► Most Relaxed 14 Kills, Amazing! – World of Tanks T-54 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay , Epic Battle. World of Tanks Ó Tier 9 Soviet .

It does not happen that often, when you see someone getting 14 kills… And it even more rare to see that happening in tier 8+ games.
Today you are going to see exactly that. Take a look how “Crazyrocco117” is going to carry his team to victory, with 14 kills and he makes it look so easy thanks to perfect positioning and moves throughout the battle!
Good old “T-54”, tier 9 medium tank from Soviet Russia still has it!

Player: Crazyrocco117

Music used:
Not At All – Peter Sandberg



  1. dudeeeeee he could of got all 15 kills if he wanted to take a shot from that WZ lol..but still14 is OP GG WP

  2. You should do a cola with QuickyBaby..!!

  3. there is special reqard system they have to send it to vbr.

  4. Shoulda made a platoon with the T-29 there at the end for even more medals.

  5. Totally agree with you Dez. For very good games should be special credit bonus. Even if you are on losing team, how many times it happens that you carry hard and team of idiots lose the game anyway. I had many games when I played in tier 9 lets say (without premium account) and after great result from me I’m in red with credits ??? and no premium ammo shot. Even if we win there is only few thousand credit on the end of it??

    All good plays should be rewarded no matter on which side you are on, if you don’t play in top tier reward should be bigger then if you are top tier and so on… but WG and fair are not matching, if they would then there would not be OP premium tanks, unlimited gold ammo, +-2 tier MM….

  6. That Comet is the biggest Idiot in the game, camping way behind all game, just moving in late game when it was clear his team would win…

  7. 6,4k is actually not that much dmg for 14 kills?

  8. better reward system needed

  9. seen already at @newmulti2k 🙁

  10. i don’t know if i’m alone to think that but deez have fucking amazing voice xD

  11. Wow! What a battle
    Wow! Comet player what an asshole!

  12. I do not want to turn to the enemy…(the comet)

  13. Seriously, that comet is an example of average WoT player. God Damn It can Wargaming figure some way to clear that toxic player ? no just counting money from Tiger Fanboy

  14. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    And he even packs a small Fire Extinguisher -_- oh why.. in the T54 you could also run a Large Rep Kit cuz with a full 100% Repair Skill Crew i got a 3 Second Track repair :DGame Analysis: Against the Ferdi he could´ve loaded Gold cuz that was the only good armored target left, if he would´ve missed the shot on the cheeck cuz T54 accuracy then the Ferdi would´ve probably killed him, so some luck there^^

  15. Players like the comet are disgrace. Often times I do all the damage and heavy lifting and some guys like this takes my 6th, 8th or 10th kill. Not this time, thankfully.

  16. Maybe a special reward like some special paint/camo for the tank would be awesome.

  17. Abdul Jaffar Samaon

    I saw this replay yesterday, if that 252U was not there this wouldve been a 15 Kill game.. lol…

  18. Good stuff. That should be 250,000 profit @ least. 48k.. Pfft shit. Maybe wg should add cred boost for epic medals. Why not?

  19. You also need some lucky bounces.

  20. self entitled comet

    of course

  21. Comet: Boo hoo that was my kill. What a duche…

  22. thiscouldntblowmore

    this is bad player, 17 HEAT standard load and fucking one star, i use only standard AP and am constatly 80-84,99 % just missing the 2 star.

    TLDR : Fuck this HEAT noob.

  23. Imagine if that shot from the Comet had tracked him and the enemy arty had killed him due to failing gun depression…what a crazy risk to take…

  24. Happy Saint Patrick’s day Dez! Take the weekend off and have some fun! We’ll see you again on Monday!

  25. killstealing

  26. That comet is so stupid, he even want to destroy chanceto get the most rare medal in Wot.

  27. good luck getting 1 kill in pz ll j on console.

  28. he deserves at least a million credits

  29. fuck yeah, you tell it like it is man!!

  30. “You need stars to be aligned”

    welp, that’s another dream gone…

  31. lol that Comet??

  32. Comet looooseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

  33. Great game… he used his ammo perfectly… didn’t spam gold like that Maus game

  34. Comet is a retarded.

  35. This Comet was the dick.

  36. It really amazes me that there are people as stupid and ungrateful as that Comet was.

  37. 14 kills is worth at least a million credits if you think about it. How often do you get one? Never

  38. Seal clubbing at tier 9?

  39. Respect. No gold spam. Just beautiful.

  40. Great game, rocco!
    Dez, I love it when you call out less-than-positive behavior. Selfishly giving people their 15 minutes of fame. (May it never be me.)

  41. I am sorry, but your voice commentary is really horrible. not trying to hate, just didnt enjoy it.

  42. That comet player is a cock

  43. You use aim bot, it can be seen through a tube that vibrates. Charlatan !!!!

  44. how about this, epic medal = free repair.

  45. Nice medal, great game Crazyrocco117

  46. Laurynas Stramkauskas

    dick comet

  47. Every dog has his day

  48. That comet is a glue eating fuck

  49. 50k credits wow thats epic reward XD

  50. That Was an epic game for sure Dez!!! To get one of these games I think you need subpar team and subpar enemy team, but you MUST be top tier and a fast medium tank helps for sure , and a lot of luck for all this to come together.

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