► New T95 is BEAST! – T25 Pilot Marathon Starts Now! – World of Tanks FV215B and T95 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

(Doom Turtle) Gameplay. . – Tier 9 USA . World of Tanks , Tier 10 .

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Today a special day for few reasons – our Mission Marathon for “T25 Pilot Nr. 1” started and I am also going to do something different in my live gameplay episode.
From now on you are able to vote for one tank that you would like to see me playing in my next live gameplay episode. Do that by click on my link above and pick your favorite tank from my garage.

Let’s complete my first mission together!


Music used:
Ehrling – Mood
Go check him out at: https://soundcloud.com/ehrling

Transition music:
Cake Pop – Do You Think I’m Mean


  1. it took me 18 games because of these retard kiddies
    they were running into their death ….
    i was always in the top 5 of my team

  2. Everett van Asten

    Took me 6 battles. Could’ve been 5 if the idiot yelling for us to cap actually got on cap also :/

  3. deze games what is your daily work?

  4. President Donald Trump

    If I didn’t know about what world of tanks is, or have never played a game, if I saw DezGamez intro only i would wholeheartedly get into it. He is *THAT* good. Beast man.. Beast work.. Don’t forget me Dez, I was there with you before your 70k subs under a different name 🙂

  5. where can i get the sexy victory girls mod dez?

  6. VortexGaming - Minecraft

    Amazing video Dez as usual 🙂 keep up the great effort and work you put in 🙂

  7. If it was Sovjet Russia still today, you would be the guy, flying those Mig29 instead of the tanks… 😀

  8. first i lost 10 games, then i won 1 lost 2 won 1 lost 2 until i got it :/

  9. Dez–I love you.

  10. Coffee and cinnamonbuns! DezGamez what mod do you use to get those lovely girls after battle? Always wondered that

  11. 13 games 3 win and i abort it….

  12. I have just played 2 games and I have finish my mission 😀

  13. Feuerstein M47/M49

    Dez is the best WoT youtuber in my opinion, I like your every single video! Here is a double like.

  14. Steffen Aggerholm Kristensen

    6 battles to get it. 3 battles to get the 10 kills today.

  15. what is that crosshair and how to get it ? i miss the jimbos crosshair!

  16. 6/19 wins, last into top 10 was actually spotting with G.W. Tiger P… and those 13 lost were better by everything then wins…

  17. Think it took me 9 games to get 5 wins, couldn’t do today’s mission :'(

  18. I voted T95 , best TD in game :-3

  19. I can’t play any more….last time the client crashed my entire system via the video card. Anyone else having issues with RX-480 doing that? And, no, I don’t have any mods installed.

  20. Dez it pleases me greatly that driving the T95 must give you as big a chubby as it does for me. Love LOVE my Zoom Turtle (I’ve suffered the 13kph top speed for four long years!! feel like I’ve earned this buff)

  21. It took me 10+ arty was lovin me…

  22. Took me 1 battle.

  23. Nice, Day 2 is 10 kills, so also easy.

  24. dez games I LOVE your channel!!!! wanted to say ty for turning me into skill4ltu’s twitch channel. he is fucking hilarious and an incredible player

  25. thumbail for the girls of victory, and only for that. ^^

  26. Feels to much like work, after 3 or 4 games i’m done, so won’t be getting this tank.

  27. Great work boss!! Folks please join us for great videos and info on this channel!! Take care, flea

  28. Youtube is only your hobby?!?! :O
    I thought you had enough subs to easily support yourself.
    Do you have a high maintenance kind of lifestyle? lol

  29. it took me 4 games to beat the 10 kills mission, 2 one kill games to start, a 6 kill game in my vk100.01 (that thing is a beast even stock) and a 3 kill game to finish it off

  30. Long day at work…check
    Soul crushing feeling…check
    New Dez video…check
    Will to live returning…check

    Thanks for giving me a reason to keep waking up on Monday Dez!

  31. Dez, for me it took like 7 games to complete the daily mission. I played in a platoon with some clan mates.

  32. can u add indien pnz please?


  34. never won a marathon and never will…. *sigh*

  35. what is that crosshair and how to get it ? i miss the jimbos crosshair! that appears in the video ate 00:40 ? anyone?

  36. took me 3 or 4 games to get 10 kills (day 2). T71 is king of opportunity kills. I would like yo see you use the T54E1. I have one and rng trolls me hard. Maybe Im doing it wrong.

  37. I finished it in 6 battles with E25

  38. New intros are awesome!

  39. I was thinking that in real life every shot taken would result in the gunners life flashing before his eyes…

  40. like 8

  41. TOG HIM! Make him do it!

  42. I finished the mission in 3 battles !!! Beat that

  43. Brother from another mother! Hahahahaah… You are so crazy, man. T30 – Brother from another mother! hahahahahahaha

  44. For the first day mission, I needed 7 battles too to finish. For the second day mission, 10 kills, I have played 3 battles (1-5-5).

  45. Next episode – Sexton I. Haha. Can’t wait to see you in the arta tier III, premium arta which is brother to Sexton II from the same mother! LOL!

  46. Where to get the Victory Girls 🙂

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