► My First Ever Premium Tank! – World of Tanks Live Gameplay

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Review. World of Tanks M18 Hellcat Gameplay Review. World of Tanks FV215b 183 Gameplay Review.

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New week, new episodes… Let’s kick off this week with yet another “You Vote, I Play” episode! Once again, featuring really awesome set of tanks, including my very first in this game as well – T14. And well, you know… You can not any better form FV215b 183, right? 😛



  1. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    T-14 was also my very first premium

  2. I can remember that i was grinding the british tank back in 2012. I was totally new in this game. And also dindt know nothing about prems. So i bought AT-15A as my first prem because it looked at that time badass to me XD, also a special place in my heart. Got almost 3k battles with it

  3. bro, maybe you could make video about shell velocity. I`m noob so leading shots with slow velocity shells is big problem 😉 that is reazon I like fast shells. maybe kind of top 10 video, with 10 fastest and 10 slowest shells. and if you do, plz consider to do it for mid tiers not just high tier vehicles. maybe now you have idea for few vids on that subject.
    as always, tnx for reading and see you next time. 😉
    lick for getting that boobs 😛

  4. Can I ask why you don’t use your experience boosters please?

  5. Akluf panther was my first premium I bought……no regrets

  6. garuburn the raging pheonix

    For some reason on my blitz na account my t14 went missing it’s no longer in my garage so wtf wargaming

  7. That first Hellcat game reminds me of 75% of my games. I used to love the T14 but then everyone figured out how to easily kill it. The first FV215b game had 3 guys on enemy team in a platoon all part of same clan who all had zero damage done – that clan must be overrun by bots.

  8. I see those 2 sexy marks on your death star barrel there

  9. I want those (Dez accent) Tds not boobs

  10. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    I really hate that tier6 British spg, Id ram kill it whenever i see one.

  11. ay dez the first battle in 183 good fight mind tho stats were very weak on other side

  12. You’re never safe from Bert the Avenger.

  13. Another great vid DezGamez! My favorite part is the silence starting at 11:06… priceless. I loved that part so much because I can relate to that moment, when even words can’t express how you feel. Once again, great vid, keep it up. But hey, when are we gonna get more vids of Estonia, land of the great DezGamez??!!

  14. I miss Dez saying World of TONKS! Greetz from Sweden 😀

  15. My first premium is type59

  16. My first premium was kv-5, jebany pierdolony bocie XD

  17. Scrolling down for comments goes to e25

  18. Ah, my man Dez.

  19. FV304 is the very reason of arty being called “sky cancer”.

    Death to 304s

  20. The T14 was also my first prenium tank i got it from a halloween event

  21. Toxic top tier E-25 spamming apcr at a tin foil TD… not a surprise.

  22. 16:48 First time I EVER YELLED OUT LOUD on a replay. Nice move.

  23. Bert will always be the most annoying arty of all. Still, it cute af so I guess that makes up for it…

  24. No one is safe from the avenger 😀

  25. It causes me actual physical pain to think about playing my T14. It’s like a brainfreeze, but malicious.

  26. No Quakquak in the tank poll =(

  27. Tier 5 is a very good tier to play with.. The ammo is still quite cheap at that point

  28. And than it was quiet WHAHAHA !!

  29. Boosting, gold spamming douche25

  30. You were not spotted, but he knows you are still in the area. Blind arty fire. A bad mistake there dez.

  31. LOL- “should not be spotted any more”BOOM!

  32. When I was 18 I received my first credit card so I bought my first premium tank, the Super Pershing. Good old times.

  33. The Mighty Trenthan

    I actually like that you say how much damage your shot deals. If I’m watching on my phone it can be hard to see the numbers sometimes so it helps

  34. DG I sold my T14 long time ago so you are not alone making mistakes in this game. ?

  35. Thanks for your funny videos and funny comments 🙂 I like it. GJ dude 🙂

  36. I sold my T28 HTC because i was desperate for credits 🙁

  37. The T14 was my first Orem yank as well almost six years ago!! Back then it was pretty awesome . It was fast and mobile yet jad decent enough armour to be a bit forgiving and iits gun had a great firing rate and decent gun handling stats for a tank back in them days of patch 7.0-7.5 or so..

  38. Dan-Andrei Ungureanu

    am i the only one hearing U-boat I play episode? 🙂

  39. Hellcat is great tank until you try Jackson beast :3

  40. Don’t go rushing out to buy the T14. It used to be good but by today’s standards it sucks.

  41. Loved the salt from the E25.

  42. Man T14 is one of my fav tanks. But omg that dispersion is horrible. Wish for a small buff on it

  43. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    My biggest mistake was selling the M4A3E8 Sherman Fury and now WG dont wanna give me it back ??

  44. I love watching dez plays with tities :p

  45. Harvey idontwanttoshowmylastnamecauseperverts ;-;

    i want to get those boobs

    … i wasn’t able to do that

  46. I think you should ask Claus for how to sip coffee correctly…

  47. my first was the lowe, and no, it was not my first tier 8 unlike what it’s reputation was

  48. I’d never realised the T14 was such a good earner, pretty cheap too

  49. I knew it, that FV304 was going to bomb you. You noob 🙂

  50. FV 215b 183 = KV-2 on Tier X (Shame it’s not as mighty as the KV-2) 🙁 *RASHA*

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