► Most Ridiculous Type 5 Heavy Battle – From Zero To Hero! – World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Heavy Gameplay and Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Patch 9.17.1 Update. World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy, Tier Japanese Heavy Tanks.

I had other plans today, wanted to make RNGesus episode to you, but as soon as I opened my mailbox, I saw at least 3 different e-mails, where you guys said I have to check out this battle… “Look what they did to Heavy!”

So I did and yes, this is freaking crazy how strong this tank is in this kind of matchmaking. :O

Music used:

“Ehrling – Sax Education”
Go check him out! 😉



  1. This is just crazy how devastating and unstoppable this tank can be in matchmaking like this, wow! :S
    I actually had other plans today, but as soon as I saw more than one e-mail about this battle, it had to be done!
    Keep enjoying your weekend, Beasts! 🙂

  2. From test server preview, it was obvious how they fucked up this tank. If Jp E100 struggles to damage this, what hope others have, at least from front.

  3. Well done WG, well done. (slow clap)

  4. With a fucking OP tank, not a fucking suprise

  5. players will be forced to use more gold and at the end only prem ammo will be used. Normal ammo will end up trush and only who can afford will enjoy the game

  6. Why don’t they buff the Jg. Pz IV or something?

  7. Games like taht will be common, imagine trying to get marks with it..

  8. Too bad it was the old gun so you couldn’t say from zero to HEro 🙂

    By the way, good video as usual but imo the music is a bit too loud. When you have such varying music with some intricate parts it really takes away a lot from your commentary. Either some more “relaxing” music or no music would be better in my opinion.

  9. Patch 9.17.1 still isn’t live on SEA-and its the 26th here.

  10. suomi mainittu 😀 toril tavataa 😀

  11. so they make this thing a monster but they nerf the E5 because it was a monster? GG WG solve the “problem” while creating the same “problem”.

  12. jesus herbert Christ this battle man this battle simply no words

  13. soooo the type 5 H is basically a moving artillery fortress?

  14. How do u get that recticle


    This is what we have needed for some time. A tank immune to gold. Gold is an ever spreading cancer. Sure, from the Front, the Type 5 is amazing and should be how it is…I would quite happily see some mobility and side/rear armour nerfs, but the front stays as it is.

    For those of you who complain about this being “too op”, learn to play strengths and weaknesses as opposed to just tapping the 2 key and firing away. That takes real skill to do that.

  16. I don’t understand why it’s special that he’s using the none-derp gun, using it is the same as having an option on the O-I to use a more accurate 16 sec reload 175 pen gun with 490 alpha. That’s how terrible the derp gun on the Type 4 – 5s are compared..

  17. The Jg E 100 was a retard though, we can all agree

  18. hey dezgamez do u happen to have the type 59?I like watching that thing in game when I see them

  19. enemies are dumb, ‘no cap kill all’ mindset, if they had capped they would have forced the type 5 out of his comfort zone. it is so slow I’m sure he can get flanked.

  20. Always said Maus(with all that hitpoint) didn’t need the armour buff on top of gun/speed buff, and that Type 5 also doesn’t need both gun AND armour buff.

    But WG gotta cater to braindeads who expect superheavies to be invincible instead of out-play enemies with superior hitpoints, alpha damage, and proper angling.

  21. This tank line is designed with scrubs in mind

  22. This tank is the biggest pain, or the biggest xp pinata I have faced, based on the tank you’re driving. Most tanks just have to load gold for the frontal plate or die, as flanking isn’t the easiest thing early on.

    On the other hand, if one makes a mistake or is caught alone, and your in a low to the ground tank with good roof armor this thing gets eaten alive. T54 Lws with better drivers then me can solo them out, even if they make it to a wall.

  23. I’m doing good and making ridiculous game with the post-buff type 5. Only problem I see was Gold rounds. They should have nerfed gold instead doing this ridiculous buff. Now it’s an all round best tank.

    And oh lol wallet warrior, 252U.

  24. It is not that hard while facing this stupid no brain JP E100 player.
    Any one can do that who is really know how to play

  25. It’s not gonna be happen in China service

  26. Dude what the fuck is with the camera? It’s almost unwatchable with the incessant twitching. And well over half of the match is under T10, of course the Type 5 will roflstomp. First episode I can say I actually didn’t like from Dez.

  27. still weak on sides and back slow weak to arty is okay the way it is heavy tanks need to have strong frontal armor the type 5 is a tank that if you are noob you cant kill arty or fast tanks can kill it

  28. flank it and it’s dead.

    you should show an other replay where not a full orange team plays against it.

    you will be amazed how fast it goes down.

  29. side info: that snakeguyfin was from RSOP that is finlands best clan. Used to do well in global too

  30. Just look at that Obj. 252U. After he killed himself, he is blaming others for camping. 😀

  31. Type 5 heavy is actually a in-game landkreuzer p. 1000 ratte

  32. This is just crap…most of these fake jap tanks never even existed, but yet they make them some of the toughest in the game…

  33. Jesper Askov Møller Petersen

    What is WOT thinking? What kind of balance strategy is this: nerf E5 and such buff to type5? WOT have lost themselves to nobrains…

  34. Actually, id stick with the old 14cm gun. The derp gun is unreliable in both alpha and accuracy. Plus, the shells are not guided by the hands of Stalin, unlike on Soviet vehicles. (Especially on the KV-2)

  35. I never knew the lake was that deep. LOL

  36. The comments are filled with people asking to nerf this tank. Let’s get something straight. If you give an awesome tank to lousy players, the outcome is no different because they don’t know how to use it. This guy in the replay has 2 MARKS OF EXCELLENCE which indicate that he got them BEFORE the buff. And to add to that, he’s using the 14cm gun, not the derp. And you people bitching about it being OP because a good player knows how to use it. Typical lemmings

  37. 252 player totally earned his 0dmg loser victory while giving up on his team.

  38. Yet they nerfed the T110E5????

  39. Przemysław Grochowski

    And i think he was using aimbot, look at the aim its snapping to weakspots too early.

  40. BioForce Entertainment

    The red team should have capped and forced him to get off from that place… D:

  41. I think It will be the same story like we saw with e5. Lets buff it to make everybody grind for and than nerf it because its kind op.

  42. there you can see how wot works… great battle without premium 20k with premium 60k you only make money with tier 10 buying premium and playing fantastic rounds

  43. WG really dont make any sense sometimes. Why the heck are they Nerfing the E5 and buffing the Type 5 Heavy!!! I mean i understand that no one plays the Japanese HT’s so they need a little buff, but not to this extent!!!! Its crazy, in patch 9.17.1 the Type 5 will be completely OP!!!!! And the E5 will be far worse!! The E5 isnt even OP in its current state. Oh and they also had to introduce the Swedish Emil tanks, which are completely OP in certain situations.

  44. i am from finland

  45. World of Kaijus and Jeagers… Arise my comrade it time for us to rule the world…

  46. Wtf i cant can watch this video with this fucking zoom in and zoom out of this replay. He fucking zoom in and out all 2 sec wtf no thats shit

  47. even jgpz e100 is bouncing the front armor… hooray

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