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. Gameplay Review. Gameplay Review.

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Huge thanks to everyone who decided to pick something up!

Big and Derpy Soviet guns are never out of fashion, so in today’s episode… Get ready for some super awesome action and mega crazy shots with couple of tanks that you wanted to see me playing with, let’s go!



  1. I forgot to turn my subs bass down and you tapping on the keyoboard legit shook my desk 😀

  2. Comatose Creations

    I had a 2222 base XP battle in my SU-100 Y that I recorded on my Xbox One. It was lit.

  3. Today i got 8 kills with T62a,today was a good day

  4. kristoffer kirkbright

    the SU-100Y was my first ever premium tank. It taught me how to use concealment properly and just generally how to play tanks – because its so bad.
    The gun tho still gives me wet dreams… Boom! Dead!

  5. When you played the KV-2, you did not ask Stalin’s hand to guide your derp Shells

  6. man im so sad that u dont have leopard 1 in the list …..

  7. Rushaaaa!

  8. What elc has a turret?

  9. hey DZ any advise about how to play that amx30b cause i got and i need to know how to handle it xD

  10. KV2 best sniper

  11. KV-2 tank is best Ra-sha sniper tank comrade!

  12. 14 hits, 14 non pens.

    See?; Chrysler is balanced!

  13. Yeah Dez, you play my first and one of my favorite premium tanks the Su-100Y props to you!

  14. Amazing video as usual. Enjoying your content since the start!

  15. KV2 best sniper in game…

  16. Accuracy means nothing in this game – not that I have idea how to fix it and keep some randomness 🙂
    U forgot a lot of “russia!” before shots – scary to think what would u achieve this last game!

  17. I have kv-2 but I have shit games I can’t do any thing and I get killed 1st that tank is crap

  18. nice Video hello from Österreich xD

  19. Ah yes the good old op box tank

  20. you should not look skill4ltu that much ! 😀 kava2!

  21. I liked the SU100Y replay, it was the only one you didnt use premium consumables in.

    Bad form to use premium consumables man.. why? why you need such a big advantage?

    Let me put it into perspective, if you spent 15000 bonds on improved equipment replacing all the standard equipment on KV2 (vents gld and rammer) but did not use premium consumable your tank would be WORSE than it is with premium consumable and regular equipment….

    Only pay to win players can afford to use premium consumables….

    Ironically the SU100Y battle was the best anyway.

    Try harder man

  22. do you ever lose?

  23. Did you one shot the KV-85?

  24. The Last Byzantine

    Dez ya haven’t got full HE in KV-2 you must stalinize your boomstick!

  25. Sebastián Beláček

    chrysler not op 🙂

  26. T-34-85 medium troll tier VI tank <3

  27. hmm that 1st shot into the BC with the 30b …. 488 damn Dez the absolute max roll for a 105 :)))

  28. Sniping with kv-2 is just awesome!

  29. Davor Damjanović

    did you reset tank pool? bcz i can see amx su100y and kv2 again as top votes

  30. Dimitris Xouiazis

    wg changed this mechanic that shows you how easy you can pen a tank you know the green orange and red thing in the middle of the circle

  31. that is nice

  32. haha bananas

  33. Hey Dez, next time when you have to play in the KV-2 load AP all the way. Just for the giggles.

  34. you need to be on the move with KV if you want to hit easier

  35. forgot to say stalin with the kv2.
    1 shot kv85?

  36. Dez I really enjoy your true emotions.

  37. I love it how excited Dez gets when the kv2 hits

  38. Kyrie Eleison335

    Too bad it will never be top tier :/ and I will never do as well as I. These replays . . . (SU-100Y)

  39. hey Dez, let me ask you, what is yours crosshair mod? can you link it?

  40. Sadly i sell my SU100Y becouse japans tanks added to game:(
    Next S35SCA orr PZFLC?I want see that TDs again:)

  41. T X british heavy tank ! Vote ❤️

  42. I voted

  43. turn off grass in sniper mode

  44. Best feeling in a SU-100Y , 1 shooting Type-59’s.

  45. The shot at 1:31 is actually the maximum possible roll with a 105 mm (390+(25/100)*390)=488.5, always rounded down in WOT

  46. Thanks Dez. Great video. Love the patience and the commentary. You are one of my go to guys for overall game play. Really helps when I practice what you demonstrate. All the best.

  47. you know what works better with russian accuracy?
    or just say Cyka..

  48. shishx the animal

    How is it going? Most of the time I’m trying to unstuck my balls from my legs. Oh you asked in WoT… good good.

  49. Šimon Švancár

    Dez looked like he does not know whats KV-2 all about when he one shotted that KV-85 😀

  50. FirestreakRodimusPr

    I believe the Cruiser 2, British tier 3, with the howitzer is the king of derp pound for pound.

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