► No Baguettes, Only Memes and Dreams… – World of Tanks AMX M4 mle. 54 Gameplay

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World of Tanks M4 54 Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of AMX M4 mle. 54, Tier 10 Heavy Tank.

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Today I am going to show you one really exciting battle with our newest tier 10 heavy tank – “ M4 mle. 54” from France, with no auto-loading system. A lot of you have been asking for it, so here it is! 🙂
Hopefully you had awesome time during your Christmas, awesome time with your family close ones!

Enjoy today’s episode! 😉

in action:
– France/French M4 mle.


  1. What is up, Beasts, all gucci? 🙂 Did you enjoy your holidays?
    If you had to work, then I hope my videos made it a little bit better. 😉
    #muchlove #merrychristmas #stayawesome

  2. ?Merry Christmas@DezGame?

  3. Got a GTX 1050 ti 😀

  4. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Grille 15 has anuthing good: it is fake in all aspects.

    It has not the accuracy of penetration to play the role they say that it should play. It is super underpowered and hiper boring to play. This vehicle is a pure SHIT, a SUPER SHIT VEHICLE.

    I wanna my credits and XP back from the day they pushed this shit over me and more now, after they nerfed this crap.
    This game proves this vehicle is just super innefective, is super shit.

    It only irritates me. We got robbed by wargaming when they pushed this shit over us.

    How much times did I write “shit” here? How much they are is just few near the shit that is this crap Grille 15.
    Only one idiot of wargaming to belive that that shit need to be nerfed. They are completly crazy. This shit vehicle needs some huge buffs, in everything.

    The gun elevation is totally artificially fake. Everything is fake… it has not pen or accuracy, I’m pissed with this shit vehicle and do not see any chance they fix this shit. I wanna a decent tier X TD, not this crap they pushed over us against our desire.

    I wanna exchange mine for a STRV-103B or a OBJ 233. I just do not wanna this shit vehicle. I never ground this shit and never would.

    • Luís Augusto Panadés

      One thing is bounce a vehicle that shoots each 6s and you have not to wait a life to get in position to be able to shoot. Grille is totally under any expectation.

      Really, I wanna put that shit vehicle into the asses of wot team from the first time I played it until today. Have no respect for what wargaming did with us. They was not decent with us. And worsely, the nerfed that shit.
      Show less

      Why has T110E3 a gun dispersion of 0.077 when Grille 15 has 0.38? Just 500% higher.

      Fuck you wargaming.

  5. dez mle in french stands for model so please pronounce it as it should, you would be the only youtuber doing it right x)

  6. merry christmas, thanks for the great videos

  7. Wwwwwwhat is up guys. 😛

  8. UnnecessaryAmmoRack

    AMX 65t next plz. I’m struggling with it.

  9. Nice vid Dez. Good humor… 😉

  10. Is that DEZ in garage ?

  11. Say Hi to your family and be safe. Show us your dad’s favorite tank. Does he like arty?

  12. Happy new year mate 🙂

  13. Dont. Make to much Videos 🙂 Family First Always! And do You ever Go and Play wotb ?

  14. i got a lego panzerkampfwagen 4 for christmas 🙂

  15. m103 and e5 100% outclassed now

  16. have a safe journey


  18. My brother got a mauerbrecher for christmas, haha, nice video as always.

  19. Only memes, raw memes. NO KETCHUP!

  20. Merry Christmas Dez! Have a nice time with your relatives and your family! Awesome video!!

  21. Do we have a Dez clan? NA, EU, and more regions

  22. Lol 3 pair of socks. Thats what i got for xmas 3 pair of socks. Good news is i like socks and always have room for more socks so im pretty stoked haha

  23. I got ac origins and lota of other stuff :))

  24. I got type 59 ????? in 3 boxes its my first premium tank also like dez now i need to play like him???

  25. WHAAAAaath! Is up ladies and gents.

  26. I got socks, that sucks

  27. i would’ve introduced the grille o the HE squad.

  28. the tier 9 and 10 look great, but the tier 8 really kills it for me, as well as virtually everyone else

  29. mabye you can show one ot two of the clanwarrewardtanks, cause you shot them like never and make no videos about clanwar. It rlly would rlly interesting if you show every 5 rewardtanks and present it:) i hope you will think about it. Good video and good holidays

  30. I still think the 130mm cannon is the better choice.
    Hope you enjoyed your Christmas Dez.

  31. No i lost my job, no christmas bonus. going to be evicted and to top it off my daughter has decided she likes her stepdad better. Merry F-ing Christmas

  32. My body is ready, dez. Mom’s baguett-i ohohohoh.

  33. All hail is7 Stalin’s spearhead???

  34. Dez love the vids can u post more russian gameplay?

  35. in ZeT team was another zet in grille 😀

  36. Single digit latencies….must be nice.

  37. Load the Skill rounds

    That cut scene with the superimposed AMX tho… lol

  38. Headache, christmas gave me a headache….

  39. That xmas credit bonus is really Nice tbh. Makes wot alot more enjoyable


  41. Nice video

  42. Tai is gonna b pisssed ?

  43. Can anyone please tell me the mod Dez is using for the number of enemy vehicles spotted?

  44. You like the word zero, huh? 😀

  45. Wife surprise me with a formula 1 Tag Heuer, very cool, she is also a WOT player. i got her a Dell gaming laptop

  46. Is it Fake?

  47. What mod is he using here?

  48. Großadmiral Raeder

    I got a new mouse and the Mauerbrecher (actually bought the Mauerbrecher myself) 🙂

  49. always when i met this new frenche branch iam receiving golds only 😀

  50. When you will make a face reveal?

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