► Obj. 252U, STRV S1, Lorr. 40T, T71 CMCD Premium Tanks – World of Tanks Patch 9.17.1 Update

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Source: DezGamez

Object 252, STRV S1, Lorraine 40T, CMCD Preview. New Premium Tanks. Update.

List of all World of Tanks Patch Test Server changes:

In this episode I am going to show you something exclusive Ó 4 upcoming premium tanks:
– Tier 8 Premium Object 252U
– Tier 8 Premium Lorraine 40T
– Tier 8 Premium STRV S1
– Tier 7 Premium T71 CMCD

Thanks to the “https://thedailybounce.net/” I found a way, how to check out the stats of those tanks and this what I am going to look at in this episode.

Let me know what you think about that!



  1. fuck this World of russaia Tanks

  2. french nation has about 8 mediums total has 3 tier 8 premiums (all of which
    have amazing potential) germany has about 22 has 2 tier 8 prems… gg wg.
    (and both in my opinion are kinda crap panther 88 is awkward has only 1
    option in terms of how it plays sniping and is kinda slow the mutz has
    kinda slow rof and no armor at all it doesnt even have any usable side

  3. i have a Pen i have an island ugh penisland


  4. anyone who owned and played the lorraine before they gave us the shitchat
    should get it for free or get a mission to get it

  5. Hell yeah Lorraine is back!!, Take my money wargaming :3

  6. S1 hell yeah

  7. jesus that lorraine has the same gun as the tier 9 batchat

  8. Its no more hidden now that you tell us lol

  9. The Lorraine was the previous tier 9 french medium tank before the
    Bat-Chattallion 25t AP or am I wrong?

  10. Drew “Bluedragonmonk”

    I just did some snooping on the test server and found 2 more hidden
    premiums. Both are tier 8. American T95E2 and British Chieftain/T95. there
    may be more…..

  11. S1! SWE<3

  12. that T71 camo was very very bad tho

  13. Obj 257, a better IS-5. I am losing faith in wargaming.

  14. In the Knowledge Base For WOT app it says the lower plate of the 252 is
    140mm thick.

  15. screws lol …. rivets maybe ..

  16. I really want the strv s1

  17. gg another sick camo td :(

  18. I am still waiting fro the T92 light tank.

  19. Love blueberry and fruits

    FUCK strv s1’s penatration just got higher than the isu 152 and UDES 03,and
    they are going to nerf Grille 15?That TD is not overpowered with 279 pen!
    And another new russian premium HT.My god we have like 10.

  20. Press “Premium Shop” to increase your skill.

  21. Dez, how is your swedish playthrough going?

  22. Sure wish there was a prem American TD to train the crews up.

  23. LOL, just what I need….another Premium tank. I have to say they look
    quite nice. Thanks Dez. Take care, flea

  24. I find the T71 very interesting, 4 standard crew load out means it will be
    very good trainer for lights, likely all the way to the tier 10’s.

  25. Gerrit Igle Jansma

    just so you know dez, there is a mod that allows customization for the
    techtree and even on the normal live server if you activate the right
    settings in the mod you can already see all those tanks

  26. IS-6 Needs a gun buff!

  27. They were ingame long before…

  28. The gun new tier 8 premium Swedish TD uses is just the gun on UDES. 288/330
    pen, APCR/APCR

  29. Ship, Good stuff, sneaky sneaky!
    I think the reasons Soviets have so many variants, they couldnt make up
    their minds; good experiments trying to figure out what worked.
    They should have never removed Lorr 40t, only buffed it a little; reload
    time is almost equal to the BC-155-58! and that only has 4 shots in the
    clip. Insane.

  30. If we were to buy t71 cmcd as a premium and they rebalance all lights in
    the game to only meet 2 tiers higher and nerf all their pen this tank will
    be the best tier 7 light tank, as they can’t nerf a product you’ve bought
    specifically for the stats it currently has. :O Wargaming are so smart.

  31. The tier 8 Swedish TDs have more pen than the isu 152’s Bl-10

  32. Glad to see the Swedish TD’s are getting a crew trainer. I haven’t been
    thrilled with the premium Strv M42/57.

  33. I seriously am busy trying downloading the game and hardly started it.
    but I know basics and tactics enough.
    do I need to be worried about these tanks? xD

  34. Don’t forget the stats on the Strv S1 are when it’s not on siege mode.
    It’ll be a whole new monster when it changes mode.

  35. Money The Redstone Man

    Wow look at that tier 8 pen on the premium Strv 280 mm

  36. “288, are you crazy?” hahahaha

  37. i want lorraine 40t

  38. polish tanks are coming!!!????

  39. Make or Break Gaming

    could be new clan ward reward tanks

  40. There is also the mod that shows also premiums in the tech tree and you can
    get the stats from there.

  41. Wot is slowly gonna kill this game by adding shit like this in…..

  42. The strv main ammo are APCR, so the 288 penetration will be poor against
    rank 10 tanks if you have to play the TD like a swedish TD. On 300m will
    your penetration drop to somethink around 220, and thats not enough, I mean
    with the new mechanics for APCR. Together with poor acuraccy we will see
    lot of bounces

  43. I saw a T71 cmcd on the testserver, I one shot it with my Kv-2 on the move

  44. MrNardKing “MrNardKing”

    Lord. 40 t is proof that WG will take away your favorite medium and re-sell
    it to you for 50$

  45. Gonna call it now, Object next CW reward xD

  46. I found out moving some swedish crews around today that you can train an S1

  47. God damn it another swedish TD except even flatter. It already annoying
    enough when my shells bounce but this thing as smooth as a baby butt.

  48. Lorr. 40t is back !

  49. Jochem Sturkenboom

    We should call the o6. 252y “the frog”! Look at the beak and the headlights
    and tell me that does not look like a frog

  50. Chris Noorman v/d Dussen

    Obj 252 y looking good but they cant make as expensive as an is-6. Its not
    that good, is should be around 25€

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