► MUST. KILL. DEZ. – My Funniest Battle! – World of Tanks T-100 LT Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

. T-100 , Tier 10 Soviet . World of Tanks Funniest / Luckiest Battle.

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Yeah… Haven’t laughed so much during battle for a very long time… Defo one of my funniest and luckiest battles ever in World of Tanks.



  1. So, wath is uph? All gucci, enjoyed your weekend? 🙂
    And how the hell are you so fast today! :O
    Thank you, Notification squad! 🙂

  2. WG is thinking of renaming the game from World of Tanks to World of Wankers, but it has created some problems since World of Warships has the same acronym.

  3. There is no “I” in team, but there is a “T” in team, and sometimes when you play a light tank your game is SH!T

  4. 801 woooooo

  5. Dez Will you buy the Improved gun rammer when you get enough bonds? Maybe put it on the T67 and make it even MORE op? 😀

  6. Dez remember the garage mod? I still want to see if you can do it while in the air 🙂 or DEEP underwater :O

  7. General Gao's Chicken

    You got outspotted by a tier 9 and a tortoise managed to sneak up on you? Some tough luck there.

  8. General Gao's Chicken

    Just let the tortoise get to the beach so she can lay her eggs and you will be fine.

  9. Great job tracking that 103B for the extra assist damage.

  10. Game can lose but Dez must die lol . No offensive

  11. Ohh! The feels! Its so good to see I’m not the only one who does things like that with UDES, and then begs for help until the end of the game! 😀

  12. Please can we have a guide on doing the missions as in which tanks are best to use ect?
    I am stuck hard on the T55A missions and its doing my fecking head in Dez!

  13. Luv that camo you’re rockin’

  14. You should have saved him man…

  15. Don’t be surprised Dez you are a famous youtuber! :’D

  16. Loved it!

  17. It was like this:
    Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine?
    Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine?


  18. I’m not gonna touch this fucking game anymore until wargaming removes artillery and gold ammo, firstly artillery are just cancer and a total useless and dumb mechanic, secondly i played a bit over the weekend and everyone is just spamming gold ammo at everything: you’re driving a centurion with like 150 mm armour on the upper hull? Doesn’t matter, just spam gold ammo with 300+ pen at it… Like wtf? This game is so fucking bullshit and bad now…

  19. well hello over here! all good is over here, how is it over there? 😀

  20. there was some world of zombies going on there LOL

  21. Dez buddy, kill you…? nah, they just wanted to check out your beautiful camo close up…! Everyone loves you Dez.

  22. You became a wanted criminal

  23. Great video Dez!!! Some real funny game play!! Take care, Vern

  24. 103b is the easiest tank to flip over

  25. of couse need apcr for arty

  26. Champagne comedy! Cheers Dez.

  27. Great tracking shots on the tortoise and M103. Accuracy and clarity of thought under pressure something I need to improve on.

  28. Deztination Dez!
    TDs follies!
    Maaaan… people need to stop doing drugs when playing WoT (at least). ?
    “The Dez syndrom”: people need to kill Dez.

  29. That 103B was epic! Kinda reminds me of my own awesome yolo charge a while back! 😀

  30. typical retarded xvm players, smh tbh

  31. Mr. Dez, which mod are you using that shows you damage done/assisted damage and hit percent? also is it same mod that shows you which tanks were already spotted in name list during battle? i was using Jimbo’s xvm but i haven’t been playing over a year and it is discontinued now.

  32. This players want gives you some love, but your love was bigger 😀

  33. meteor_falling_from_the_sky

    Nice paint. Can you buy it, or did you win that camo?

  34. Blyatski Yato blyat

    Can u pls make “made in Russia” or “made in UdSSR” with KV-2 and, or IS-3 in your Beast mode gear? would be awesome 😀

  35. little cockroatch ha ha ha

  36. I wonder always how he keeps talking trough the entire Video…not even a Second of Silence…feminine Skillz..

  37. Hey dez, play sometime on FV215B Heavy

  38. Send this replay to Jingles. Jingles likes funny

  39. Get fucked, cheese wedge! Couldn’t help but to laugh when I saw that Strv tumble down the hill like an idiot… 😀

  40. like a little cockroach :DDD

  41. Stop saying “all gucci ” is just makes all of us cringe. Good vids.

  42. Gotta love the 65t, Emil, and Cent all camping back at base… priceless.

  43. *Hi Dez, what will be your first improved equipment? and for which tank?*

  44. Russian plot armor medal.

  45. God I WISH I had your luck. Every battle I’ve fought in the last week the whole of the red team seems to be the fucking reincarnation of Erwin Rommel.

  46. Enemy team:This is it, Dez doesnt leave here alive. We. Will . Kill him.

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