► NEW FV4005 is MAD! – World of Tanks Patch 9.20.1 Update

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Patch .1 Update. World of Tanks FV4005 Stage II Gameplay Review, Tier 10 British Destroyer.

World of Tanks patch .1 update test server up and running, this time with a huge focus on British tanks. Medium tanks, tanks and destroyers in the British tech tree are getting buffed a lot, including good old “S**tbarn” aka FV4005 Stage II… This tank, after patch .1 update is simply mad!



  1. The_black_Frank_White

    Wieso kann dieser FV schnelle rückwärts fahren als die grille?! Bei dir grille ist das ziemlich mühsam wenn man kaum von der stelle kommt…

  2. Dez, try to turn the automatic subtitles on your video and try to watch it that way. 🙂

  3. I got one shot XD

  4. Fanatic video keep it up ????

  5. TROPIC Agario and more

    I don think it needs to be needed really it’s still the same to me free he damage

  6. stay tuned for the premium autoloader version

  7. World of Tanks after 9.20.1 is going to change its name to World of Oneshits.. .. Oneshots… I ment to say oneshots. *coughs nervously*

  8. RIP Deathstar, this is the Starkiller

  9. The better buff the ammo capacity on my deathstar now. Haven’t been playing much lately but just realized you’re basically screwed if you want to play 215b 183 in grand battle mode

  10. This custom intro was the best zo far

  11. These tanks will be self balancing in a way. They’ll just one shot each other first opportunity they get.

  12. …something has to rebalance that waffenträger

  13. Had to give this game up last year but still keep my account up. Main reason I quit was because of always getting one shot by arty and horrible one sided match making. They fixed the arty problem but then start going crazy on tanks and tds like this making them the same way arty use to be!? I pray one day they will see the light thru the empty vodka bottles and realize that this game should have become one of the biggest on-line games in the world, But instead over 60% of the players that try it quit after they hit tier 5. Nobody likes getting killed the first minute of the game or going on a 25 game losing streak. This goes to show War Gaming developers are a bit off in the head. Anyway nice vid Dez guess I will check back in another 6 mos to see if my prayers have been answered. Play on BROS!

  14. Struggling through the Challenger now (tier 7). We’ll see how far I can get up the line before 9.20.1 is released. Do you think they are going to keep that 50 kph top speed and -10 degree gun depression?

  15. Dez you were starting to get me pissed at all your negative comments about these buffs. How often do you see WG actually buff a tank to make it very good? This TD desperately needed something but here you come along sounding like….WG WTF you doing, you overbuffed this thing now its a God. Just saying what I felt watching this, was pissing me off seeing as how terrible it was to play this thing and to have a reviewer say NERF the buffs.

  16. Anyone else feel like if physics were truly implemented, every time the gun was fired with the turret turned 90 degrees, the tank would fall over?

  17. This game is simply going to shit …

  18. Extremely overpowered now.

  19. Maybe drop the speed to 40kph. Other then that this is an interesting change and somewhat needed.

  20. It’s an action x with 183 mm

  21. I just started the video, and I hope they give it two more bullets.

  22. Good thing this thing cant battle tier 8s…oh wait

  23. The intro was pretty good with the 183 gun firing and hearing the commander speaking.

  24. That first battle was SO Karma!! Best thing i’ve seen all day!

  25. I got one shotted by that tank in my Tiger ii. Don’t get me wrong, there should be high damage thanks, but it’s absolutely BS that this tank kills heavy tanks with one shell.

  26. So does this mean that the Death Star is irrelevant

  27. We got a new fast life taker in the gane. Death star is already deadly enough and they removed it and added a more deadlier fast and efficient killer.

  28. Magnús Már Magnússon


  29. those S. conquerors look really cool, might have to grind just to obtain. lol awesome video by the way!

  30. why didnt you review Super Conqueror 🙁

  31. Well, kudos to them for actually buffing a tank that needed it (looking at you Russian mediums). Too bad it has been over-buffed…a lot. I like how they buff the type 59 a little because they want to be “safe” then this happens. Oh well, now I have a line to go down after I grind the balls out of the other Brittish TD line. I’m all for the gun depression and turret rotation. They probably did the ammo thing because of grand battles. Everything else is just too much.

  32. Unneeded Comment Returd

    Dez, what mods do you use?

  33. They didn’t owerbuffed this tank. They just made tank playable.

  34. And I got one shotted… Fuuuuck. I literally started laughing.

  35. I love it!!!! However… It still needs to only have 12 rounds Maybe 15?. That was the trade off. Cant just be spammming shells kinda similar to the bat-chat. And its just a tiny bit too fast. Just a tiny bit. And maybe -8 depression?

  36. The Hero No One Gives A Shit About

    If it’s good then let it be good. Live it that way. I’m not interested in a tank that’s just gonna be frustrating to play.

  37. As if tier 8 was fucked enough lol

  38. GG WG RIP FV215b 183 .

  39. Wow this game is beyond retarded..

  40. People are BLIND, its BUFFED for one reason only, not for your gameplay that’s for sure, simply BUFFED to make money, another PTW tank, which will cost you a fortune in repairs and HESH ammo. Same as the Super Conqueror, look at the untold thousands of players now grinding the FV 215 b, spending real money to get it before it goes, you will get a tank for free and give it a patch or two they will nerf it beyond playability, as they always do. WG play all of you for suckers and you lap up their BS with a smile. Same as the Chinese fantasy TD line, that’s proven BS for money. Wake up players your all being led down the garden path, the game is DYING badly, joining the US Servers, offering all non US in Asia regions free transfer, only premium OP tanks in tier8, broken game MM, no new maps, all the non corridor maps REMOVED on purpose….damage equals credits, either way, whether you give or take, credits equal money, and stupid utter fantasy OP tanks equal profits for WG…..baaaabaaaa…sheep!!

  41. Hello DezGamez I would like to ask where can I get a link to download Wot test server or I can find it on official site of World of tanks

  42. Well im not gonna see its gonna be op or anything just that even if they do half the thing they promise eith that tank its gonna be good that tank realy needed love

  43. gun depretion? look at TVP VTU

  44. LOOOOOOL oneshoted! WG is bunch of MORONS.

  45. 20 rounds is too much, 15 is more balenced

    but WG rarly listen

  46. Nice video, thx. Could u please make similar video with the new Conway? With all those buffs and 600alpha gun it could be the best tier 9 TD…

  47. Fv 183 still is 4005’s daddy

  48. For the new grand battle mode 12 rounds of ammunition just doesn’t cut it anymore especially if you want at least a bit of variation of your ammo types. 12 rounds in a battle with 15 opponents is allready hard to justify but against 30 opponents common guys…

  49. FV4005 the little retarted brother of the fv215b 183

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