► Massive British Turret Buff – 9.20 British Mediums – World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update

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Source: DezGamez

Preview, UK/ Medium Tank Rebalance/Rework. Gameplay .

In todayÙs : News episode I am going to cover some changes to the British medium tanks. It well know, that British tanks do not have to best turrets in this game, so Wargaming decided to tune them a little bitæ But I do not know guys, I think they over did it once again, specially on that tier premium medium tank Ü″…

What do you think?

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  1. “They need a turret buff to remain competitive compared to the other mediums” Meanwhile the German mediums are crying in the distance with their piss-poor turrets and hidden stats.

  2. The British mediums needed a buff but why do all high tier mediums minus the leopard 1 now need thick turret armor? This streamlined play style for all mediums is just dumb. Different nations need to have different tanks

  3. Nice, my Centurion has been collecting dust since long ago because of that sad turret armor
    Oh and other than Russian tanks getting buff? It’s Christmas in WG!!!

  4. evemitchellanderson

    I like this change

  5. Centurion ax and Caernarvor have same turret, and Caernarvor gets this buff (sorry for my english)

  6. yay!! about time!

  7. Can someone please tell when will 9.20 common test server open?

  8. Soooo…. New Chrysler basically?

  9. We want swedish artys! 😀

    Swedish national anthem :P:

    Du gamla, Du fria, Du fjällhöga nord
    Du tysta, Du glädjerika sköna!
    Jag hälsar Dig, vänaste land uppå jord,
    Din sol, Din himmel, Dina ängder gröna.

    Du tronar på minnen från fornstora da’r,
    då ärat Ditt namn flög över jorden.
    Jag vet att Du är och Du blir vad Du var.
    Ja, jag vill leva jag vill dö i Norden.

    Can Estonia into nordic? 😀

  10. What about leopar1 and type 61 no turret buff? Did the war gaming are stupid enough to forgot those tanks or I just asking too much?

  11. Why don’t they just remove the premium ammo and charge everyone real money for each shell? That’s clearly what they want and it would be far easier AND faster, or they could just force you to buy a subscription to play. Do it for Warships as well, just to maximize returns 😉

    Seriously WG, we get that you’re greedy, but there’s more efficient ways to go about it rather than painstakingly buffing EVERY tank in the game. Doing it little by little, hoping we don’t notice, is just weaselly and slimy. It makes you seem petty and small, almost like you’re hesitating, like somewhere deep down you think what you’re doing is wrong, but we both know that ain’t true, right?

    I say go BIG – after making WoT and WoWs subscription-only, bring-back the old WT E100, the one with the six-shell clip, as a new, premium tier 10 and sell it for 1000$ (or 1200$ for the premium bundle). Trust me, you’ll have LOTS of takers and it’s WAY more efficient that nickel and diming us for every APCR round. Oh, and charge us a fee every time we want to unlock a new tank, just bury some nonsense justification somewhere in the user agreement, no one reads those, anyway 😉

  12. 임 여덟 글자 내 닉네

    ok another op premium tank has appeared good job pay to win wargaming

  13. FV4202 buffs are overkill, but the Centurions need this badly. They’re fat, poorly armored, full of ammo racks, and in the case of the Mk. 1 and 7/1, their DPM and gun handling are a laughingstock. Besides, their one advantage (high stock pen) is rendered irrelevant if any of their peers are willing to run code 22. The AX on the other hand may finally get ordinary performance for its tier, but if the Patton gets turret buffs, then the AX loses its one niche.

    As for the argument that armor is cancer and that more premium ammo will be needed, the funny thing is that I’d actually agree in most cases. Because in most cases, armor only exists to let stupid players get away with using bad positions. And to be perfectly clear, something like the M46 does not need excessive turret armor to be viable. I’m only making an exception for the Centurions because proper hull-down is their shtick and because they’re just so badly disadvantaged otherwise.

  14. TheMightyBoxTank

    I feel like super Pershing needs a small buff

  15. TheMightyBoxTank

    Also FV 4202 is going to be OP

  16. No mention of the changes in the test notes. Looks like it might happen next patch.

  17. The more I see where WG is going with WoT recently, the happier I’m I stopped playing after they fucked over my beloved light tanks.

  18. that moment when you said it has good guns and missed 2 shot in a row… RNG really hate us eh?

