► NO DRAWS! – Back in Action, Testing – World of Tanks T71 DA Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

DA Gameplay . T71 DA, Tier 7 .

Yesterday I open 175 Christmas Special Holiday Ops boxes, that you guys sent to me (love you, Beasts!)… and from those boxes I was able to get enough decorations or scraps to craft every single one of them. As a bonus, collecting them all, you can get 4 special Christmas camo patterns.
Today, I am going to show all of them to you, featuring some gameplay.



  1. EDIT: I said I got 1080Ti… I meant 1070Ti! Crap.
    Welcome back to Wooouuuuuld of Tanks!
    Huh, back in action once again… So one quick test episode for you. Tell me how it looks/feels?
    For me, video on 1440p screen looks a bit weird, but on 1080p it is perfect… What about you?

    • Was going to say….. 1080ti not that great of a card? It’s almost as beast as you Dez hahaha. “Almost”. Glad to see your back at it and a big shout out from down under aka Australia. Peace

    • Graphics are great

    • Dez you got a 1070 ti? That is great!!!! I am so jelly :/ My gpu is no where
      near as good 😛

    • Challenge: Leroy Jenkins Challenge – Don’t wait for your team, charge straight into the enemy without stopping. Get over 4k damage. After you die, tell your team “It`s not your fault.”

    • Akseli Martikkala

      It’s pretty good! Only thing is that it is a bit blurry, maybe put a bit better bitrate but not necessary. But the highlight of the episode is always your amazing commentary anyway :p

  2. Well Im playing with nvidia hd graphics :)… btw it is far from hd as you can well imagine

  3. Hi Dez, can you make a video with graphics settings?(for laptop, and desktop) what settings to set for a good gameplay… cheers.

  4. Quite small on mobile with the downsizing. Check in YouTube stats to see if more people watch on mobile or pc. First time commenting but a long time subscriber!

  5. Epic battle. Looks great as well

  6. Dez in my screen everything looks a bit small but I can still see

  7. Wtf hur quality is shit

  8. My list of cockroach tanks:
    T71 DA
    E 25
    All of the french light tanks
    Type 64

  9. I always wondered, why no 60fps options on the videos? :/

  10. Oh, I was afraid we would be longer without your vids. Let me thank the supplier of your new GPU for such a quick delivery 🙂

  11. Hi Dez. Nice vid but I can’t read the HUD with the new resolution.

  12. nice game Dez, but image is bit blurred..

  13. 60fps dez plz

  14. Nice game, e25 should have ambushed rather than cap it’s not surprising for fast tanks to double back and kill arty first in this scenario I always double back to kill or protect arty. Thanks for all your vids etc just watching you guys on here has improved my games please don’t stop….?

  15. Looks great DezGamez – great to see you back, and I even enjoyed the solitaire 🙂

  16. Nedoshius Žaidžia

    Dez your GTX 1080Ti is awesome much better peformance 😉

  17. Looks the same to me as it ever did, on my 1080p screen. Maybe the bottom left and minimap corners look a bit smaller but not really an issue.

    I’m looking at upgrading my GPU and CPU in preparation for the WoT 1.0 release. Tried the enCore test which said I can only do medium graphics (even though I just about manage max now). What do you think the min requirements will be for the Ultra settings? Is it worth it without a 4k monitor?

    Keep up the good work, Dez

  18. gj Cromwell B. He made more credits and exp than you. Those pesky E25s are so OP.

  19. You should change UI scaling option

  20. Hello Dez, I’m glade you are able to be back in wot. I have this T-71 and I really like it, recently I have the second T-71, but not play yet. I have question about the discount tank we got from the Christmas event after I unlock from the level 1 to level 10, my question is: we can still get the discount after the event end in January 15th? I already select several tanks, some I was able to get after the xp, but other I need to get the necessary xp to and buy it. It will work after the event end? Thanks!

  21. Dez where you from

  22. Hi, congrats on new GPU 🙂 BUT – (you asked for feedback so…) The text, minimap and icons are way too small! Sorry!
    As a personal preference, I would also like to see tank names on the sides, not just tank silhouettes. Cheers!

  23. First, “bless your GPU”. Second, good battle and the graphics quality is excellent. However as others have already mentioned the UI (tank names, damage, etc.) is a little on the small side even when watching the video at full-screen on a 1080p monitor.

  24. Lay of the BOXES! they are GPU destroyers in disguise

  25. The max fps cap on WoT is 60fps, so the extra 40 is just using 40% more power than needed. Turn on anti aliasing, v-sync and all that stuff to cap it at 60 and put the 40% wasted gpu power into smoother gameplay. I got the 1050ti 2 days ago and found all this shit out.

  26. This tank is one of my favorites! I wasn’t a fan of lights until I picked up this little speed demon 🙂

  27. Hit that plus key two times.

  28. Is 1440p better for you? I don’t think the better resolution is worth everything on the screen
    being tiny.

  29. dz , u dislike showing the tank name during battle ?

  30. Dez, I love your videos, but I refuse to watch tiny UI elements played at 1440p. If you don’t go back to 1080p, you will lose views, I guarantee.

  31. Thought this was about wargaming supertesting some system that eliminates draws

  32. I think the picture looks great.

  33. Dez make another motovlog.glad you ride a good brand.kawa for life ??

  34. How can u reach 48% bonus?

  35. Chandler Kristoff

    Crumwell B is goot tenk, it did even better than you did! :O plz do replay of it Dez 😀

  36. BlackRose1mmortal

    Everything is a bit smaller. Loadout display, damage and assisted damage status, everything is general has been reduced. Gameplay is a little fuzzy. You remember when videos uploaded was converted to Flash and videos were limited to 10 mins? Congratz on your rapid recovery and “Laissez les bon temps rouler”

  37. GTX 1080 Ti is the best u can get for that price range unless u buy the AMD card. U wont need to upgrade that video card for a very long time. Everything is soo tiny!

  38. For me the Graphic looks kinda bad when the screen changes fast. Meaning if you drive or look left and right. I have a 1440p Monitor tho. Maybe because YT downsizes it to 1080p. Altough other 1080p Videos look better than your videos. 🙁 I love your content I really hope the graphic increases at some point. But I also enjoy listening to you and your seksie voice so it’s fine 😀 Happy new year Dez and keep beeing awesome!

  39. 1080p is better than 1440p for us to watch, cause in 1440 p, we cant see the minimap&ui well enough. They are too small. I mean, anything else than the gameplay

  40. Cant se chat in this resolution

  41. your picture quality is the best it has ever been. good show

  42. the screen looks great but for some reason the tank status in the lower left and the tank lists on the right and left side look very small, it makes it hard to read

  43. Come on dez like my comment it feels good to get a like from dez

  44. You should upload in 1440p.

  45. Dez game looked good yes it is smaller but looks good congrats on GPU. Cheers

  46. Minesweeper plz.

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