► My Coolest Frag Ever – Top Gun Edition! – World of Tanks T49 & FV4202

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T49 Gameplay Review. Review.

Today I bring you my coolest frag ever in World of Tanks, as far as I can remember at least. And it is going be kind of a “Top Gun” special episode from one of my grinding sessions where I was able to get 6 7 top guns in total… Crazy run, but I hope you like the episode! 😉



  1. Notification squad is love, is life! 🙂

  2. How did you not lose any HP when you crashed in the T49 with only 89 HP? Amazing.

  3. Thanks Dez
    That 49 kill , definitely some John Woo ,action there !

  4. 12:10 AT-15 is rushing in! ahahahahaha best joke ever

  5. 360 noscope t49 OFC dez

  6. New oatch update:
    Fv4202 buffs and nerfs:
    Alpha dmg increased from 230 to 280
    Rate of fire decreased from 7.82 rpm to 7.42 rpm
    Penetration increased from 226 mm to 245 mm
    Aiming time decreased from 2.21 sec to 1.9 sec
    Dispersion at 100 m decreased from 0.32 to 0.29
    Shell velocity increased from 1020 m/s to 1350 m/s
    Ammo rack capacity increased from 50 shells to 72 shells.
    Top speed increased from 50 km/h to 62 km/h
    Engine power increased from 650 HP to 810 HP
    Gun depression increased from 10 degrees to 11.5 degrees
    Frontal hull armor increased from 50.8 mm to 102.3 mm
    Turret armor increased from 200 mm to 252 mm
    View range increased from 390 m to 410 m
    Vehicle cost increased from 7.300 gold to 16.400 gold

  7. The one thing I don’t like about the FV4202 is the DPM, the reload just feels far too long, especially since it’s supposed to have the B-type 20-pdr, but it has worse base fire rate than the A-type on the Centurion Mk1, because reasons. Either call it an A-type, like it is, or give it the fire rate fire of the B-type, WG! Graaah!

    And this is actually the second time this week that I’ve seen an American tank break-dance. During Circon’s stream the other day, a Patton Korea nose-dived off the bridge at the south end of the Paris map and did a pirouette, before the entire rest of Circon’s team gunned him down. It was still funny and cool to watch.

  8. I use the derper on my t49

  9. That time when I was grinding out the Conqueror to unlock the FV215b before they remove it I got 2 top gun back to back with that beast. Good times.

    Great battles Dez 🙂

  10. Great kill but let me remind you Dez that you had that AP kill on arty, when you ricocheted off the tank you were aiming at and it goes about 2000 yards behind a corner and kills arty. it is one of the best shots I have ever seen. This t49 kill is top 3 for sure tho

    • Load the Skill rounds

      cattycats4 yes Dez that was possibly the most wtf kill ever that arty ap round kill had me like “ do you even RNG bro?”

  11. Lol “at15 is rushing in” I busted out laughing and woke my wife up on accident when I heard that.

  12. From my old COD days I believe that is a ‘360 180 fakie’

  13. I wish the US light tank tree went like this M41= T7, T49= T8, XM551= T9, M551 SHERIDAN= T10

  14. Wow, we have the same ammo loadout on the T49.

    Also, thanks for using the 90mm

  15. That IS-3’s positioning gave me anxiety. How can someone be so clueless?

  16. LTG please

  17. Let´s call it Freestyle Kill, maybe? …

  18. Tambs ap Dez

  19. My fav tank in whole game is FV215b …and now is removed but i didnt farm to it i maked to Caernarvon ?????

  20. Where are you from Dez? I like your accent

  21. Top gun episode.. top gun logo .. and no Highway to the danger zone snippet?? Wasted opportunity man!!!! 😀 … When is the next Driving with Dez episode coming out?

  22. Ive played thousands of games over the years and I still suck! 🙁

  23. you and Claus should make a Christmas medley of funny stuff , think it would be great ….

  24. Kung fu kill ,Nice

  25. “CHEATER AIMBOT USER” I am used to it with my account 🙂

  26. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Gratz on the epic kill but man does that piss me off when yesterday I slowly and carefully go over a small drop in my CDA and die from full health. Sometimes the physics in this game are dumbfounding.

  27. Didn’t you know? WoT physics are based on TOY tanks 😀 Nah, you’re BEAST!

  28. Even when that T71 reported you WG doesn’t know how to ban….I always team kill only 30 mins ban..

  29. That my friend is called a 360 NoScope

  30. Dez, u know the T49 is made of rubber right? i jumped down from hills many times without taking damage, even jump killed on top of tanks easily 😀


  32. good game play Dez and very entertaining and informative keep up the good work.

  33. When you said “coolest shot ever” I half expected a cliff dive into an ammorack.

  34. 720 no scope mum get the camera just done a cod prestige 9/11 colonel dezgames making his debut as a suicide sniper ???? nice

  35. Dumitru’s medal! Poor nerfed arties with NO viewrange… Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? 😉

  36. Gijs van der Gracht

    Hey Dez. Thanks to you I can unlock 183 in December. Heard it first on this channel. Btw, why not accelerate crew training on your FV4202? 😉

  37. Wow. That T49 game was really nice. You really rolled that arty.

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  39. 360 kick flip 180 no scope head shot ;)))))) GG Dez

  40. Kristoffer Johansson

    I did that killroll in a T28prot, it is on wotreplays 🙂

  41. American suspension is OP @DezGamez if you did that in a ru251 in the same position and same house and everything you would of died, ive fallen off the bridge on Westside in my Sheridan and didnt lose any hp I was at full hp all that happened was my tracks fell off that was it

  42. hi dez, i got 12.5k dmg on test server with fv4005 in new map how can i send u ? or i should ask it first , are u interested ?

  43. Dat T49 frag was awesome. Cudos Dez ?

  44. Nice kill xD

  45. Nice. Love seeing T49 gameplay with the 90mm. Great gun that get overshadowed by the shitty derp.

  46. WG Physics just makes you forget anything you learn at school. Pull off summersault doubletwist Kill like this with 0 dmg taken and then just jump over dune, land both tracks and crash your tank from full HP well… Guess Albert would wonder where we have ended up 😀

  47. Got my epic B oomstick coffee mug!! It’s great ,THANKS!!

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