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Source: DezGamez

. Gameplay Review. Jumbo Gameplay Review. World of Tank Live Gameplay.

Let’s continue my yesterday’s episode…
I am extremely happy over my new tier 10… But let’s test all of them out! 😉



  1. Daniel PeNeTrAtOrX

    100mm stats: reload 5.3sec. Dpm 3.622. Aim 1.68. Acc 0.31. 122mm gun kills your porn mobility and you need the 100mm’s epic dpm to compensate your low hp. in a 1on1 you can easy rape most of the tier 8 heavys 🙂 aim on weak spots? Not rly^^ load 330pen heat shells and letm cry

  2. 1080p!!!!

  3. Hey can I play with u on world of tanks

  4. Color saturation hurts my eyes

  5. Hi Dez i have a question… are you ever planning on doing a face reveal or a motovlog?! btw i love your vids bro keep it up <3

  6. 1080 was clearer

  7. It’s not T80Ti, it’s 1080Ti.

  8. henry bob swillikers

    Dez you give me new desire to play my 101 and get the 263.

  9. 1080p looked sharper especially around the text. Question though, why not just upload at 1440p? I’d certainly appreciate the larger size as I’m running 1440 too 🙂

  10. Why not upload the video in native 1440p for those of us with 1440p+ monitors? Google will downgrade it to 1080 for the plebes 😉

  11. I like it. it’s still very small (h.u.d.) but the picture is great! I am watching on a phone though iPhone 7.

  12. Oscar Francisco Torres Scarpellini

    hahaha i really dit not expect that bad joke, good one derz and good video like always.

  13. Turn off the motion blur

  14. hey dez you have to grind for FV4005 Stage II very nice to grind with good tanks and nice guns. You have to play Charioteer once cause i think this tank is the best that you grind at T8 and Challenger and Conway( where i am) are too very good tanks and for me too the best tds Tier for Tier that you can grind

  15. Dez
    I think things look good at 1080. Keep up great the great work

  16. the first game was clearest but 1080p was best

  17. Dez, i’ve been playing wot for 4 months now viii t-44 currently. I gave wt a try for a week now, and i definitely think their aiming mechanics should be adopted since you shoot where you aim. Do yo think wot should change this super rng dependant (in long range sniping situations at least) aiming mechanics or do you think it would be a lacklustre for the average wot player and would render the game boring?

  18. Mencius Madhyanagara

    Mr.Dez, I think you should rescale your UI if it is possible. In 1440p the fonts and the minimap are not mobile-friendly to watch in your standard scale.

  19. So, I am in love with my 13 75, what tanks are similar to it? Any tier.

  20. 1080 recording looks better imo. the 1440 to 1080 one makes all the text really small

  21. 1080p 100% better

  22. TheMightyCongueror

    How are you so good Dez; it’s not fair.

  23. the video looks a lot better, it’s clear and all the text/icon are clear and readable. And you should have sprung for the 1080 ti, just a few hundred dollars more and well worth it.

  24. Hi Dez love the channel 1080p looks best for me

  25. i still use stock turret on jumbo with the derp gun
    more armor for ridge line fighting

  26. Pure 1080p is definitely more crisp than the 1440p downscaled to 1080p. The 1440p downscale had blur on fonts and actually a slight blur on the game parts as well.

  27. Molotov dez plz

  28. Better graphics, now I can see small text too.

  29. i think 1080p recording is better

  30. one of my favorite tanks, had six kills with it last year. tier VI game.

  31. SU-101 is imo way better with the 100mm d54-s, tho of course it’s more gold spam gun but still dpm and aim time makes it actually really good whenever you get to use that dpm.

  32. Dez, how did you changed soviet special christmass camo, I saw when u put that on T62-A. Is this camo changable?

  33. Just a word of advice when playing T-100 LT. Dont take too many AP premium shells because the velocity and the way that the shell travel is very akward for long range anggagements. With the already bad accuracy the AP shell is mostly useless in many situations. Its just something that I learned the hard way. Also, you dont have to aim cuz OP Russian on the move acc and OP Russian power to weight ratio

  34. Boi sherman jumbo is the best
    Edit: wait a second ur using the wrong turret the first turret (if i remember correctly) has 152mm all aroun armor or something like that

  35. Hi Dez, 1080p is better watchable on small devices.

  36. Man you are king

  37. tier V doesn’t face tier III any more….EVER. Tier III has +1 mm.

  38. 1440p downscaled has a tiny gui, but can’t you just scale up the gui?

  39. ernst von Awesome

    Lots of luck with the su101. I only played it with the small gun. The gun handling of the 122mm is just to shitty.

  40. do you know what just happens when the obj 263 become a tier 9 vehicle and you got it in the garage?

  41. Erk dez using second turret on jumbo! Why? The first one has 152.4mm of armor everywhere. Just enjoy bouncing! Don’t use that shitty 70mm thing!

  42. Alunita Inghinala

    I forgot to buy Conway, in all the New Year celebrations, it slipped my mind.

  43. BLUE CAMO? should be spotted 100% of the game!

  44. Yeah,use the 1080p cuz in 1440 the team list and the ammo loadout and some other stuff look a little too small

  45. you use wrong turret on M4A3E2

  46. On su101 I use the other top gun for the insane dpm

  47. Video ti je ok samo si smoran sa ovim reklamama

  48. 1080P quality is much better for us to watch

  49. Everyone plays super aggressive now on swamp. I see a lot of unicums push that position that Dez went to early and park 2 even 3 tanks there daring the other team to poke up and deal with them. Of course the result is that your camping TDs get lots of free shots. When I spawn on that weak side I think I need to figure out some tactics to repel those early aggressive tanks.

  50. I think a lot of Object 263 yolo wagon lovers will be upset. Just tonight the last game I played before watching this video a guy was playing yolo wagon and was happy he got 7500 damage. He really carried our game on Paris map.

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