► MAUS – #1 HIGHEST DAMAGE MAUS BATTLE! – World of Tanks Maus Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

, Epic Battle. Best Replays. – Tier 10 .

What do you say, if we start off this week with something amazing? How does “The highest damage battle ever with Maus” sounds? I believe it sounds pretty sexy.
So let’s take a look how “NADEKO” was able to get such a crazy score with tier 10 German Legend – The Mighty “Maus” itself!


Player: NADEKO

Music used:
Poison Rain (Instrumental Version) – Suffer City


  1. The first dez video of the week. It’s like getting your first cup of coffee in the morning.
    Always the best!!!

  2. Why not get rid of the game all together , i don’t agree . the Maus is finaly great now . its a maus for gods sake .those pro players arent that pro if they say its op , if those pro players are realy pro then rhey will find a way to kill it .stop nerving good tanks .
    sorry ship but that had to go of my chest

  3. “R.U. Kidding Me 251” ??

  4. Less triggered by premium rounds and more by one of the most heavily armoured tanks in the game losing 700+ hp in the first two damaging shots received whilst angled at around 150degrees to the incoming round. Derp HE guns require skill, right?

  5. BleedForTheWorld

    I love this channel. I don’t play this game a lot anymore but it’s so good to see some excellent videos here. Please keep doing super good videos <3

  6. wargamming dont nerf maus it is good as it is ,its not overpowered

  7. I love starting Monday with a video from Dez. He and Jingles are the only thing that help get me started on the week!

  8. i honestly don’t think the maus is op. this tank is perfect the way it is, well i mean, it’s insane but think about it. only two of these guys were made and only one had a turret. this tank is true steel heavy german tank. it derserves the power that it has knowing the fact that no other super heavy tank was manufactured while dealing with a world war. let the damn 188 ton beast be the king!!! hope dez reads this 🙂

  9. funny I saw this vid yesterday put out by WoT replay channel- although no great commentary to go with it!

  10. No wonder why he’s gold spamming….he’s from BULBA

  11. ._. wish they buff the IS7 getting my ass kicked by type 5 heavy all the time

  12. so pay to win, gold rounds auto pen ..nothing special here if your top tier and your flinging gold when most are not. Really. Even more reason not to play wot,

  13. I hate to hear idiots like you calling for nerfs. You whine and cry and then say you have never had any problem with fighting against Maus. Quit sucking up to your buddies you talk about. If you want to get rid of something get rid of artillery. It is a totally different game than the tank game. It can not be “fixed”. Instead fools like you will whine and cry against something you admit there is no problem with. Idiot.

  14. Pro players complain that maus breaks meta and should be nerfed,but ignore that 140 or t62a are overpowered for a 3 years now and nobody is saying shit.Statpadder assholes.

  15. I really want to sell my is7 now..

  16. pffff premium shells are for noobs
    still, good aiming

  17. Roberts safonovs

    Maus is the new T110e5

  18. Really wg just buffed all aspects from the maus, is an obius op tank, in comparison, the e5 was a just a regular tank and the is7 is a $hit

  19. Cancer Type 5 Heavy. Side Scraping MAUS = 400 shot, aiming? Is that something for eating?

  20. only 10k loss.. whatttt

  21. This is the Highest number of “Highest” word I ever heard on a you tube video.

  22. I like the new intro approach

  23. At about 8:00, was this game played by me? I jam the sniper view key without mercy when I’m playing. my pinky needs something to do! it’s such a useless finger!
    The only thing pinky fingers are good at, is picking deep inside your nose.

  24. Who is this (Drawing for animation kids) spamming Youtube everytime I type in your name,  I mean I found you on the 4th page

  25. Highest damage game for this tank ever! Credits earned, -10,000 LUL

  26. Dez, I have to agree with you on the terms of overbuffing the gun. Now, you can just drive around all day without any real problem on hitting weakspots even on medium range. The armor buff of the turret was needed though.
    On the other hand, I do not understand why they nerfed the cupola of the T110E5 into oblivion in the same patch.
    But hey, wenn the new superfast Tier10 medium tanks arrive, not much else will be played anyway in Tier10. In the last months WG isn’t known for it’s well calculated decisions…

  27. lol at the gold spam

  28. He’s in Bulba? His angling and positioning was trash tier though

  29. Waffy The Clickbait

    All I see in the comment section are Mighty Maus drivers and Soviet Med Drivers, who’s gonna win, anyone placing any bets? Anyone?

