► New Matchmaker, Tier 10 Light Tanks + New Graphics! – World of Tanks Update News

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Source: DezGamez

Next Update/Patch – New Matchmaking System, New Tier 10 Light Tanks and New Graphics.

► Full list of planned changes with the next World of Tanks patch:

Hello my friends,

Today I am back with another news episode. Going to take a look at Wargaming’s newest article about World of Tanks and they announced some really interesting ideas for new matchmaking system. I also got to know when tier 10 light tanks are coming in to the game and let’s take a look at new graphics.
Finally, World of Tanks starting to look like a real game! 🙂

Your thoughts?

Enjoy! 🙂


  1. Those match maker changes are great. But it doesn’t address the biggest problem: They need to stop matching a team of TD’s up against a team of Mediums or Heavies. It happens a LOT, and almost always the TD Team will lose. They just don’t have the armour and mobility to win, so they’re doomed from the start.

  2. “Is this a penis? or what is it” lmao i almost died

  3. You can’t be bottom tier more than 4 or 5 times in a row, IIRC. Next game will be either top or middle tier. But then the series resets and you can be bottom tier in the next 4 or 5 battles again. So it’s as helpful as “your first battle in new/stock tank is always as top tier vehicle” rule (it was a few battles, then they changed it to 1…).

  4. Next patch remove arty please!

  5. Before Patch 8.6, we used to see 5 or 6 arty per team all the time. But when people would suggest nerfing SPGs and limiting games to 3 per team, WG would say “no” and the community would say “Learn to play noob. Arty isn’t broken, you’re broken.” Remember that? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  6. Furious Epic replays

    Wargaming still said NOTHING about what they are going to do with the premium light tanks!!!! ANSWERS PLES!

  7. once again amazing vid Dez. this video made me so excited

  8. Sofie Boie Nilsen

    Soo… does that mean no more hill climbing with the new graphics since they are setting buildings and stuff like that on the hills??…. ):

  9. FUCK the platoon fix. I want to platoon with tier 8 light tanks in my tier 10

  10. I wish they afded a second hill climbing point at mines (just opposite of the existing one, or something in that line of thought), similar to what they did to Cliff map a while ago. That would make the map a lot more playable.

  11. still doesn’t sound like this new match maker will help the asia server, seeing as there isn’t many players

  12. As someone who likes to play arty from time to time just because its so braindead and chill, i think 1-2 is more then enough for each battle.. Even having 3 artys is to much…

  13. So…. what WG found to fight the bots is this… genius.
    So, if there are bots and they are top tier…. there’s no hope. Even worse. Why they didn’t simply REMOVE the M-3????

  14. if these go through ill start playing again. I quit playing cuz I got discouraged always being bottom tier and when I am top tier I end up with idiots with fail platoons or whatever … nice changes 🙂

  15. Matchmaker sounds great, but concerning the LTs:

    Sheridan should not get a gun upgrade, but can’t argue with it being as fast as the Rhm PzW. It should not be able to two-three shot unarmored vehicles faster than they can kill them in return.

    T-100 needs a 30mm+ nerf to armor

    13-105 definitely needs a mobility/camo buff, maybe another shell for the ridiculous reload (or shorter reload)

    The others seem alright for the most part

  16. Bradley Galedrige

    What ever happened to the destructible environment mechanic? Does anyone remember when they announced it like 2 or 3 years ago? why hasn’t that been worked on when we keep getting better looking stuff and can still stick gun barrels though tanks and rocks. Just something I would like to see in the game.

  17. Now lets imagine 3x type 5 hvy platoon matched against 12 t9 and t8 tanks! Yes, all of this 12 players can go fvck themselfs! Coz you know they have no real competition, what if enemy team gets 3x paper tanks as top tiers and u have platoon of type 5 hvys! Lets 2 shot every single tank in game, while noone cant pen us! GG WG!

  18. I hope mm is better than what I had today!!! 70 out of 100 battle (guessing), other team 6-8 heavies, my team, 2-3 or 4. it was brutal…

  19. Spz= Spehrpanzer

  20. Simple fix for the AMX. Lower the reload to 27 seconds for the drum.
    Also glad to see that WGing is hard at work on all those HD statue dicks. I can now further deepen my love of fine classic art.

  21. That face when a youtuber finally features one of your replays but it’s on your brothers account. #ForeverAlone

  22. NO MORE FAIL PLATOONS :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wonder if matchmaking will take longer now (especially if you are a higher tier vehicle)?!
    I suppose they have a large enough player-base

  23. Money The Redstone Man

    top tier will be better now and same with bottom tier Cool

  24. Im worried how this new MM is going to effect the NA servers. The population is so low at this point it might have some issues.

  25. this is dream matchmaking for top tier tanks – lots more low tier HP pinatas.

  26. They should make a random map generator

  27. video stopped at 3:29
    first of all stop saying “chains” say changes. use the damn google translator.
    and only bots hate to play in a t10 battle with their t8.
    that’s just more xp.

  28. The punishment for fail platoons was a good idea , but you know gamers …..  Too many whiners .

  29. James Horsey Walsh

    Hmmmm what happens when there are only 100 players on the server? You might be waiting forever for a battle. I think they are being a bit hopeful.

  30. Nice vid as always man. I am trying to get a small channel of my own going, for the moment just vids of my own games. Would greatly appreciate subs folks 🙂

  31. CaptainKolobanov864

    Wow, the IS is a great deal faster with that tier 9 engine. I think I’m going to grind for it because I’ll get it on is and is 3 without using the xp on my is 3

  32. dome really cool changes from wg, i hope they change over all economy, I doubt it will happen but u shouldn’t need a premium account to make money

  33. More snacks for top tier vehicles.

  34. First Order Stormtrooper

    My type 59 never sees Tier Xs anyways, this MM change will make it more fun to play

  35. The main problem I had with MM was one side getting 7 TD’s while the other 7 auto loading medium tanks, game over before it started. So basically grinding is going to be a lot slower and gold spamming a lot more ?

  36. After watching this video I have decided I will not grind any more tanks until the next patch. I have several lines that I plan to research but for the moment I will only play tanks that are fully upgraded. Grinding tanks for new guns, tracks etc. will be so much easier with the new patch, why waste my time trying to do that now? For now it makes more sense to just grind credits with premiums.

  37. I’ll believe this when I see it.

  38. When you are the only tier 5 in tier 8, FML

  39. Only platoon with the same tier is stupid at high tiers. Should be able to platoon an 8 or nine with a ten since mm is all available. Light tanks should get 2mm tier tens and nines can be top tier but they will make lower tiers fight three tiers up

  40. damn I hate this change for plat I think the best is u can plat with 8 7 8 8 and on because let’s say I am playing with my friend and he gets infront 1 tier I can’t get it because I don’t have exp so I ll cry grinding out

  41. WG should also include better “player skill” based mm so unicuns don’t match up with noobs, and maybe limit the amount of gold rounds you can carry like in the game in vid ;-). great job as usual Dez thanks

  42. Nice job in the IS!

  43. So playing T10 will become way more easy then, when most enemys are lower then u…

  44. Boooooyyyy.. I want to be one of the tier 10’s in a 3/3/9 MM 😀

    But with the map re-works, they are removing some cheeky places you could go with tanks with high mobility. That’s not very nice IMO

  45. What happened to Havok Engine?

  46. It’s going to be harder on the SEA server as MM does not put players into the game as fast as RU/EU/NA. In the old MM, it takes 1m to 5m to get into a game on SEA while RU/NA/EU you get a game instantly with minimal wait time.

  47. Type 5 Heavy goes hammm in this kind of matchmaking

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