► Not Your Average 1 vs 6 Battle! – World of Tanks WZ-111 Model 1-4 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

, Epic Battle. WZ-111 1-4, Tier 9 .

This time I am going to show you one of the luckiest battles that I have seen for a very long time.
Check out how “AlphaFoxtrotPapa” trying to carry his team to victory, being 1 vs 6 at one point… Not the easiest day at work!

Enjoy the video and your weekend, Beasts!


  1. Have one super awesome weekend! 🙂
    How did you like the intro btw? 😛

  2. Ricky Laurence Magsipoc

    Nicely done epic good game Well Played by Papa. So awsome. wish soon i will have a epic battle too 🙂

  3. Nice intro and nice music Dez, good job keep it comming !

  4. just an average player spamming heat with good rng, yeah he can’t afford to not pen any shot but how about trying to save up some HP as well cause he will need those for late, well in this case apparently he doesn’t. My bad he is actually playing vs bots.

    • ST3V3NK0M that is how epic battles are now in this game, everything reduced in how much fag ammo can you spam

    • Every single epic game is because the player got braindead apes as enemies, and the GFY, i mean RNG decided to help said player a bit.

  5. wait td players actually moved? no way this is wot lol 😛

  6. Everyone who cries about using Premiumrounds is either dumb to NOT use it in certain situations and/or is just a pussy who doesnt have the Credits to use it…

  7. Holy shit….

  8. Micheal bay intro

  9. The 15 That downvoted this must have been on the other team…

  10. I do not and can not support the wholesale use of gold ammo. Sorry. Voted down.

  11. Verynice intro Dez! I like it! You are awesome! 🙂

  12. Thx for featuring me Dez =)
    Used a lot of heat because RNG was shitting on me that day
    I was just hardcore grindin, and with all the boosters, got the grind done in 48 games!

  13. Your Intro was so awesome that I thought it was a nee Wot trailer 😉 Take care of you Dez

  14. I’m glad he wrecked that ugly ass shit artys.

  15. The irony is they’d had won had arty not relocated…….

    Just think about that….!

  16. When ya gotta have that little extra ummmp. A premium shell is what the Dr. ordered. I know I get gold plated in the Doom Turtle…lol…

  17. Epic battle with epic intro ?

  18. Alpine tiger replay plz

  19. DEZ, great narrative w/ slow mo ending, reverse view, very nice ; )

  20. Worryingbacchus _

    Once again pushing up the quality with that intro dez. Awesome.

  21. That intro jesus so godly?

  22. Noridomi Shinomiya

    that AMX is so scared lol can’t take a serious shot

  23. Dez, that intro was truly Beast Mode!

  24. As long as the gold spam is justified, I am satisfied. Very nice!

  25. Awesome intro!!!

  26. No cap, kill all. Normal day in WoT.

  27. Keep up the good work dez peace ?

  28. The amount of fag ammo carried by this guy was overshadowed by that intro

  29. Maybe that his username is his airplane callsign?

  30. All those medals, all that damage and a loss credit wise even with premium account. Makes perfect sense right WG???

  31. Dat intro… Epic! ?

  32. I am a simple man, I see a Chinese knock off, I hit the thumbs down.

  33. Wow PYRO , I also think he’s a Filipino , Not sure though , but I saw him before :3 , good job but I don’t like that almost PURE HEAT , but what can you do? Win is a win!

    • Stinky Llama any confirmation on this? I’m quite curious about the ign being AFP which could mean armed forces of the phils.

  34. That was a great battle!

  35. Arvin Dave Velasco

    The intro was epic Dez. So excited this 2018 for your contents. Keep it up and more subs to come. 🙂 SEA server represent!!!

  36. Sweet intro Dez!

  37. I’m wondering why he didn’t switch to HE?

  38. All gold….

  39. To be honest, i dont know why people cry about the premium ammo so much.
    1)It is a part of the game available for the whole community, so deal with it (I hate arty but im not crying like a lil biatch about it since it is a part of this game as well)
    2) It is always better to load prem ammo in order to secure win rather than losing, because you are “fair”;
    3) Prem ammo tends to have better shell velocity (APCR) or does not lose pen at distances (HEAT) + mix it with better pen and you get much better chances to carry your team;
    4) Prem ammo in the hands of special guys wont do dmg anyways, so you need to think in order to deal dmg;
    5) Type 4/5/Maus in corridor maps hello?
    Personally, i like to see epic gameplay and i totaly dont care about the type of ammo being used – win is a win, result and joy from this game matters.
    All the best in 2018, Dez!

  40. 1 human vs 6 monkeys, red monkeys. Lol gg.

    Muy buen video. :*

  42. hey guys should I open X tier engine on wz 111 model 1 4 ?

  43. Alpine Tiger hype

  44. Indeed rng Friday, lucky enemy wasn’t that good…. And alpha got good skill! Sure Dez show us that tiger tank

  45. I hate women crew sond.

  46. enemy F it up….

  47. Enemy team had shit SPG players. With premium HE, they would’ve killed this WZ from 12 meters away

  48. Those intros get ever more epic. This one was perhaps the best one yet. And the game was up there to match it.

  49. Cool starting ,thanks and lets continue with this

  50. That Intro… well flippin done, Dez!

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