► Not Player’s First Pick… :( – World of Tanks Object 268

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Object 268 Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Object 268, Tier 10 Soviet Russian Tank Destroyer.

Today I am going to show you one really good and patient battle with one of the tier 10 tank destroyers, that for some known reasons in not player's first pick.
But let's see what “Mystafa777” was able to do in this full tier 10 battle.

I hope you Enjoy!


  1. It was my first tier 10 tank so it had a special place in my heart but yes its bad.

  2. Nice video Dez, I would watch the boring parts with your epic commentaries, but otherwise this is fine

  3. How to deal with losing streaks in WoT – Next video plz

  4. when he said:” penetration from behind , very easy penetration ….” i died on that part

  5. I still think the Obj-268 is bad ass looking! I’d still like to get it someday. Nicely done bro, I like the new format!

  6. 268 was my first T10 actually

  7. Good job!

  8. After buff i call this “VODKA” gun!

  9. Vs the JpE100 u can see that acuracy is overatted in this game

  10. Camo is good, bad thing is the tank itself

  11. Intro idea: howitzer being fired and earaped “that one bounced”

  12. if RNG help you,you ll be best player,and this replay is the demonstration

  13. Oi dez, I have an idea.
    Why not do a GTA San Andreas walkthrough? Just because.


  14. my highest damage ever was in this td

  15. Feature SU-100Y Stalin cannon

  16. “Oops just invaded someone’s privacy” that made me giggle. Nice game mystafa you don’t see many 268 replays and you just helped me decide whether to get yolowagon or 268 :3

  17. Campers kill the game. Unfortunatly too much players stay at the same spot the whole game and for me that kill the game, even worse when skorpion G or Cancer TD kill without moving

  18. Still will get the E4 over it. But Wish WG would give the E4 a fully rotating turret. 8 of Gun Depression and 15 of Elevation, better mantle armor and 20mm more on the lower plate. What do you think Dez?

  19. I don’t like Kebab

  20. Dezgames what color filter are you using in wot?

  21. it was my first t10

  22. DEZ, edited replays, like staffa777 , 268, are ok. My opinion though, when YOU are playing your “interactive narrative ” is most often as good as your game play. I say edit those with necessity only.
    Also JPZ, HE only, I seen YOU play E100 HE only, and, you killed nearly everybody, (remember). Good philosophy on the arty shells that miss ; )

  23. Editing out the dull worked well, and you did just the right amount of it.

  24. I saw boobies in that house

  25. 268 was my first tier 10 td I love it

  26. Great video as always my friend. I hope your well. Take care, Vern

  27. Some editing is good but removing the suspense when someone is waiting for the perfect shot or setting up an ambush would lessen the immersion imo.

  28. I got one when it got nerffed the first time. I see it may be better now.

  29. Yet another great video and battle

  30. There was grille spoted in a same bush where SC was. Spoted with like half hp. That blind HE shell might have hit that?

  31. Good job Dez

  32. allbloodynameshavebeenbleedingtakenalready

    the best arty shot is when enemy arty hits his ally that you are in a dogfight with 🙂

  33. I’ll have you know the 268 was my first tier 10.

  34. Needs a buff or be replaced

  35. Helal be mustafa 777 😀

  36. First tier 10 TD I have. Love it to death. Next is Jagdpanzer E-100

  37. If can ask any one knows what mod pack he’s using looks nice

  38. Obj 268 was my fav tank until they fucked it up

  39. It was my first tier 10

  40. What is the best artillery in the game? ……the dead artillery!!!

  41. that reload circle confused me the whole game….when the e100 approachen and it showed over half the reaload left i thought …..DEZ how do you not know e100 is going to god damn punish himxD
    but the next second he actually reloaded xD

  42. Do live battles , we love you for that !!

  43. I hate my Obj 268…. even after the buff it is still shit.

  44. horrible tier 10 td…suppose to have good acc but too often shell goes worse then kv2. no armor, no gun ark…trash tank 100%

  45. Hi Dez, in my opinion it is very helpful for the audience to cut out the “waiting” or “just driving” parts out in order to make the vids shorter and more interesting.
    – Thank you for your work!-)

  46. Fast forwarding when repositioning is AOK with me. Good replay.

  47. That HE blind must’ve hit Grille it was in front of S Conq.

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