► My Best UDES 03 Battle, Extremely Lucky! – World of Tanks UDES 03 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks UDES 03 Gameplay Review, Battle. World of Tanks UDES 03, 8 Swedish Tank Destroyer.

I try to make your hopefully already super awesome weekend better with today’s video. I am going to show you my luckiest, my best battle with 8 Swedish tank destroyer “UDES 03”. To be able to get super good games with high tier Swedish TD’s, you need all the stars to be aligned.. And I was lucky enough to have this situation.



  1. this is how to play udes, actually boring for me 😀 but still good game

  2. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    1:26 You need *special* enemy team lmao

  3. wanna have a challenge ? try using Black prince getting a Ram kill but the high tier must be tier 9

  4. another good game Dez love WOT and you replays Im almost 60 and play but pritty crap

  5. 10:50 i need this mod

  6. Question: when it says Spotted does it mean we spotted enemy tank, and we r hidden? But when our bulb goes off, tht definetly means time to run!

  7. Is this ELC on tier VIII? I need it!

  8. what is your name on world of tank ?

  9. Im glad you’re not using clickbait. Best youtuber!

  10. For the tier 9 and 10 you can bounce almost all tier 9 and 10 med guns and lights

  11. Yayy, my best udes gameplay is better than dez’s! 😀 Woo o/ mission accomplished, I can die in peace 🙂 Shite, just looked it up and it’s only better in damage, I can’t even die in peace… FFS 🙁 😀

  12. lol ive done better then you and im still stock with 19 games played xD (6800 dmg and 3k spotting)

  13. That position was just taht good cuz you had some ppl pushing hard your counters in front of you,

  14. you-got-reported-fam


  15. You uploaded “Hey that’s pretty good.”

  16. The UDES


  18. My ace on my strv 103-0 was basically the same. Same map, same spot a bot more dmg.

  19. Dez, wanted to know if you have tried the new MM and patch on NA server?

  20. Hello Dez, congratz to a really nice game 🙂 I want UDES so much but im still on Ikv 65 II and that is a horrible grind for me

  21. I camped with my Tiger 1 & did 3.5K dmg, forgot how much experience I earned. I have the replay just too lazy to upload it.

  22. Never got to this one, but a couple of odd stories along the way. First the tier 3…kinda looks like a baby ISU…first game, 4 shots, 4 kills. Never played again. Then the tier 4 with the derp…4 shots 4 kills. Never played again. Now I know what you’re thinking…no, I’m a shit player, and the games were ENTIRELY luck.

    I’ve since given up on the game, due more to a limitation of time rather than any anti wargaming stance. But I do remember the tier 4 game was particularly funny, as it transpired I’d fucked up the ammo loadout and all 4 full health kills came from AP rounds.

  23. i played with isu-152 122mm gun and i did around 4000 damage (dont ask me how) 🙂

  24. UDES is better than NUDES.

  25. Do a collab with Shishx_the_Animal please.

  26. Wow that was boring. Should be “How to Camp”

  27. in this map with strv 103-0 I did 6.5k dmg… and forced a draw… win wasn’t possible and I finished my TD-15 for T55A

  28. wath is your best score in tier VIII ?

  29. “Special” Enemy team XD…

  30. here’s Story:
    once i played on this map with my Revalorisé (encounter Battle), i arrived in position (same as you Dez). And after i spotted, got spotted, returned in cover, it was 12:30 on the clock left.
    Then suddenly… own Jg.Pz.E100… killed me. Reasons? Quotation by that guy: “Because you are a piece of Camper-shit”

    After 2 and a half fuckin minutes…

  31. How does overmatching work WG!? I drive my T49 with 152mm gun and i have hit swedish TDs tens of times and NEVER managed to pen! i have never managed to pen any of them tier VIII up.

  32. nice run…

  33. Dez please make another faceoff

  34. This mission is haunting me for the past 6 months. I need a 6k damage and 3 kills combo. Did a 6k damage games a few times, but still missing a 3 kills add on. Gg for you 🙂

  35. Dez, it would be great if you could do a WoT STRATEGY series teaching your viewers sound gameplay. Who knows, maybe it could even help eliminate the dreaded lemming trains. 😉

  36. Nikola Djordjevic

    that was some nice game!!!

  37. the UDES is now called the DUDES…

  38. Hey! Dez armored release a new update 0.19 whit balance 2.0 and game are totally chaing

  39. Udes or Jpanther 2 ?

  40. LoL, those poor two tier VIs…was this 9.18? Cause congrats MM for still being a quality game mechanic.

  41. I unlocked strv 103 b….but no credits to buy

  42. Hi Dez. can you compare in battle view range to the TD´s (USA, Rusian, on the 8 tier like that Udes (ikea)… i thing it is not fair play if TD´s has diferent view range like Udes

  43. desperate black prince..how sad 🙁

  44. Hejty Skočdopole

    Meanwhile… Foch aced it on Ruinberg.

  45. Dez that is the best replay with the Udes i have ever seen! Also, How do you do the cinematics?

  46. Richard Gustafsson

    I’ve been stuck on TD-15 for ages…

  47. Jochem Groenewoud

    i think this is the perfect video name but well played dez

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