, Kharkov, Pilesen, Stalinshart… Why is everyone complaining? Highway was the only half-decent map in this list.

  25. You know. I think more maps have been removed from the game then added since launch. So there are like 4 maps? I bet the shit Mountain Pass is one of them too..

  26. is it matter what maps they remove if all players at the moment are bad? this game have 1 year maximum to survive. all good players left, no onevto play with.

  27. Interestingly all but swamp and fiery salient are the maps I personally found difficult to play with the S-tank family. Perhaps they’ll see more action in 1.0?

  28. Mihajlo Lubisavljevic

    I am not sad because they remove all those maps,but i am happy because they removed widepark,kharkov and stalingrad.Because this maps is worst for lights and artys

  29. The 1.0 is running well on my system and is “WOW” ………. map reworks are great ……….

  30. I hate when they remove maps. And they never remove Proc. I HATE that map.

  31. I’m actually kinda sad about Sacred Valley. Widepark, and Windstorm 🙁
    I’m surprised they didn’t remove Malinovka, though. I’ve hardly encountered anyone in tier7+ that likes that map

  32. i have a 3 screen setup and im having issues setting them up…after the new update they only have 3 options vs the 5 i think it used to have…fullscreen, windowed and windowed borderless and it wont let me stretch across my 3 screens

  33. i am sick of this WOT shits, they kills all the good maps and leaves the shity maps to us

  34. What happened to Ghost town, is it in HD or did it get removed?


  36. Load the Skill rounds

    Excellent video as always! 1.0 feels weird to me. I can’t run on high so now I’m down to medium graphics. The colours are different and the lighting is different. Maybe it is just going to take getting used to.

  37. Very happy about those maps going. The only one I’ll miss is Swamp.

  38. remove the retarded AIRFIELD instead

  39. So paris is still in the rotation. THANK GOD. Seriously wtf are these guys smoking?

  40. Stalingrad, good map, no idea why its not liked or been removed. Kharkov ditto. swamp, highway, sacred valley, windstorm, mittengard abominations and if swamp and scared valley have been reworked that often clearly they arebeyond saving. glad less repeats,

  41. PickelJars ForHillary

    Comrades managed to keep that massive corridor map with no dynamic play known as Paris.
    Paris must be a giant revenue generator from premium rounds for WG to not delete.

  42. The map rotation or lack there of is honestly my single largest frustration. I’m sick and tired of maps getting cut from the game.

    So many good maps removed that offered unique dynamic game play. The game is inferior for horrendous lack of maps and copy and paste clone maps which are mirrored city map heavy.

  43. Why the hell did they get rid of sacred valley

  44. Guys, I am sick of playing heavies (especially with all the new OP tanks). These HD maps are open and work for every type of tank. I am happy with the changes. Though the Highway was kind of nice.

  45. boy was i lost on some of these maps but it made the game better

  46. And then there is Mines…

  47. I don’t really mind the missing maps (after all they are not removed, just delayed)… what I DO mind, are the missing map borders!
    Seriously.. did WG forget to copy those from the test servers over to the live release??? Yesterday there were no borders at all… I repeatedly crashed into invisible walls while under enemy fire.

  48. This is hidden buff of Strv tanks 😀 (glad i have premium strv 😀 )

  49. agreed Dez, I only miss windstorm and sacred walley too 🙂

  50. God this community is full of negative people. So many whiney bitchy people. Play like shit, then you cannot tell them anything, without them saying you are “complaining.” It is called constructive criticism.

    Then they go onto the internet and bitch and cry about anything, including change. Get over yourselves, FFS!

    • Holy shit! I didn’t expect you to reply to me. Just made my day. 😀

      I have changed over the last year. I am personally glad that world of tanks has changed as well… Looking to the future, hoping it will be great! <3

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