► None Shall Pass The JagdPanzer E-100! – World of Tanks JagdPanzer E-100 Epic Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks E-100 Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World Tanks JagdPanzer E-100, Tier 10 German Tank Destroyer.

Let’s finish off this week with something awesome and epic… How about replay with E-100? I do not know about you, but I never get bored watching this majestic, beast a tier 10 tank destroyer in action.

► Player: zombi08



  1. I want that RNG!

  2. A very nice replay. Stating from the intro, commentary and editing of the replay.

  3. Russians are always Russ-Ian

  4. I was going to cry if the Jg100’s team failed

  5. lucky noob no arty

  6. I saw this replay day before and while I was watching it I was thinking that who as first will make a video about this replay QB or you
    Well you win and with your Awesome commentary I will enjoy it 100% more <3

  7. Only tank in the game who’s HEAT ammo doesn’t gives a fuck abt spaces armour

  8. Seems like Dez really likes titties Kappa

  9. I always wanted to play much tanks, I mean have big ‘family tree”, but i dont have money to boost like everyone else, i am at tier 8 japanies heavy tank O-Ho and its pretty good but, still want more tanks

  10. *MOISTEN*


  12. Nice defense

  13. LOL those hvys hiding up north for most of the game some things never change.

  14. Wow,he made that 12k look rather easy!!

  15. Jonathan Krumsieg

    Yo dez, I don’t think that people hate gold ammo. They just hate the gold ammo spam. Keep up the great work ☺

  16. I don’t even play WoT but I love your videos along with your commentary lol

  17. Hi Dez, thanks for your video! 🙂 What about try to do a episode full HE M4A1 Revalorisé ? 🙂

  18. shit like that leaving 1HP left…the game does that crap on purpose.

  19. I didnt penetrate M103’s side of the turret from 5 meters yesterday in this.

  20. not sure what to think of enemy tiddies? 🙂

  21. Gotta love +25%/-25% RNG…

  22. I love that tank


    Gandalf the grey

  24. World of low roles

  25. much better than grille 15

  26. OP as fuck

  27. Whirl of Thanks. kekeke td titty

  28. 8:33 “What is that miss that was” hahaha what XD

  29. This tank works like a magic wand: Point at Something and it will dissapear.

  30. 3 tier 9 tanks worth of damage done in 4 minutes and still losing 2-6, aaaawesome job by hes team, have to clap fir that one.

  31. Screw u Gandalf

  32. What shots he had to have good crew

  33. This is my fav tank in the game.

  34. Dez, love your work man, but you should not realy promote these kind of games as it is the promotion of camping, of playing with no skill except for clicking the LMB. Please consider promoting only tanks and not other vehicles that are here by mistake and ruin normal players ‘ game.

  35. Why so much HE though? Lol.

  36. Damn I saw this one already… Oh well thumbs up anyway

  37. Dez, you’ll be on Gamescom?

  38. all should learn from this how to play JPE100, how he angle the tank and bounced all shells, take no damage, how he aim correctly. nice gameplay.

  39. this thing has 420mm of HEAT pen…when you get hit, the shells gunnah burn through your tank out the back through the ground and in to the earths core lol

  40. Dez, please don’t promote tanks like this…this tank is so broken, and we need to see as few of this things on the battlefield as possible…Base kemping with high alpha and insane mantlet penning capabilities…

  41. Only 82000 credits for 12,500 damage? What the fufk WG

  42. That second shot. .totally explainable, the result of a good old sneeze or breaking wind when you’re not sure of the outcome 😉

  43. wow a t57 heavy that actually did something

  44. Nice video as always ?

  45. Wow!!! The best replay i have seen in many month! No premium spam and btw what an awesome teamwork in his team. It was nice to see that those games are still possible in WoT.

  46. First time I ever broke 10k was in this tank, 12760 damage. Ended up in a loss because I ran out of ammo 🙁

  47. My 183 gets 1600 shots all the time, and has a turret.
    Currently on the tier 9 jag with the on track event, is J E100 better than my 183?

  48. DarklCatl….. That’s all I’m going to say.

  49. That was a great battle. As campy as it was, you could tell he isn’t a tomato.

  50. Taras B. Ukrainian


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