► New Beast HD Models! – World of Tanks STB-1 & FV215b Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay , Tier 10 . Battle Gameplay Review, Tier 10 .

In today’s episode I am going to show you some live gameplay action, live battles with 2 new HD models on old tanks – and .



  1. A bit later upload today, but better late than never! 😉
    Any special/buffed tanks that you would like to see in the future?

  2. stop screaming ok ?

    dez is a 9gagger,i can kms in peace now

  3. play the Kv 2 and get 6 kills only with AP 😀
    get 3000 dmg if you are able to

  4. Still no love for the T25/2. FeelsBadMan

  5. ayy got a kiss on the bus today by my two week GF

  6. Love the vids Claus kellermans chanel is where I heard about this channel subed and watch daily give Claus a shout out

  7. Hey dez what do u think about the new cent ax?

  8. STB is viable again? Worth picking up?

  9. Can you please play the buffed Centurion AX? Its new turret armor is really good, and if you can get a ridge line and pray that the enemy doesn’t press the 2 key, you can really bully tanks of lower tiers and even some tier 10s, its really fun 🙂

  10. EUs MM is so much better than NAs. Why? Cause you dont get to see 5-6 Super Conq in every single game..

  11. I once got a radly and 1.6k damage in t8

  12. Am i the only person that have freezes sometimes in this video?

  13. Got ham!!!

  14. Is it just me or did they make stb-1 a bit taller as well?

  15. TheTiredBobcat6222

    ARL 44 and AMX M4 45 needs rework

  16. landslides feel so bad, from both sides, and there is so many of them lately 🙁

  17. Dez, My question to you is, how often are you on the bad side of one of those rollover games? I was praying WG had fixed MM in this patch, but I was sadly wrong. Yesterday when I started out 0-11, I was practically top on every one of those loses. Doesn’t make you want to play, when it keeps happening over and over again. And it didn’t seem to make a difference which Tier it was either.

  18. a thing that stb1 no have , whit that gun hand , is the fact that need more ammo ,i think…. as well as cent ax that carries 65 rounds~~ WG pls , give some more ammo extra for tanks in the epic battles T-T

  19. 110 HD model forgotten in time

  20. hey Dez, the crosshair that you are using is a mod or is in the game? Nice video btw

  21. Such a shame that in the last battle the enemy Super conquerer decided the battle wasn’t fair for his liking and tossed himself off a cliff…

  22. Did you see they actually nerfed the STB-1? if you check out the armour it is pretty similar from the front but side and top armour is worse in all places, don’t know why WG felt they needed to nerf the worst tier 10 medium.

  23. at first i thought it was a blowout bc of sandbox. turns out its just EU, well that sucks

  24. Where was the T-34-3?? Was hoping to see it in this vid.

  25. Dez…. Are you using a mod pack? If so what one are you using for this epic video ???? BZD

  26. What really the stb1 really it’s so not pretty at all no features.

  27. I so want the Stb-1 but Im stuck on the teir 8 tank >( Damn thing sucks soooo damn much donkey dick.

  28. Why didn’t wargaming make Conquerer branch off so you can get FV215B or Super Conquerer? That would have the smarter decision

  29. Have you not done any of the mission tanks yet? Or have you just not turned on the little tag?

  30. So I learned today tha tier X Titties are nasty. Still wouldn’t mind meeting those 😀

  31. 50 tier 8 premium tanks. 43 non premium tier 8 tanks…

  32. Fuck wargaming!!!!

  33. That first game, that’s what happens when one team is full of retards yoloing across an open field on hull down tanks.

  34. i have the fv215b before 9.20.1 update

  35. i like your mods DezGamez

  36. Leonardo Cristancho Reyes

    So FV215b is not obtainable anymore?

  37. That beautiful 215b. I am glad I got one 🙂

  38. dez play the super conq

  39. Why would you still play the m48 patton

  40. More like, HD-Beast 1 amirite??

  41. Sad that I didn’t get to the FV215b in time, I love my rear turreted tanks

  42. soon one episode with hd tank + hd maps ? i hope

  43. Dan-Andrei Ungureanu

    that kranvagn actually said thx for the support

  44. “You can only guess how I feel… ofc I feel allsome xD”

  45. love ya dez

  46. Damn those are some sweet looking HD tanks!
    And that opening Dez. Are you gonna nickname your FV “The Bell Foundry”?

  47. Wth your lucky to survive that in the first vid

  48. Another sick vid, thanks Dez.
    Are you going to throw up a vid with the buffed T-34-3? I think I want to buy it but i’m not too sure.

  49. I hate that summing delt damage, looks like you delt over 600 dmg

  50. noob with the T49 at first you are retarded XD

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