► Mr. DERPY TROLL Adventures… What? – World of Tanks Live Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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Huge thanks to everyone who decided to pick something up!

In today’s “You Vote, I Play” mini-series you are going to see all kind of different tanks… Starting from top tier and ending up with low tier derp , that for some decided to work like a god! :O



  1. So… Bigger accuracy numbers are better, right? 😛
    And more you aim = more you miss?

    Did I get it right?

  2. you should be firing HEAT my dude

  3. Gislaine Oliveira

    the 140 did that because he had the same MM ithat i unfortunatly always have, like 6-8 consecutive pure moronic teams

  4. Christoffer Daging

    All report IS4. Teamkill in the tvp battle xd

  5. tell ya what it was good fight but the other team were weak statistically ay good fight tho

  6. i have sav m/43 and it has -14 gun depresion

  7. federico cogoli

    Wg completely fucked up the AMX elc. Another peculiar, genuinely FUN to play tank gone. Now it’s just a generic, non historical (fully rotating turret) tank, which gets rekt by things like chaffees in every single stat.
    Elc is the reason why I started playing wot, and is the reason why I dont play this game anymore

  8. DezGamez where are you from?

  9. Hey Dez, I kept the TD 🙂 I found it as much fun as the Hetzer (kept that too) Now you hit on its strength at the end, its a snap-shooter (aiming is for noobs) …lol I run coated optics and only have BIA on the crew, runs as awesome fun

  10. Wie immer ein schönes Video (great Video like always) hello from Austria

  11. Andrea Battistel

    13.26 haha hahah
    Omg little bastardo hahahaha

  12. Alvaro Callejas

    haha, bastarrdo, could you try to say more words in spanish next time? Me gusta

  13. 0:03
    -dezgamez 2017

  14. the TVP’s crew not getting all exp box not checked 🙂

  15. another masterpiece brought to us by the beast man himself, awesome video man, keep it up! always nothing but epicness. you rock

  16. the changes to the elc killed it for me

  17. Dez you need to get your hands on the : T-24-85M tier 6 medium Beast !

  18. 90mm is best, even with the loading time.
    – imho

  19. for sav m/43 dez, its not about the good crew, its about the derp gun, the worst derp gun among tier 4 td, 3 sec aiming with bad accuracy compare to its counter part and the best thing is 370 average alpha rather than 410 on other tier 4 td’s derp gun, the only thing that the sav m/43 is good on are speed (forward and backward, the traverse speed make my cousin cried), size and gun depression

  20. Wow Dez… the Derp Troll has blessed you in that match!

    My shells missed 90% of the time and when they did hit, they didn’t deal that much damage. ):

    Awesome video as usual. =D

  21. This Obj.140 press 3x key “R” and go on Facebook 😀

  22. 5:42No victory girls? 🙁

  23. I havent played WOT for a while. Now Amx elc can turn the turret completely????

  24. Stathis Papadopoulos

    I fucking had 1100 battles i the elc and was my favourite tank but i didnt even notice it has a turret now 🙂 (because i dont play it anymore).
    Although i would rather have the old elc at tier 6 🙁 What do you think dez?

  25. Ah. Once again your loyal fans have tried to troll you only for you to come out on top with flying Colors! I guess this means you trolled them 😛

  26. WG, everytime they do something, they just overdo it……

  27. ya you got 2 teams that wiped out the others and they need to start using WN8 to make a more average team base to even the teams out or something cause there is a lot of them kind of games(wipe out) and that really is just embarrassing to the team that gets a total destroyed team with 1 or 0 kills its so stupid cause they usually put like a few unicums and a few snowflakes on a team against yellow and orange and red players so hows that fair? You get people that have skill against noobs…… stupid

  28. ELC AMX didnt have turning turret, right? 🙂 is it more OP now?

  29. I don’t understand why it is so incredibly common for the southern team on Murovanka to just ignore the forest/East and let themselves be surrounded. 2 of 3, maybe 3 of 4 teams I see on that map do that. I just don’t get it.

  30. Hi Dez, i have for you challange, try to say škoda, no skouda but say it on video with š, you can help you with translator, try to say like we are ?

  31. Frederick Burkert

    Maybe the older elc could become premium tank?

  32. When does a ‘gun’ become a ‘boomstick’?

  33. 16:34 #trekt

  34. StefannoTheConqueror

    you can the the arc of the gun to shoot over ridge lines when you dont directly see him , so you can just aim at him in third person

  35. Michaël Gouman

    You should take the topgun for Elc, the one that gets 240 per shot. I got 2 Marks with it and going to that 3rd Mark already.

  36. I live to find games that you play. Are these guys in your group? Where ever at tier 10 do you find such noob opposite teams? Are you setting these games up? I have never seen so many unbelievable stupid teams on the opposite side that just allow you to kill them game after game…you are truly awesome

  37. the old elc was much better

  38. Dez admit it … it was a fake laugh after killing that T67 :p


    do a face reveal PLEASEEEE

  40. Degetel Simteanu

    Or he was disconnected, that shit happened to me a couple of times.

  41. +DezGames You got right. Prob that med killes urself beacouse his team suck arab dicks 🙂

  42. im interested to know wat happened with that 140 :”)

  43. Nicolai Melchior

    WTF? Did they give the elc a new turret?

  44. Nicolai Melchior

    The elc should receive siege mode, so it can rotate its turret, to make it historically accurate

  45. Next vote- Churchill GC, birch gun and crusader with (if it have derp gun) 🙂 😛

  46. What’s with all the Italiano lingo? I like it but you’re Estonian.

  47. Can’t wait to get the 50/51, at the T50 now and it’s an absolute beast.

  48. 14:38 cover your eyes children cruelty to small cute luchs !! off to the salt mines you go DEZ !!.

  49. Double Double 4G

    They nerfed my fav tank – poor ELC 🙁

  50. ELC can now have Vstabs, makes a big difference. It’s still had it’s bollocks chopped off though, damn shame. WG should have just moved it to tier 6 and left it as it was. Both guns work, but both need lots of gold ‘cos you don’t have time to aim for weakspots.

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