► March of GOLD Ammo! – World of Tanks: DEZignated #2

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks M48A5 Patton Gameplay . World of Tanks T57 Heavy Tank Gameplay Review. World of Tanks T49 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks March of Nations Event – Dezignated Series.

Today I am back with my second episode in the “DEZignated” series, this time let's take a look at this new event or tournament called “March of Nations”… Or should I say March of Gold ? Because this is what is going to be flying around, if people want to get to the top! 🙂

DEZignated is one of my new, experimental series ideas, where I try to put in some more editing and memes. 🙂


– Dumb Ways to Die
– Sweet Brown – Ain't Nobody Got Time for That (Autotune Remix)
– Wildside 1 – Niklas Ahlström
– Milk And Money Bernadette 3 – Joachim Nilsson
– Sun Records 4 – Stefan Netsman
– World of Tanks “8-ball” special event soundtrack
– Got Me Good (Instrumental Version) – Otto Wallgren
– Legends Never Die (ft. Against The Current) – Worlds – League of Legends


  1. Some more editing and memes for you today, more than usual. 🙂
    Let me know what you think about videos like these!

  2. Loved the song halfway through and the compilation of shots. Was really different and cool.

  3. This was probably the best video you made since WoT stereotypes… Please continue to do this… With all funny clips and songs…

    P. S. Show us your face.

  4. Nice memes, great content as always Dez.

  5. Great video!

  6. Song @ 7 mins ?

  7. So many old memes that I’d forgot.

  8. You had me at “aint nobody got time fi dat…” 😀

  9. Great Video . You are super callm. I like it ?

  10. I like this format keep it coming 🙂

  11. Really I wish I could pen everyone like you do. unbelieveable

  12. FirestreakRodimusPr

    now these videos are great. all the thumbs up.

  13. Ah Meme’s. Meme’s always make stuff better!
    And damn Dez! Your gonna need some Icy-Hot with all that carrying your doing there.

  14. Faker lost too in league of legends because of song legends never die

  15. Awesome gameplay, awesome memes, awesome tunes, dez you sir are awesome

  16. That editing gave me an orgasm

  17. Damn stepped up dat editing skillz

  18. awesome editing Dez keep it up!

  19. The patton’s turret is too strong

  20. man im really jelly that your on t-55a missions 🙁

  21. man playing tier 10 and fighting tier 8’s most of the time looks really hard, if only i could enjoy that feeling.

  22. You are in a good mood indeed! 😀

  23. this editing level is just so awesome. And what makes it more interesting is all of the jokes fits perfectly..for me at least

  24. Please no Trump bombs, Dez, I was eating my breakfast.

  25. Your editing is beyond hilarious, makes me laugh every time.

  26. I enjoyed the tank memes

  27. I miss this kind of video thanks dez

  28. Nice action vid, thanks Dez.

  29. Loving the memes and editing!!!

  30. I don’t know what it is about you man, I haven’t played WoT in over a year and I still love your vids. Stay awesome my dewd <3

  31. Why so much memes and shit

  32. Dez, can you talk about March Of Nations boycott?

  33. I really despise players who use nothing but gold on their autoloaders it’s annoying op and a plain in everyone’s ass

  34. Love the editing! Hilarious and fun to watch

  35. one of your best work so far keep up the good work dez

  36. Boy, I just love how you do those videos. You’re the best !

  37. Best video by far in terms of extras, sounds, memes etc. keep them coming like this please dez 🙂

  38. Legends never die. DezGamez, you are a legend.

  39. No clickbait
    No BS
    Just pure talent…well done Dez

  40. Jens Kristian Jensen

    Just looks so effortless when you do this. Average Joes like me expects applause for 5k dmg, but you do it every time…

  41. Some of the best/funniest vids I watched lately. Good job!

  42. Dezgressive :))

  43. The windows log-off sound had me genuinely laugh out loud.

  44. Harold Vrix Briones


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