  30. WG how about you nerf fucking Skoda T50 and TVP 50/51 first? You remember? Those to broken as fuck tanks that are still the same as they day they were introduced an are breaking every other T9/10 mediums?

  31. Maus isn’t over buffed, it’s damn slow and it’s so easy to get around one. People are just stupid.

  32. Andreas Tavantzopoulos

    I think Mause is ok as it is now and they must not nerf it .( i dont have mause but i may go to unlock it but only if it is as it is now ). Before the latest patch i was ignoring mause when i found it at the battle cause it had poor characteristics on gun handling and DPM so i focused on other targets easier to kill and easier to shot back me. It was really bad to have a tank with 3k HP and ignoring u just to kill u last. That made mause before useless in a battle thats why good ppls never played it before and now they all play it. PLZ dont f mausae mause must be MAUSE.

  33. The Maus spent many years being under powered. I do not own a Maus, but I dont have a problem killing them still……..

  34. Hello. What crosshair is that?????

  35. This game is day by day more pay to win, i whant see this guy make the same damage if only use no gold amo.
    Nice vid Dez 🙂

  36. It’s completely broken and OP, that much DPM, armour and HP was stupid. Needs to go back to what it was, nerf the turret back, nerf the HP back, nerf the gun handling and leave the DPM, then it would be balanced.

  37. And WG nerfed the E5? lol They need to think about what they are doing before they do i… Seriously!

  38. I just wish WG would stop treating the live server as a test server.

  39. “Maus” must be buffed …. i gues Maus is a little bit to slow, 40 km/h would be better — ha ha ha

  40. It took WG 1 year to rebalance E5! Maus wan´t be buffed soon I think! Nice game and nice vid!

  41. Maus is still big box of scrap metal for nise dmg grind when u come in front of one, just now u actualy can play with him and shoot something.

  42. All Maus players are spammimg APCR and the guys eho say their Maus is not OP can’t angle the turret, because if you angle the turret, nothing can pen you. They should have buffed the gun only or the armor only.

  43. Maus should be well armored but that DMP increase is a bit 2 much.

  44. I personally do not have extreme difficulty dealing with Maus tanks in my Type 5. Just a little angling and you can bounce its gold. Meanwhile the derp gun of Type 5 can make the armor of the Maus useless with shots into the mantlet doing 300-400 with standard HE.

    Maus is easy to kill in Type 5. Especially if Maus isn’t gold spamming. At that point, it has virtually no chance of winning.

  45. Why nerf?! This tank is so fuckibg big and every arty will fuck you. On a open map it is a bad tank. Maus is big and slowly…so it needs good armor. Fu wargaming if you nerf again a buffed tank after nerfing after buffing etc…. thats shit! Pls stop it!

  46. Well Dez, that was truly awesome display by Bulba. I’ve learned to stop trying to figure out why WOT does anything to this game after 5 yrs of nerf’s & buff’s that truly don’t make sense. What I have noticed is If a tank was the best in it’s time, WOT has made them the worst in the game. So really what’s the historical value? None, and as soon as the upper experience world lleague players complain too much they will adjust again! But, really what needs to be nerfed is the entire Russian line.

  47. that explains the excessive use of APCR it’s a bulba Faget

  48. yeah maus finally is playable and this guys make videos complaining about it, just cause a guy did more than 10k dmg, good job, nerf coming…
    and what about that “pro players” fuck them who cares about their opinion.
    let Maus in peace

  49. It’s relieving to not see people triggered by the gold spam.

  50. I am a war thunder maus player and have not experienced any of these problems…

    inb4 all the WT hate gets thrown my way…

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