► Money, Money, Money! – Tier 8 Credit Cows! – World of Tanks Premium Tank Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Defender Gameplay . Review. Gameplay Review.

I am celebrating my channelÙs 6th anniversary, so everything -20% at the moment!

Huge thanks to everyone who decided to pick something up!

Money, Money, Money, Moooooneeeeey…. I need credits, once again, and I need them badly. I think I am around 25 million credits short from buying all those tanks that I have researched… 🙂
In today’s episode I am going to play with tier 8 premium tanks, so let’s see how many credits am I able to make in 3 battles!


►Music used:
For the love of money – O’ jays Full Version
Pawn Shop – Andreas Jamsheree
Galantis – No Money (Official Video)
Jessie J – Price Tag ft. B.o.B.
ABBA-Money Money Money Lyrics


  1. Defender = the mother russian bias

  2. hi dezgamez i love your vidios you are the best youtuber i love you 🙂 🙂

  3. CatfoodCZ plays WoT

    It is more effective to play T8 premius on Strongolds with Clan bonuses on. Payouts are about 150K for less than 1K damage. Of course there is a catch. You need to win that battle and your clan have to have financial building maxed out. But still more MONEY for way less time and less stress on random battles 😉

  4. playing for 2 years still i cant buy tier 9

  5. Superior - Clash Royale

    Didn’t expect Shane McMahon’s theme! Nice video Dez!

  6. Am I the only person who had Shane McMahon in their mind at the start of the video?

  7. Wish I had one of the good premium tanks. I have the old shitty ones.

  8. I quit WOT for a bit and stopped watching you but I have no idea why! I came back now and you have better content than most big you tubers (quickybaby, circon and jingles (and I LOVE Jingles so that says a lot) and many Polish you tubers I like to watch too) so really good job mate and good luck in the future 🙂

  9. I like the Obj 252, I chose it over the Defender since I like to choose my cammo! I would not mind having the Defender too though for twice as much 2x…

  10. DeathToAll Live

    “I take it guys, I take it all day everyday!” ~ DezGamez July 8th, 2017

  11. Thanks for the video Dez! Both you and Circon use the Type 59 the most yet we hardly ever get to see why.

  12. its not the 3485m by mistake? right dez?

  13. i must be honest, today the tier 8 battle was very balanced, most tier 8 battles, dont know if its bcz they want to sell more in this event. but i played patriot and it was fine.

  14. Dez you should use 50% credit boosters!

  15. lol, is7. i start like u again dez. if they gonna keep the tier 8 like it was today, you recommendation before couple of monthes to buy the patriot was great.

  16. dez sell your prem consumables for millions!

  17. Shane-O-Mac ftw


  19. Flashback to ksi’S video if ea owner was Black ?

  20. Cristian Ovidiu

    bag pula

  21. Thumping on keys intensifies.

  22. I need some wz120 in my life

  23. Trevor Renkevens

    The T34 is ridiculous on making credits.

  24. One of the best credit farming machines in my garage is the strv s1 if you already going to the strv 103 b you can get very fast credits with it

  25. yeah its much easier when the other team is much weaker stat wise ay dez

  26. type 59 there team once again good fight but they were way weaker stat wise

  27. hi eveyone.. just a quick question.. as you can see from his tank, most of them are without crew.. I know he place those crew in premium tank to grind the skill level.. but did he has the same crew for every tank (same tier same type) or he has different crew for those individual tank that he kept? If not wouldn’t there a penalty from 100% to 90% when he switch crew to different tank? A lot of ppl account are like that as well. if someone could explain to me how this work.. I would really appreciate it.

  28. I really need to win, pls just one tiers 8 tank ! Continue love your gameplay ??

  29. Mystogan .Ravenheart

    I take a shot every time Dez says “actually”

  30. all tanks including the WZ-132 that you didn’t research 😛

  31. Eddie McAllister

    Good luck getting all those creds dez.

  32. lol Dez is slipping in his opinions
    *premium IS-7*

  33. Since I have the Löwe I have no problem with credits…and I have no premium account.

  34. good boomstick! handling Dez

  35. I could have bought the SUPER PERSHING or the AMX CDC I bought the CDC did I make a good desition

  36. next time is the “Millionaire” song 😀

  37. dez you are a silly boy for sitting in front of a Lorraine like that

  38. Do you ever lose dude?

  39. Was going to thumbs up for the Shane O’Mack theme song. Then saw defender. Then saw patriot. Then paused, closed window.

  40. Dez, that was some seal clubbing on that last VK. lol
    Do you ever loose a game btw?

  41. Awesome editing! As always 🙂

  42. Hey Dez, I have a question. Is the T-54 mod. 1 a good tank? Cause I think I might have one soon.

  43. another gr8 vid. but i wanna ask u all guys what are ur thoughts on T-34 premium ? is it worth to buy ?

  44. nice video:) why you did not activate crew training at t26e5?

  45. Defender waaay too OP. :I

  46. Stephen Williams

    Dez me old sausage, THANK you so much for turning me onto Skill4ltu’s twitch channel, my light tank game has boomed. My goal (although a fraction of the master) is to 3rd mark my favourite tank on each tier. So far I’ve done the VK2801, T20 and have today done my HWK 12 (replay uploaded to your site). Also today got my second mark on the T49 with a draw, replay added as well. Today was one of my best scouting days … EVER. 10 great games (9 victories and 1 draw – all uploaded) Tier 8 and 9’s lights rock. Skill4ltu is my guru and inspiration.

  47. Nice musics ?

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