► NO F##KS GIVEN! – World of Tanks Live Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks KV-5 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks KV-220-2 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Conqueror Gameplay Review.

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Let’s kick off the weekend with one of my favorite series on the channel – with “You Vote, I Play”.
As always, you guys do not disappoint me, I have to play with 3 tanks that I haven’t played with for a very long time.



  1. First of all… MASSIVE Thank You guys for such an awesome support in my previous episode (First Poem), I really wasn’t ready for that! 😉
    But today, that first battle tho… Still mad AF! 😀
    Enjoy your weekend and stay coolio, ciao!

  2. I think you forgot to reset the tank poll on your site 😛

  3. Funny how you spell “Luchs” 😀 For me as a german it sounds like “Lachs”, which is a fish and not this big cat 😛

  4. 0:26 ” *tank* you guys”, i see what you did there

  5. Χρίστος Μητρόπουλος

    14:05 what grille 15 ? 😀

  6. “Stop spamming, we are TD’s”… Never seen so much bullshit before. You are a waste of team mates if you aren’t firing on anything and the enemys aren’t even close to be getting shot at you.

  7. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    501th like ❤ lol

  8. 19:27 “Stop spamming, we are tds.” 😀 – 0, 600 and 1700 damage

  9. thank you for that PSA Nuts

  10. conquerror makes the m103 absolutely useless

  11. Can you play lowe plz.its been a long time since the last video i’d watch..

  12. Why do you always tank about “chasing down Grille 15” in that KV-220 match? You do it multiple times 🙂

  13. Lorr is op

  14. One of the TDs told you to stop spamming because they are TDs haha feelsgoodman

  15. Do you feel lucky Punk? Well do you.?

  16. It’s always irked the shit out of me that the Conquer in WoT has such bad pen. That L1 120mm gun IRL had over 310mm of pen at 1000 yards. It SHOULD have that as well in Wot! Same goes for the M103 and T110E5! Hell the 105mm that the T29 and T32 use had over 230mm of pen at 1000 yards as well!

  17. Can I know what the radio do in wot (I play wotb)

  18. To ace the KV 220-2 you need to drive directly into the enemy base, on Ensk, without assistance, and get 10+ kills.

  19. That guy zafzar @19:29 “stop spamming we are tds.” lmfao.. should have been: “stop spamming we are retarded.”
    Probably why he only did 609 aka one pen. And that WZ-120-1 FT that did 0 dmg.. Good thing the Foch 155 knew what he was doing.

    zafzar 741,56 WN8
    Mirek71CZ 577,94 WN8
    I understand now..

  20. Whats the reason they dont bring back a removed premium tank from time to time ? OP ? Can’t be, the type 59 is a dog now….and they are offering the Skorp again for a month….sigh. . i wanna this KV5

  21. I had a dream about WoT (pathetic I know), however, it must have been in the future cause the Maus was good and it was a 75v75 player game. The map was fucking massive and me being in the Maus, I was slow as cock. The entire game I tried to find a target but either I was shot by casper the ghost or the meds ran away. That and the BC next to me was completely using me as bait/cover and had 70 kills.

    Even in my dreams I suck at the game.

  22. Foch 50b = better wtf e 100

  23. DezGamez Lorraine is indestructible. French quality.

  24. I didn’t know that the KV220-2 was such a good long range sniper.

  25. Oh man your lorraine reaction was perfect!

  26. killed with last shell from Lorraine. he missed first shot then u bounced one shot, then he penetrated with last 2 shots

  27. Damn that foch b crew is so shit. How can you play with such a a terribad crew

  28. Now I remember why i stopped watching your vids a while back, your keyboard is louder than anything in your vid. Annoying as fuck

  29. The Hero No One Gives A Shit About

    Beautiful day indeed.

  30. i was that luchs playing with you and actually i didn’t realize in battle that i was playing with one of my favorite players until watching this video it was so good seeing my name in your channel 😀

  31. Conqueror seems like a good all round tank. Is it still worth grinding to get…….Nice game play Dez………

  32. Yes! KVfucking5. I’ve been voting for that tank for months!

  33. Hahahha. Lol man. Top ma

  34. Biggest joke in world of tanks ”lest make some credits”

  35. 19:27 on chat they told you :))) hahaha

  36. Lmao… “Learn to count”

    I just learned how to count is base two and base there to day (if anyone know what that means)

  37. Just to be spesific, KV-220-2 is a KV-1 stock turret with T-150 hull, not KV-1. That is why its frontal hull is a beast at tier 5.

  38. Yup… The KV 220-2 is the one tank I take out when I need a “cheer up”. Double R FTW. lol, good vid. I personally like the 20 min+ vids.

  39. I’d love to 😉

  40. Apparently Grille 15 is arty now

  41. Hahahha

  42. Hi! can you play t-44? 🙂

  43. 14:08 grille 15????

  44. Play Armored Warfare

  45. DezGamez, be careful man. A lot of arty players have tried to out meta the “park in last arty shot spot” on cap and will bait players. So they will fire at cap and then wait for the enemy to park in the last shot location and just fire there again. I’ve seen it several times and have clan mates that play arty that use that tactic regularly. It works more than you might assume.

  46. Deeez, I miss that good old “gooood job me!” :'(

    Attempt #3

  47. WTF are these idiots that dislike your videos all the time. Man these are awesome and motivating.Send out that next poem when you can! Try it in your native language first. Estonian correct?Dude have a great weekend and to all those others that like your stuff.

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