  19. WoT + update 9.20 = more cash for WG
    many will buy FV4202 after the update 9.20

  20. So… Whats the point of a T-54 Mod 1 now? It was the tier 8 armored medium. Now its the FV and furthermore, FV has an amazing gun compared to the T-54 Mod 1s 100mm which is just lackluster to say the least

  21. lol fv4202 has better upper plate armor than t34 and turret armor. Wtf

  22. So now the British mediums are just gonna be a faster version of the American mediums. :/

  23. Great news, very happy with the buffs. Thanks Dez

  24. If they buff the Cent AX turret doesn’t that mean they are inadvertently buffing the Caernarvon?! They use the exact same turret. That would actually be pretty sweet. That tank is downright horrible!

  25. Wg is overbuffing this tier 8 240-270 really Wg

  26. Jakob Christensen

    At least they didn’t mess with the weakpoints in these buffs like they do with the french TD buffs.

    In my honest opinion, this game is rapidly getting increasingly boring.

  27. I feel sad for the centurion mk1

  28. Haven’t played those British mediums myself, but the buffs to the armor are really massive just by looking at the numbers. Especially buffing the prem tank is a little too much. Gotta get me one FV4202 ?

  29. Well let’s load even more *premium ammo* now. Almost every buff is an armor buff… FV4202 with 230mm hull? For real?
    *Edit: 223mm hull*

  30. Thank god, I completely gave up on my British tank line because they are so bloody awful.
    They need to rework the whole tree though.

  31. FV4202 made non-historical again. How terrible.

  32. Lol…. Now i feel emil 1 will be useless vs british mediums…

  33. Eventually all the Tier X tanks will have 300mm of armour so that we need a 2nd style of premium ammo called “Super Premium Ammo” which is twice the price.


  34. The mighty Grey Knight

    wtf are these wg noobs doing???
    buffing half tank until they are OP and let the rest getting even worse??

    what’s about giving leo1 250mm in the front cause it does not bounce… but nl wait it s one of the tanks wg dont like and will not buff cause they shall get worse… great idea… and leos softstats are all crap thats what s fucking up the Tank… whats about improving them???

    wait for 9.20.1 when all the ‘over buffs’ been taken back

  35. Wargaming is master of making super OP premium tanks. I think that the buff on fv 4202 id ridiculously OP gg wargaming make some more Op tanks and keep making game to be pay to win

  36. buff all tanks , all load gold for W.O.T.

  37. Stopped playing this game regularly a couple of months ago, it is pay to win and the balance means players use premium ammo as much as they can afford. Gone back to playing mech warrior online, FTP and not pay to win, and the balance is pretty good.

  38. German medium tenk, who give any F

  39. 240 mm on a medium t8 is better than the cavernavron wtf wg!
    On top of that the tank stay mobile! Premium become completely OP and wot is becoming a pay to win whyle it s already a pay to progress

  40. First Name Surname

    fuck yeah finally!

  41. Its unplayable tobplay fv402 how ist ist now

  42. Heinrich Kriener

    FV4202 has now better effective armor than some of the heavy tanks like VK 45.02 A. That’s not how a medium tank should be.

    Also, VK45.02A could need a better gun. It has some real problems to pen it’s own frontal armor

  43. if a new player will come to world of tanks and ask me for tips where shall he go i will tell them this.
    Only light or medium tanks, and fuck the rest because wg only working premium tanks and light and medium tanks who can sonic 80kmh with 400+ effective armor.
    rip jageros

  44. So can the Caernarvon get its beautiful turret back now?

  45. who else thinks that WG is killing their game?

  46. Waht the hell are they doing? Buffing everything? Seems to me like total nonsense. With my RNG I will need to resset my acc or stop playing. All your “leaked infos” are total disaster for me cause Im not gona be able to pen anything. Im now in nice RNG trap. I stoped aiming cause it is totaly worthles and does no matter what tank I am trying, I simply cant hit place which I am aiming at. And there is no difference wether I am 20 or 200 metters from my targets. So now with almost all tanks buffed? GG and RIP WOT for me… Tell them to do one and only buff – delete that supid RNG!!! Lets see how good are players and not some stupid automatic shell didtribution…

  47. Dez, if you use HEAT on a Cen. 7/1 using 10 degrees of gun depression and (depending on the gun depression used) an AX it will go through and the 7/1s sloped turret roof only works with about 8-10 degrees of gun depression. however, this does seem a little too much, mainly for the AX

  48. idimis the Swager

    well now meds are going to have better armour and speed than heavy tanks, noice!

  49. great now i actually have to aim properly at brittish meds

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