► MY STUPIDEST MISTAKE EVER! – GRIND TO BULLDOZER WZ-132-1 – World of Tanks WZ-132 Gameplay

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Today I am going to continue my grind towards tier 10 Chinese Bulldozer of a light tank, “WZ-132-1”. This my second episode in this mini-series and you in this episode you are going to see “WZ-132” in action, which tier 8 Chinese light tank.
And I am also going to make my biggest and stupidest mistake I have ever made in this game…



  1. OMG DEZ i nearly chocked when i saw you select the wrong tank ( i saw you click the wrong tank ) because i was eating when i watched this video. I.m sorry but it was funny as hell 🙂 i can.t give you enough likes to show you how funny was this end of the video :))

  2. Mohammad Joniedi

    sorry brother but I laughed so hard….I apologize….. but 120 is an epic tank

  3. feel for you dez.
    but cant you undo things like that now? or is it only when sell things….

  4. I have done this too – not on such a high-tier though! Ouch! The combination of being angry and feeling stupid is quite unpleasant.

  5. Man, that blows.
    Look at it from another angle though and admit the WZ-132 is a fantastic tank to play, so having to spend a tad longer with it isn’t the worst thing in the world. Better than the T-34-2, anyway.

  6. Tsito Payraudeau


  7. you rookie 🙂

  8. Hahahah

  9. lol, noob, reported! :D:D

  10. Feels bad man feels bad

  11. that was extremely hilarous.

  12. Arvin Dave Velasco

    wohooo Grind to 121!!! you almost went Beastmode there Dez =)

  13. I’m dead hahahahaha

  14. My biggest mistake ?

    Not killing every Wargamming employee before they created the game

  15. AT least the 121 is getting a buff right ?

  16. omg dude haha,but not so bad actually,you will love the WZ-120

  17. If u dont plat a battle that tank u can ask Wargaming whatever your server is and ask if u can get a refund on thst tank, bc u didnt mean to research it. Just dont play a battle in jt

  18. ahahaaha that was epic dude but dont worry u just unlock one of the best browler medium

  19. show some replay with new med tank 😛

  20. and silence…….dez I feel for you. I’ve done the same thing before :'(

  21. The silence says it all. It was even better than last time (when your mouse&keyb took a short flight off the desk toward a wall I assume).
    I feel for you 🙂

  22. Yo Dez check out the comment left by @Jay Jay

  23. First World Problems 😛

  24. OMG, I would be sick. Glad to see I’m not the only to make stupid mistakes sometimes 🙂

  25. I was rewatching last 3 mins of video 5times hoping that you ll click upper tank….

  26. Hahaha this was funny as all hell. And as you said, we are nothing but monkeys. We fuck up from time to time. Still funny though! <3

  27. 2 L8, lets grind it again ! 😀

  28. Calm vkl =]]]]ư

  29. Arthur Veningrad

    WZ 120 is great tank, just make it full in upgrade, and show us some good review about this tank, this will be great.

  30. is this reupload?

  31. Takeda Mataroshi

    Feel better dude! I’ll raise a tankard in your honour! Thanks for the vids!

  32. Chiggy Von Richthofen

    That long moment of silence. LMFAO
    What a mistake. XD

  33. window i really like thiv look violation =]

  34. now you can grind to 121 😉

  35. thank you for making me laugh so much. epic facepalm followed by an epic silence of bitterness. lol

  36. Des rip your grinding

  37. well Dez… look at it this way. you now have a Tier IX chinese medium you can buy :/

  38. I haven’t laughed that hard for years!

  39. Well shit. Dez if you make a support ticket and link this video I’m sure someone at WGing EU would be more then willing to help you fix that.

  40. 11stupididiots11

    ma imestan kuidas sa nii rahulik suutsid olla…? mul läx hiir katki millegipärast kui vale masina vötsin??

  41. Why is the name of Spa panzer different in your game?

  42. Tom's Game Replays

    And done !@#$%^&*(()))_+ :):):):)

  43. Tom's Game Replays

    My biggest mistake was not subscribing to Dez earlier 🙂

  44. Tom's Game Replays

    Could you fix your mistake via support Dez?

  45. you really make me laught on saturday morning, tnx for that and keep up the good work 😉

  46. Oh my god ! No soup for you 3 weeks!

  47. Welp, looks like Dez is gonna be getting a 121 soon! Cheer up man, the 121 is getting a gun depression buff, and the tank is already fucking epic!

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