► MAUS – The King Is Back, 9.17.1 Buffs! – World of Tanks Maus Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay and Review. World of Tanks Patch 9.17.1 Update. World of Tanks Maus – Tier 10 German Heavy Tank.

List of all World of Tanks Patch 9.17.1 Update Test Server changes:

Back with another video from 9.17.1 test server, because once again, it is going to be a huge patch!
Today, I can say that The King is back, Maus is going to be buffed a lot in the next 9.17.1 patch. Maus is getting more hitpoints, more armor and firepower is also going to be buffed through the roof! If you enjoyed playing with Maus already, then you are going to love it after patch 9.17.1.

Your thoughts?


Music used:
Royal Estate 4 – Johannes Bornlöf


  1. The thing Dezgamez did wrong was to shoot the maus tracks. It has much more
    armor and spaced armor that counts up. Would have easily penned the side of
    the turret!

  2. Anyone else taking bets on how many teamkillers there will be before
    watching a test server game?

  3. Haha if you ever need a 5 min awesome gameplay demo , i got one with M4
    Sherman 12,3k WN8 xD

  4. You know its a Dez replay when there is a fucking advert right in the
    middle of it….

  5. FINALLY!!!


  7. I like what they are doing atm. Finally armor has some use (in skilled
    players’ hands).

  8. shit is7 should got buff too

  9. Dez your replay website is down and I have a beast E50 test server replay
    with 8.8 improved gun to upload :/ and 3 RAM kills :)

  10. Why is test server soooo bad, l’ve never been on it. But these uploads
    remind why l don’t, it’s full of f**king looney’s

  11. Yes. Maus is the King of this game. Maus needs to be strong or else its not
    The Maus…

  12. Wouldn’t Wagner be a better choice for music?

  13. Wish I had worked up that tree rather than the E100

  14. I love the new Maus!

  15. Maus can NOT be the King…
    It’s a female Noun in German!!! Die Maus!!! not Der Maus!!!

  16. Terror or tier ten TOG ?

  17. Anyone noticed increased Health of MAUS???

  18. turret cheeks
    “ARMOR” hahahaha
    xp pinata for me

  19. The king has returned once again.

  20. Why are folks crying about the 3200 health,when a maus gets spotted
    everyone on the map wants to shoot you especially arty,and they use premium
    and gold rounds,the e100 gun is allready bigger then the maus gun, that’s
    what needs an upgrade is the dam gun.

  21. Based on all changes, what are the top 3 Heavy tanks after 9.17.1 ? Also,
    keep in mind with the new changes to arty will be implemented soon. For me
    Maus, Kranvagen, E5 (E5 lost its top rank for me due to its nerfs).

  22. still arty fodder?

  23. Fuckin right she is!!!! Absolute BEAST!! Even on the Test Server where
    everyone and their grandmother shoots premium… she can tank it all. The
    tank is not invincible, but it can do its job as part of a team now. Now
    with the recent HP buff to 3200, this thing will be feared all over again.
    About damn time too! Almost 5 years since she was anything to worry about.

  24. The king is back? was he ever there?

  25. WG is in the business off selling prem accounts and gold rounds… This
    tank just adds to their coffers as that is what is needed to be able to
    afford playing against it. The game seems to be shifting towards heavies
    with that exact purpose in mind. There is nothing more boring than playing
    slow ass heavies, and there is nothing more frustrating than seeing shot
    after shot bounce off of what should be a weak spot. #TardsLookGoodinHeavies

  26. Make the Maus great again!

  27. welp rip the only maus weak spot from the front, the cheeks. I guess if the
    lower plate is flat to you you might pen it

  28. Dez please do a video on how to properly track and damage a vehicle I
    struggle a lot with this


  30. U don’t know how to drive that tank man sorry…

  31. Gawt Tamit!!!! Sexy…..So sexxxxxyyyy!!!!!

  32. Look at the Maus’s survivability xD

  33. Great testament to Germans’ sense of humor considering this was actually
    the tanks name <3

  34. I dindt have problems with MAUS this update ooo next im only going to play

  35. There’s still time for them to add 20mm to hull front for the historical
    value of 220mm that would be spectacular wouldn’t it DezGamez?

  36. I’m not gonna judge man but you’re doing it wrong in the maus with the
    equipment. you might wanna drop the vertical stabilizer and optics for a
    spall liner and vents with all these type 5 heavy drivers that are there
    now consider you’re the favorite snack for arty next to the tog plus the
    death star players firing hesh you’ll need all the protection you’ll need
    for HE considering the maus has more armor than fort Knox now

  37. there were 2 light tanks, compare to the mighty MAUS

  38. I wonder what was going on with the TK’ing from 9:37-10:15? Need to see if
    I can find this replay to download.

  39. Sheethappens23 Gaming Channel

    0:40 bitch please

  40. Object 263 still spanks the Maus’s turret at an angle

  41. Buff the is-4 it needs it 30mm better frontal armor and more dpm to match
    maus devs da fuck

  42. king maus is back hahahaahahahha

  43. I think it’s a nice buff but I think it’s too many buffs, either don’t make
    reload better and add HP or make reload better and leave it at 3k HP.
    The HP upgrade will make Maus too good at fights with the dpm upgrade, Maus
    will not only be able to out dpm other heavies but just be able to charge
    without caution because it will kill every heavy faster than they can kill
    Maus, made more worse with more HP.

  44. but why this plus 200 hp

  45. If you have everything you can have, your reload is 9,5 sec

  46. why does he said word of tanks..?

  47. It looks like they buffed the health too. It now has 3200 instead of 3000

  48. why no subtitle ?

  49. I thinks it is overbuffed a bit, it makes the IS-7 obsolete in the category
    of high alpha, heavily frontally armoured tier 10 heavy tanks. More hit
    points, armour, dpm, gun handling, view range, stronger weak spots etc. The
    only thing the IS-7 has over it is speed.

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