► MY TOP 10 FAVORITE TANKS – World of Tanks TOP 10

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World of Best Tanks – My Favorite Tanks – Top 10. World of Tanks TOP 10 Series.

Today I welcome you back my newest series in 2017 – “TOP 10”. In this episode, which our 4th episode already, I am going to line up of my favorite tanks in World of Tanks. It was not hard to figure out my favorites, but it was hard to line them all up… besides Top 1, of course! 😀
How many of you knew my top 1 tank already and are there any tanks in the list, that you like as well?

I hope you enjoy! 😉


  1. I’ll leave a like…

  2. nice top ten , and i get your point on the light tanks yhey are very useless now . i’m just gonna devolpe them but i will not buy them or play them

  3. top 5 favourite maps

  4. my favorite tank is the pazer III/IV….I played 10k battles in wot so far and about 2000 of them were played with the pazer III/IV 😛

  5. Top 10 worst tank in game.

  6. Top 10 rare tanks

  7. do Top 10 Highest DMG in WOT

  8. Shaminda Sumanasinghe

    Where’s T57 Heavy? 🙂

  9. 9.18 comes out today 🙁 rip

  10. Let’s see your worst top 10 games 🙂
    enjoy all your videos 🙂 🙂

  11. Actually, E50 is better at ramming then E50M. Try it go at full speed at crash to each other. E50M will lose a lot more HP.

  12. top 10 yor favorit maps plez ( im kidding ik how to write)

  13. conqueror ? really? it s a mobile auto-ammo-rack tank! one of my worst eva! 😀

  14. Dez, did you try Obj. 140 or WZ-120? 🙂 Seeing the video I think you may like them too. WZ-120 especially, it’s nice to have IS-4 gun in tier 9 medium [440dmg/258mm] (you meet Comets with that tank, lol) while the gun handling is actually pretty good as for such derp. It’s nice medium for supporting the 1st line – you either start with 2nd line and then relocate/push or you just go with the rest of HTs.
    The thing I find funny about WZ-120 is that while many people underestimate it and end up with 500hp less after a shot with a good roll, others just seem to be scared of that tank (provided that you are safe from being rushed by them) for the same reason. Many times I have seen guys focused on running away from me instead of using their superior rate of fire.

  15. The best channel wot.unfortunately does not speak Romanian:)))

  16. Was expecting Russian meds. not only grind is guud. tier 10 also guuud. Fv215b grind tier 5-8 just hurts

  17. Top 10 “what were they thinking” Wargaming decisions.

  18. do top ten lightest tanks

  19. Top 10 most played tanks in world of tanks 😀 pls Deez

  20. Top 10 hulldown tanks

  21. Top 10 in or under tier5

  22. Top ten fastest tanks

  23. Top 10 most troll tanks

  24. Why didnt you waited for the new lights? Oh i forgot they are crap ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  25. Top 10: enjoyable maps to play on

  26. Top 10 tanks you have a love/hate relationship with

  27. Top 10 Tier 5-7 Premium tanks – value, fun factor, credit making, seal clubbing, and crew training abilities.

  28. make top 10 nonpremium tanks by their popularity, how many players play it

  29. DezGamez plz do Abbey map hacks climbs…

  30. Top 10 best-looking tanks in WoT.

    My favourite is the T-55A. Gorgeous beast!

  31. Sicilian Per Sempre

    Any arty on your top 10 ? What a surprise… :p

  32. How about top 10 overall gun handling (average of on rotation, movemnt & traverse) as this is a ‘hidden’ stat that can make a big difference.

  33. Just unlocked the M48 myself and that gun is so amazing, also just bought the Leo 1 and holy shit that gun sucks in comparison … still need to learn to play with those though :p..

  34. Top 10 most hated tanks

  35. Very Well Educated

    … amx50b better than t57 …. dez are you high? lol

  36. nothing, nothing and nothing

    Top 10 tanks that get ignored (nobody plays) that are actually good. (OBJ 416 😉 )

  37. Top 10 well armored tanks

  38. top 10 cringey tank… lol

  39. Radu Andrei Țențea

    top 10 credit earners.

  40. Who does not like bat chat? Me. I think it is unbalanced. at least the most unbalanced tank. For sure it is peoples favourite when you easily outperform others with an overperforming tank.

  41. You’re not the only weird one… FV4005 and Challenger come into my top 10…

  42. RIP T110E5, last patch most players would say its 1 now its shit.

  43. lol I knew u love 215b

  44. I’m late as hell to the video and haven’t watched it yet But seeing as I know Dez rather well after almost 5 years I can guess for sure at least 4 of the tanks on the list.
    M48 Patton
    I’ll bet 50 bucks those are there for sure!

  45. Why are they all high tiers?

  46. Top 10 highest non arty damadge tanks

  47. top 10 Tanks with the best turret rotation speed 😀

  48. i thought your favourite tank would be the mighty mouse

  49. top 10 worst camo tds pleaseee

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