► Nuclear Missile Warning! – World of Tanks: M48 Patton and FV4005 Epic Battles

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Source: DezGamez

FV4005 Stage II Epic Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Review, Epic Battle.

Today I am going to show you 2 ridiculous battles with and with new, buffed FV4005 Stage II. Both battles are really fast with crazy amount of damage done… And maybe I saw the fastest ,000+ damage in WoT!?

► Player:
M48 Patton: Peetkomeet
FV4005 Stage II: _Midnight_Shadow__



  1. 150k face reveal?

  2. Hey Dez, thanks for sharing my replay! I’m actually Dutch but my in game name means the same in Estonian it seems. Sorry for contributing to the global warming issue. 🙂

  3. Um that,s a aim mode that the the m48 driver in the first match is using and Im not talking about the right click kind. See the dot in the middle of the screen. His aim wonders out of the circle a few times in this match and his reload bar never moves left or right as his aim auto snaps on the closest target that,s cheating and the only way to do this in game is if you right click the target witch is legal but notice you never hear the right click auto lock engage.

  4. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    World of Retarded Ranked Battles 😀

  5. Looks like Kim Jong Un’s new weapen

  6. Your intro is god like

  7. Lol i thought about north Korea when i saw the titel

  8. WG nerfed Grille 15 to the ground and they say it is toxic TD. What is than this buffed FV4005 now? toxic? No, pure cancer for the game!

  9. From shit barn to bullshit barn….gj WG’s balancing department (facepalm)…..

  10. Sure,Fv’s are mad but type 5 is ridiculus,right Dez?
    The M48 uses aimbot…

  11. Fv4005 new broken and p2w tank… gj WG. …

  12. In the first battle it sure does look like he’s using some sort of autoaim mod. I noticed that right away, but after a minute or two, I could actually give him the benefit of the doubt. If you look at his ms counter you can see that it’s well over 150 at certain points. My reticule behaves this way too sometimes when I have bad connection, even though it happens around 300-500ms for me. Still, I’m not too sure if this is the case in this battle, and I guess we can only speculate and discuss this.

  13. Da sexyyy introoooos are baaaack
    Yay 😛

  14. Oh god u just had to show a replay of fv4005, no skill whats do ever, yea 10k 11k fastest damage done, basically doing 1.5k average every 20secs plus luck

  15. yessss more epic battle games, I love those the most 🙂 and maybe some more past episodes? 🙂

  16. fv has to be buggd some of that shits did hit me for 1400 dmg in my jpz e 100 frontal plate w/o time to aim, not 1 not 2 not 3 but LOTS of times even with the HE dmg equip >:/

  17. now i saw why i didnt get M for 7200 dmg in patton.. :/

  18. Hi +DezGamez can you make Fv215b guide for this days equipments , crew skills and how to play for us?

  19. I am making my way up the japanese heavy line… Many poeple say those tanks are “OP”.

    But when I see a Type 5 being frontally shredded by premium ammo… Is armour even usefull in the game?

    Medium tanks get well angled, effective 350mm turrets and have good mobility.
    Heavies get flat 250mm all over the front.

  20. And yet they still have ads on all your videos.

  21. WG really needs to sort out its credits for tier 10. even if you don’t load the gold or consumables you lose credits winning games.

  22. I like WOT because they know how to fuck up with all game mechanics. FV4005? I think they should be able to shoot many tanks at once, maybe people wont lose more time, 15 mins is so long for a shit game

  23. Do a top 10 awesome looking tanks!

  24. Rastko Dimitrijevic

    Sorry to say, I was that 110. Did my best…Hull was visible! If you watch closely THAT bounce was a wiggle 😀

  25. Thanks for the games Dez – This game is turning into camping “press 2” pussies and WG power creeping you out of your old tank so you buy premiums – they got rid of arty to put these derps in?

  26. *takes down North Korea with 1 HESH round

  27. sitta kiiresti, karu tuleb -please tell me im not the only estonian who grew up with this phrase

  28. Hey Dez are you one of the 4 guys who is going to WG headqarter next week???

  29. Another noob tanker that zooms out before firing. Good job patton

  30. Maybe you should stop saying Tities all the time Dez, so YT bot would leave your vids alone.

  31. I find it really childish all your viewers cant handle someone using HEAT rounds, but are ok when someone uses the best engine, gun, tracks, radio, turret for their tank…..

    Best Track= ok
    Best Radio= ok
    Best Engine= ok
    Best Turret= ok
    Best Gun= ok
    Best Round= OMFG BOOHOOO cry cry cry…OMFG MOMMY NOT FAIR !!!!

    And before someone says “but HEAT gives you too much penetration” as an excuse of all the crying… well, so does the better gun but I don’t hear ya crying over it.

    Just a bunch of dumbed down millennials crying.

  32. It is unfair I used 3 shells to kill a maus with my deathstar 😛

  33. M48 use aimbot Dez …. 100% sure . try to not show this kind of video and person

  34. FV4005 sure test server but still full gold ammo…

  35. North Korea intensifies

  36. Dez please play and review more armoured warfare tanks and content, wargaming has totally f’ed wot and i won’t play or spend on it anymore.

  37. Wait, so the WT E100 is massively OP because the burst damage is really high, but it can only achieve a score like this if players feed themselves to it one by one. But a medium tank can earn that much damage while bouncing shots off of the armor and no one thinks that medium tanks are brokenly, openly, and disgusting overpowered? I guess I cant shove my head far enough up my ass for that logic to make sense.

  38. WG take this!!!


  39. The Deathstar stage ll

  40. Fam….should I buy FV183 or M48 Patton next??

  41. This is just an advertisement of Wargaming. WG wants you to grind FV. Once you have it, you will not hit anything but every one else will hit you. You will never gonna have such shoot/hit ratio on public server.

  42. *uses both premium med and repair kits literally seconds before the game ends* lmao so relatable

  43. OMFG The Game is so broken… Pure play 2 win and super OP Tanks. I wish WG will bring back the good old WoT. The game is no Fun to play anymore :*( 80% vehicles in random battles are Prem tanks

  44. Not often you see 183mm pooper shots

  45. Dez, I’ve been doing this for free for the past week…. FOR FREE!!!!!!! the man says, if that effort doesn’t deserve our appreciation and love i don’t know what does

  46. Obviously needs ROF, alpha, and more armor buffs, it’s not OP enough, right WG??

  47. Agree on ridiculous nature of the game play, but the fact remains that it is a test server. Players tend to become overconfident with gold to penetrate, so the valor doesn’t hold its value neither the outcome. It is a test bench that’s all. Dez man beside your generous efforts this is not the kind of gp I would like to watch. Disappointed. Sorry Dez, have to give ya a TD.

  48. I think you should add more interesting vids like markiplier I mean i know your channel is Wot only but your videos now are boring Its like this channel is only made for you to show off how you great you are

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