► Merry Snipemas, HO-Ho-ho… – World of Tanks STRV S1 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks STRV S1 Gameplay Review, Battle. World of Tanks STRV S1, Swedish Tank Destroyer.

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I wish you and your family happy holidays and Merry Christmas, if you celebrate it! 🙂 Hopefully everything is okay with you and with your loved ones!
In today’s video tho, I should say Merry Snipemas…


  1. are you not from estonia? rekomend it as a cruise from sweden 2018?

  2. Evaggelos Arvanitis

    Merry Xmas Dez!

  3. Yes Dez you made me laugh when you said the name of the player 😀 but it was close 😉

  4. Merry Christmas Dez?

  5. Merry |Christmas everyone. If you do not celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Merry Christmas anyway.

  6. i bought the s1 yesterday ! it is an amazing tank dude. enjoy ur vids btw greetings from belgium

  7. You have Live Oaks? On console this map and some others were banned for over 1 year..

  8. You speak the Name very good. it means human energy. Thx and Merry Christmas to you and your family DEZ. keep on your a charming dude and its fun to watch. we germans like you spell the words very well

  9. You pronounced it really good for a guy who’s not from Germany, iam from Germany and it means Human_Energy_

  10. Dez his name means ,, human energy”

  11. and merry christmas to all

  12. Just what the game needed – a redline sniper. Shit replay in a shit tank. Happy Christmas TwatGamez.

  13. Merry Christmas Dez, Thanks for the replay and the giveaway. 🙂

  14. Merry Christmas Dez!! And happy holidays to all beasts?

  15. Respect Dez! Merry Christmas and happy new year from Serbia!

  16. Christmas game should always feature the O-HO.

  17. All aboard to the carrying train…. 😉 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

  18. Nice work this year Dez ! Keep on going and thumbs up for the 2018!!! It`s plesure to be here and ty for presenting me to skill4ltu and Claus this year it was funn 🙂

  19. I belive every single player hate to play against tank destroyers from Sweden…
    Reason for that is that they are over powered …
    Best camo in the game very good mobility and in my opinion penetration that should be nerved just balance this tanks after tier 8 and up…
    Reason for that is so those tanks would have to shoot week spots to make damage not just to take shoot and make damage

    • Lucjan Zuchowski yeah sure. Nerf maus as well. Make maus got more weak spot to shoot without using premium ammo. You know how broken these HTs right? Make LT and MT got better armor comparable to maus and maybe that will balance things up.

    • Faisal MaTs first of all if you play this game you should know this tanks camo is broken and before you can get tou it it will kill you twice so at least the penetration should be nerved.
      But I assume you are strv player , sitting all game in one spot somewhere on the red line ???

  20. Happy chrismas to you and your family, Dez my 3 best world of tanks YouTuber after jingles. 7 times santa

  21. Merry Christmas DEZ and a really smart way to make people watch your video again and again lol

  22. I cannot enter reward page, I only play blitz 🙁

  23. Love you Dez! Merrrrrrry Xmas! –greeting from China mainland XD

  24. Well shit i didn’t look at the area code and actually put in my area code

  25. Giveaway page doesn’t work 🙁 cannot enter the “adress” bit

  26. I checked the website…. what should i type in address ASIA server or SG server??

  27. Merry Christmas dez

  28. Merry Dezmass u filthy animals, keep us entertained as always mighty jingles nutz

  29. Merry Christmas Dez 0/

  30. 7 times santa

  31. Merry Christmas DezBeast , keep up the good work !

  32. Merry Christmas you filthy animals

  33. Merry Christmas Dez. Hope you got my gift!

  34. im 14 nad i play with 17 tier 10”s 🙂 100 likes on this coment ill shot out to you 🙂

  35. Better mobility in sage mode than ISU 152 ……shiiittt

  36. Merry Christmas DEZ,i am still here,watching the channel grow!

  37. Welcome to werld of tks fuck off

  38. i started counting from the start before the question came ^^

  39. Merry Christmas all! Achtung Pander!?

  40. santa peeks 8 times in the video and my user name is Headshotsniper_1 Asia server

  41. محمد لدادوة


  42. nice dez its german 😛
    his name means human Energy

  43. Is giveaway only for pc

  44. This Name would mean in English Human_Energy

  45. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas as well Dez. Always a pleasure to watch and hear your comments. Great game play once again. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  46. That ping!

  47. Hey Dez, is it normal not to get any confirmation email regarding the contest?

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