► NEW HD MAPS ARE AMAZING + Montage! – World of Tanks Sandbox HD Graphics Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks HD Quality Maps, HD Graphics – Sandbox Test Server. World of Tanks Future, Patch .1+ Update News.

► Information: http://sandbox.worldoftanks.com/en/news/new-graphics-engine-hd-maps/

Ladies and Gentlemen, waiting is over… Long-waited HD quality maps are coming World of Tanks. In this episode I am going to give you quick introduction what those maps are all about. I will also give you some gameplay action together with a montage where I compare old maps to , HD quality maps. In my opinion, it looks bloody amazing!

What do you think?



  1. Guys, did you get notification when I uploaded this video as well? Or can you see it in your sub box?
    YT has been acting weird lately. :S
    And how did you like that montage? Want to see more about other maps as well?

  2. NightSounds ComingIn

    I have no concerns about new graphics bc I have 1070 graphics card… But my bf has an old notebook… And as we know – cooling on a notebook… Meh.. Let’s see if he still can enjoy the game…

    Dez, your channel will be how many years old tomorrow ? 6 ?
    (Was it 13th or 16th Oct ?)

  3. of course we console players had this almost from the start.

  4. Wow! Thanks Dez for the awesome cinematics 😀


  6. I wonder how this will work is SD client??

  7. This graphics is blowing me away but I’m sad that I will never be achieving to play this game in that quality with my 512 GB graphics memory

  8. If this becomes the norm I will have to get a new computer. My current laptop on the lowest settings struggles to maintain 30fps.

  9. There is one word for this: “Epic!”.
    This looks really nice. I cant wait to play on these maps.

  10. This game will look aswome if is gonna be that in 9.20.1

  11. All the people playing Hide and Seek HUDS off in TRs will have a great time.

  12. Chinese TDs and Heavys causes bugs. If you have one in your team all of you will get stucked on the loading screen. 🙂

  13. Are they also redoing the maps on XBOXONE, XBOX 360 and, PS4???

  14. Work in progress.

  15. How much requirements change?

  16. Well… finally my gpu will gets work out lol

  17. NICE Dez! Epic Video, thank you for that!
    Next time maybe you can use epic-music like Audiomachine or really slow motion for those epic cinematic. But only a tip, i love this music.
    Have a nice Day, chrees from germany.

  18. bert van TWESER-G YouTube

    Let the fix mm and new maps

  19. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    Thats way overdue. Compare that to other games graphic 5 years ago…stats where wg currently stands. This game is so far behind in everything.

  20. Global warming is real! No ice on Mountain Pass.

  21. How about just new maps

  22. Hope they’re released before xmas. Maybe with another brand new map? Being too hopeful? yeah prob lol – Thanks Dez, and didn’t see a notification, but in the subs box.

  23. In the future, WG will increase the boundaries of maps. Now, with the grand battle it’s experimenting with it. I hope RNG will take care of some chronic problems and replay a great game …

  24. can i play this game on gtx 1050 2gb

  25. The_black_Frank_White

    Ok, now i have a good reason for buying a 1070er 🙂

  26. Fuck HD models/maps. How about a completely new engine ?

  27. I wonder how much time will it take for people to find new boosts

  28. Thank the lord there are videos of this, my version of sandbox was buggy and there were giant black masses where the new textures were supposed to be. Thank you DezGamez

  29. Honestly this is probably the best update in quite some time

  30. TIME for new graphic card

  31. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    i see what they’ve done with the trees :3

  32. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    now we need night maps!!!

  33. *ATTENTION* Dont play Chinese tanks guys! The game never loads bcus of them.

  34. Would be nice if you could show us your hardware, and I do mean the PC nothing else you dirty man…

  35. wow dez im getting a little arroused , so beautiful …. !!

  36. HD sounds XD

  37. Still doesn’t look as good as warthunder but definitely closing the gap. Glad to see it, maybe warthunder losing one of its advantages will force gajin to start rethinking the gameplay aspects.

  38. Wanna ask, whether my GTX 680 can run well in these HD maps? Or need to update my Graphics card?

  39. Wow! These maps in HD looks great . It now has a good feel to them.

  40. Now i can see the more world out the limits, so cool!

  41. Holy shit, thats a rebirth of mountain pass!!

  42. That word in English is “muffled”.


  44. so now they can actually work on NEW maps yes??
    seriously we get a bunch of pay to win or pay to defeat tanks but no new maps because the Map team is playing with sharper crayons for a bit, now maybe we can actually get a couple of new maps to run around on if you are not a tier x tank driver.

  45. gtx 960m is gonna be fine with this? the maps look nice O.O

  46. I can’t play sandbox the game keeps in the loading screen when battle begins.

  47. For ounce, I can say : great job WG, mountain pass looks really amazing !

  48. What is your CPU Dez? I hope this new engine scales better with more cores unlike the old one becouse i buy this year Ryzen 1700x.

  49. Woooooow they changed grass color… amazing…

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