► NO Pain, NO Gain! – [World of Tanks Gameplay Action 2018]

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Gameplay Review. World of Tanks FV215b 13 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Type 58 Gameplay Review.

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I welcome you all back to yet another “You Troll, I Play” episode, featuring 2 of my favorite tank destroyers and one, hmmm… kind of a -ish vote. 🙂

Stay awesome and enjoy your weekend!


  1. There is no gain without some pain…
    Interesting votes this time, keep it up and do not forget to vote for my next episode!
    I hope you enjoy my today’s episode and your upcoming weekend.

  2. No PAIN, No Tartines …

  3. Do you have plans to start streaming? Will we ever see those days?

  4. Another great vid. Good job with the Type 58, it’s good to see game play without high skilled crews. I think we get spoiled, at least I have. With the new tank lines and additions I find I’m having to do more crew training and finding out just how much I depend on 6th sense and the other crew skills. Hopefully it will help me in the long run (even if I complain about it). As always keep up the good work

  5. Best. Intro. Ever!

  6. Perfect example of playing an underwhelming bottom tier tank. This is exactly what supporting means. P.S. The beach enemy team really sucks.

  7. Gareth Fairclough

    LOL, that L plate! xD

  8. *DEEZ* *NUTS*

  9. I see Deathstar I hit thumbsup 😀

  10. I hate how the 183mm guns make Jagdpanzer E100 obsolete.

  11. Gareth Fairclough

    Dez missed a cruical contribution as well in that last battle, I think?
    If only you’d got the super conq in the platoon too..

  12. We love you dez! From Turkey.

  13. I voted Hellcat with my 11 wot account. Please Hellcat Dez :3 please…

  14. Object 705A PLSSSSS

  15. Deez ooold outdated memes
    Congratulations,you played yourself

  16. nem mondom meg barni

    Haha. Love the intro ??

  17. 420 HP at 3:10.. Blaze it bois!

  18. 2:50…. Face… palm

  19. “U-boat I play episode” lol

  20. Is Dezgamez colorblind? for that he is using green vs. purple

  21. Sir_Flankalot[BZD]

    I played my Challenger through all the way to Charioteer with a crew that was starting first skill.. sixth sense and camo.. got Charioteer today, and guess what.. my crew for the 100 battles it took me to get from challenger to Charioteer was only at 70% camo/sixth sense… I dunno what the hell, I think it’s the amount of crew in Challenger(5).. doesn’t the amount of crew in a tank affect skill grind speed? Anyone can confirm for me?


  23. No pain
    No tartine


  24. Can u play by the AMX 13 75 in the next episode?

  25. Jūšțīň Hēłłēř

    The type 58 looks like a toy in the thumbnail.

  26. Hey Dez, could you play the T-34/100?

  27. 5:38 look at the people inside the gun 😛

  28. Do you turn it off and on again?

    what shot we didnt see? all I saw is all penetration.

  29. beaucse of what you said about 3marking the T95 i had to check how many 3 marks you have…was really suprised you have more peronalrating than me, and only 1 3 mark i have 21…Maybe a new series? called mark hunter or something where you try to 3 mark some vechicles that you like? deathstar? kv-2? or maybe some other favourite. Keep up the good videoes and i like your accent where are you from?

    • I have never played with any vehicles too long time to work on marks, I like to fool around too much… But I will start grinding them and I am actually thinking about “Third Mark Review” series. Where I review vehicles after I three mark them.

  30. This intro is gold!! hahaha

  31. I hear some bonds for prem. tank is it true one episode about thi???

  32. Finaly someone play Type 58. I love this tank so much. This was my first 3rd mark tank in the game

  33. Hey Dez, Where do we go to vote for tanks to play??

  34. I am pretty sure that I have checked all of the settings in the WOT client, but I cannot seem to find how you make your minimap so big. Would you mind shedding some light on the matter for me?

  35. Hello sexy lady Dez

  36. Dude you got the best introductions of all youtube

  37. Dez do u like 1.0?

  38. Deez nuts

  39. Why need a t95? You can have a faster, similar armored, similar alpha tank with obj 268 4 lol

  40. What does ShipTheNutz mean “?

  41. OMG LMAO @ the intro!!! Deez Nuts…Got em!!! I have tears in my eyes laughing so hard.

  42. The Type 58 is an awesome tank in my opinion :))), except for the gun depression :)))

  43. first you have to right click and then afterwards left click ????????????

  44. I don’t mind a T34-85 but Type 58 really is bad, losin that 20mm of penetration and 35mm on premium rounds just makes it so much worse, and the ammo capacity in longer tier 8 games is just horrible, always running out if the game goes over 8-10 minutes

  45. I’m a simple man i see a zoom turtle and i click

  46. I really want to see a Deathstar or Shitbarn shoot an Even 90 to the next map

  47. Dez why don’t you make a mod pack?

  48. Damn it Dez. That intro got a laugh out of me!

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