► Not Your Average JPZ E-100 Battle! – World of Tanks JagdPanzer E-100

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks JagdPanzer E-100 Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks JgPz E-100, Tier 10 German Destroyer.

Oh boy, what I treat of a battle I have for you today… Intense action from the start to finish!
Check out how “_be3_JlPH” is trying to carry his team to victory in tier 10 German destroyer “JagdPanzer E-100”, together with a mate in the “Type 5 Heavy”.

I hope you Enjoy!


  1. “Le me is tier10 td with enough pen to fight every tank in the geme!!! Better totally pointless preload heat!!!”

  2. classic idiots e100 and is4

  3. Wtf 3 mins on a pze100 and arty hast hit u? I get focused by even if I’m a fucking t34 in a tier 10 game

  4. Ah yes, loading the heat rounds immediately

  5. I love your videos dez so this comment is not towards u…. If u have to load heat in jsge100 u are fucking PATHETIC at this game cus 299 pen can pen any tank in game so learn to aim

  6. Not only the russian server fires Premium ammo only i see so much ”Únicum Rerolls”’ now-a-days just statpadding with full premium ammo loadouts… they make god-awful plays which nearly never works so an ”’Real Unicum” like myself can easily outplay them by using common sense and game mechanics and you know what is the best ? After the battle i get an chat message from such players with all the nicest words he could’ve thinked of.. Like come on haha!

  7. Loading full gold only on RU servers… I wished.
    I can send you ANY Type 4 Heavy game I played, every game again exclusively premium ammo shot at me on EU server.

  8. Jageroo is possibly my favourite tank. Love it so much.

  9. Looks at thumbnail…
    *Wow this tank has foken huge lower plate so you can write the title on it*

  10. Było u multiego ? That was in the newmulti2k Channel

  11. Aah EU server is no different than RU server. In EU its gold spam as well 🙂


    In world of tanks blitz was The gold ammo Nerfed cause every body spammed gold in T10 , now gold ammo do less dmg but more penetration … wargaming can bring that in WOT on pc thats better i swear

  13. still not enough because jpz he-100 roll was biased

  14. FaZe Failure of the Sphincter

    If i had a penny for every bad video dez uploaded, i would have 0 pennies and 1,166 amazing videos. Good thing that number is still counting!

  15. No need of 420mm pen gold ammo

  16. LOL…what an outcome. Classic

  17. Karma for spamming HEAT ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  18. WG is loving it when ppl use prem rounds exclusively

  19. Loads 5 HEAT rounds, wastes 3 at the start of the game. Sik skillz boii

  20. Ya know since I recently ground out the JpZe100 I find I have a lot more fun in the Jagdtiger. Just like my T95 ;P

  21. Dez, if you wanna see gold spam pay NA server a visit.

    I was expecting JPz to kill the Grille at the last second, that ending was just sad.

  22. Nice vid, but your colourfilter seems to be a little too much.


  24. Asians and Russians need to git gud they spam premium in tier 10 TDS and still bounce. Pathetic
    How did they draw. On console even if it’s 1v1 whichever team did more damage wins

  25. Whats that song at the beginning

  26. Fun fact: a Russian server tag means you get HEAT rounds for free 😉

  27. fking noob is4

  28. Watching a premium ammo spammer. Waste…

  29. That frontal fire from the FV at the start….the whole reason I didn’t bother grinding to it. I saw too many catch fire and set them on fire easily…I said no way no thanks adios

  30. Motovlog dez plzz

  31. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    That E100 thought he was a Russian tank with great accuracy! 😛

  32. Hey dez I sent a replay a few months ago, was top tier in my T28 turretless TD in Mines and was a kolobanovs game. Cheers man

  33. He probably couldve done alot better if he aimed his shots

  34. You know Jpz E-100 is soon to be replaced,god damn war gaming…

  35. Lol great ! L2p without gold !!

  36. reading the automatic subtitles is hilarious, eg when dez said grille 15 was going balls deep for is4, subtitles say – korea 15 coming in is going pole steve 4 is 4.

  37. Russian goldnoobs

  38. A little advice, stop using ‘Balls Deep” phrase. It is insensitive to female gamers and women in general. I’m not easily offended and would only reserve this kind of talk to guy friends, not a public forum. Love the videos, just had to say something.

  39. Such a dumb replay. Not only is it unimpressive to shoot 420 HEAT, but why did he follow the IS4 around to “flank” the Maus? So much time and HP wasted. Idiotic plays that doesn’t deserve a replay cast on this channel in my honest opinion. I far rather see clutch, skillful replays rather than dumb luck. Other than that, good commentary as always Dez!

  40. That map is so tiny, how does he see anything?

  41. You can clearly see his poor ammo usage and shit aim. Typical RU player.

  42. Dez, please bigger map, dez

  43. if they took gold rounds out of this game the (good players) wouldn’t be so good anymore I’m not the best in the game 54wr and about 1700 WN8 and I never really use gold ammo

  44. R(etard)ussian server

    loved it when they chased the maus around the rock together instead of cutting him off like a benny hill sketch.

  45. It sucks that a draw is counted as a loss.

  46. Plz gimme victory grilsss mod link

  47. whatsoever…whatsoever… drive me nuts 🙂 🙂

  48. 80% of this comment section bitching about HEAT Spam
    15% of this comment section saying how War gaming should remove premium ammunition
    5% of this comment section commemorating how well he played

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