► Object 252U – 10,000 Damage in Tier 8 Premium? – World of Tanks Object 252U Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Object 252U / Defender Gameplay , Epic Battle. Object 252U Ó Tier Soviet Premium .

Today I have one super sexy battle for you with one of our newest tier 8 premium tanks in this game – “Object 252U aka Defender”.

You are going to see why I think this tank might be the best premium tank in the game, or at least the best premium heavy tank in World of Tanks. It’s 440 alpha damage, with 225mm penetration simply devastating… Plus it has a lot of armor as well, my god…

Enjoy watching “Jensen_CRO” kicking some serious ass, with his Object 252U on Himmelstorf. More than 213,000 credits profit with one game does not sound very bad!

Roadmasters (Instrumental Version) – Suffer City



  1. hi dez, just returned from working out, i’m totally done and it was pretty good just laying back and watching your video 🙂

  2. Big mistake by standing next to the house. Arty could have easily blindfired him a couple of times. Higher chance of surviving by not sitting in the most obvious position

  3. why we have glorify these op premium tanks?

  4. is-6 and a half!

  5. Nerf DEFENDER!!

  6. who the fuck say that this tank is not op… now realy, wg knows how to deal with business.

  7. Another OP Russian tier 8 premium vehicle. Just the fuck what we needed.

  8. Has an IS3 or any other T8 tank ever had a battle with 10k dmg done and 5k blocked ?

  9. wow… salute Argentina..

  10. When the tanks that shoot at you are idiots and cant penn you, and they then go on forums to complain about it being OP. Tiger at the end could easily pen 252U if he shooted at comanders hatch. its like 40mm thick.
    GUYS SHOOT IT AT HATCH!!! TIger I and VK are taller than him. but idiots

  11. when it says at the end of the game “lost in battle” means he was afk and never loaded in.

  12. What the fuck is that blue line following the green sight on mini map ????? A Mod

  13. I think that the arty didn’t fall/suicided, it was AFK.

  14. what reticle options is he using?

  15. most broken tank in the game, can’t fucking pen it reliability even with 311 apcr pen on Skorpion G shooting on the side, FML

  16. “Balanced”

  17. “armor is not the best”

  18. In my opinion the Patriot and the Liberté are much better tanks than Defender I have all 3 premium tanks and I do much better in the Patriot and Liberté than with Defender.
    I’m average player with 1400wn8 and 52%win rate and my Patriot tank stats are very good 2700wn8 and 62,50% win in 80 games and I can not do so good with Defender maybe it don’t fit my play style like the Patriot.
    Good video and well played.

  19. I’d reduce its rear armor(To 60mm) and lower beak armor(To 110mm), while improve the upper plate to 150mm. Also increase its reload time with better accuracy. Could be a bad idea XD

  20. That 4502a is a idiot

  21. nice now i can sell my is5 and regret putting my time in stupied campagne to get bad tank this game become pay to win

  22. what kind of IS 7 is this?

  23. the premium tank made for idiots

  24. This replay shows perfectly what the Defender / Obj252 can do….in the hands of someone who knows how to handle it. Look at the post-game stats > there are more of them that totally failed. The Obj252 he encountered on the hill made misplays, too.
    So is the tank OP? Still yes, because it can pull off more than almost every other T8 tank. It´s not the question if the tanks is invincible which it clearly isn´t. It´s the question how it performs compared to it´s competitors > way better. That´s what makes it OP. It has the perfect bundle you need for a heavy tank – superduper front armor with punchy gun that doesn´t have to be accurate as it´s not supposed to be used for sniping but for close quarter combat, where your perfect armor excels if used correctly. This tank is too strong for it´s tier. If you don´t achieve good results with it it´s not the tanks fault, you just suck at WoT to be honest.

  25. Just cementing what we all know: 252U/Defender is OP at tier 8.

  26. Obj 252u only teir 8 in game =whole enemy team committed suside

  27. the 252U has the same reload as the T34 and 40 more damage buff the T34

  28. arty was afk

  29. ChipotleIsLife 23

    If only this tank was Russian that would really piss me off

  30. tier 10 tank with tier 8 dpm simple as that its op and im convinced wg is trying to kill the game and milk every ounce of money out of us before they kill the servers i mean they already broke them this patch enough

  31. This tank is ridiculously over powered. Not to take away from the guys game play to much but not as impressive in a tank that is so powerful compared to the enemy’s. Go video though Dez

  32. My God all those cry babies bitching about a super OP pay to win tank / game .
    NEWS FLASH : any new tanks can be a pain at first , BUT if you use your head and check places like tank inspector to see what are the weak points or even better you are facing a tank that you can not pen even with apcr or heat = track the damn thing and work WITH the team you have, not hard to say in chat * I can’t pen him need help * or ask the one with most HP to take a few hits and go AROUND that tank , shoot his ass or rear turret.
    Plenty of YouTubers make videos about tanks soon to be added in the game , so stop crying and bitching because you can not use that little brain of your’s !

  33. I’ve had some good games in my Defender but nothing like this! Amazing replay!

  34. What a game!

  35. it actually says that in the “kill chat” when you are afk all the match. it kills you right before the match ends

  36. Dez, its mean the Lorr SPG was AFK…AFK tank blow up when times up.

  37. george marnelakis

    Point is by releasing that tank and not being in the store any more they made absolete all other tier8 heavys, premiums or not like IS3, IS6, IS3A, 110 and many more!

  38. Arta was AFK and disconnected at one point of the battle. When this happens, all disconnected players/tanks are instantly destroyed at the end of the battle. Anyway, EPIC battle! Wait a second! What happened with Sexton I?

  39. When my fv4202 meets this tank i have to use gold or shoot side

  40. I am more liking IS-6 its not to OP like this one…premiums getting pen 227mm but only T32 can have pen 220.Super Pershing has the same pen like T32 and higher pen on premium and its still has just +1 MM :/

  41. I knew that arty was AFK ?
    I would’ve gone for it to the enemy base.

  42. afk players get self destructed at the end of the game xD
    he couldnt have jumped off the hill after the game ended.
    also, i would have attacked that lorr because due to information you could have known he was afk.

  43. noob with 500 battles can be 1. in dmg with this op shit

  44. AFK tanks explode at the end of battle. I forgot who posted that replay and at the end of battle guy were shooting in last remaining tank (Black Prince) and he didn’t has enough time to finish him but when clock was 0:00 Black Prince explode

  45. Actually Dez, the arty didn’t kill himself in the end. A new mechanic was introduced, I didn’t know about it until it happened in a game I was in a few weeks ago. if you’re afk at the end of a battle, your tank gets destroyed. As a way of punishing those afkers.-

  46. Pretty good Tank. Had mine on 100% on the 3rd MoE, guess thats good 🙂 But i never had a 10k game 🙂

  47. Christian Møller

    the arty who died at the end, died because he has left the battle voluntarily with the “leave the battle” option.. it’s so that you can’t win for example a defending mission by parking your light high camo tank in a bush and then there’s no time to cap, and you win even though you’re the only tank alive.

  48. gg nice aim bot on the amx m49 L at the start

  49. Next Soviet tier 8 premium spotted!

    Maus armour, T-62A mobility and 5-clip autoloader with 750 alpha.

    But don’t worry guys, it is balanced by having only 300 m radio range.

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